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bad throttle position sensor cause misfire

Can Throttle Position Sensor Cause A Misfire?

The throttle position sensor (TPS), which is a component of the fuel management system in your car, aids in ensuring that the right amount of fuel and air is delivered to the engine. The fuel injection system receives the most accurate signal about the engine’s power requirements from the TPS.

Can The Throttle Position Sensor Cause A Misfire?

The TPS signal is continuously monitored, and data such as air temperature, engine RPM, air mass flow, and how quickly the throttle position changes are combined several times per second. If one’s vehicle starts stalling or encounters engine fires, it can result from a failing Throttle Position Sensor.

How Does A Throttle Position Sensor Cause Misfire?

When you try to accelerate, the car may not respond quickly enough, lag, or lack power. It could be challenging for you to shift gears. A bad throttle position sensor could result in a sharp decrease in your car’s fuel efficiency.

How Can You Check If The Throttle Position Sensor Is Bad?

There are many ways to detect the malfunctioning of the Throttle Position Sensor. Some of them are:

  • Unexpected shaking and bucking in the car.
  • abrupt idle surges
  • Unexpectedly, an engine stalls out suddenly.
  • Acceleration with hesitation.
  • Sudden increases in speed when on the road.
  • The check engine light intermittently flashes for no particular reason.

What Can A Bad Throttle Position Sensor Cause?

It can cause n number of damages to your vehicle:

1. Acceleration issues– A poor TPS could result in various power problems. Your engine might start, but with little to no power, it will eventually shut off. On the other hand, even if you don’t press the gas, it can still force your automobile to accelerate on its own.

2. Engine idle issues– Defect position sensors can result in erratic idling circumstances due to varying airflow. Have a professional check out the sensor if you notice your automobile misfiring, idling poorly, or stalling while driving.

3. Irregular consumption of fuel-The TPS collaborates with additional sensors to guarantee that your vehicle is operating smoothly and effectively. Other modules may start functioning differently to make up for inadequate or excessive airflow when these sensors start to fail. When a sensor malfunctions, you will typically notice that the car uses more fuel than usual.

4. Check engine light– The check engine light is intended to alert you if a sensor malfunctions. It’s crucial to inspect your car to see if the check engine light has come on before the problem grows worse.

How Can You Reset The Throttle Position Sensor?

Removing the engine control module fuse or unplugging the negative connection from the battery for up to five minutes will quickly reset your throttle position sensor.

You can do the same easily by warming up the engine, using gas pedals, and the detachment of cables at the end. You can do it easily and quickly by seeing various informative online resources. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Throttle Position Sensor?

It is slightly expensive to replace your throttle position sensor as it requires both new parts and labor. The cost can be between $250 and 300$ as parts cost between 150-200 and the labor cost between $60-$100. But changing your faulty throttle position sensor is crucial as it can cause much damage. 

Can You Bypass The Throttle Position Sensor?

You may drive your vehicle without a Throttle Position Sensor, but it is not recommended as it can cause many problems in the long run. The engine may not function well, and it will produce unnecessary emissions.

Fuel will also be wasted as, without the Throttle Position Sensor, the vehicle will combust more, causing more power to be drained out in the form of burnt gas. You will also contribute to degrading engine life as the carbon build-up will be more without the Throttle Position Sensor.

Can You Drive With A Bad Throttle Position Sensor?

Although driving without a throttle position sensor is possible, it is not advised because it can lead to many long-term issues. There is a chance the engine won’t run smoothly and will emit unneeded emissions.

Additionally, the motor would burn more power without the throttle position sensor, which will leak out as burnt gas. As there will be greater carbon buildup without the throttle position sensor, you will also be contributing to the shortening of your engine’s life.


What are the symptoms of a bad throttle body position sensor?

When your automobile is stopped, your engine could misfire, stall, or idle slowly. When you try to accelerate, the car may not want to do so, hesitate, or have insufficient power. Additionally, you can have trouble shifting gears.

What happens when you unplug the throttle position sensor?

It is advised to avoid driving with a throttle position sensor unplugged. A throttle sensor that is malfunctioning must be fixed as quickly as feasible. A reasonable thought could be just to unhook the device if you can still operate the car, but you could end up causing more problems for yourself in the long term.

Will a bad throttle position sensor throw a code?

A faulty potentiometer will gradually generate an error code when the throttle is depressed. Although a malfunctioning sensor typically has to be replaced, other engine parts may need to be repaired if the issue is with those parts instead.


A throttle position Sensor is quite important for our vehicles as they keep the cars in check and save them from various dangers like misfiring, excess fuel consumption, gearing issues, acceleration issues, etc. However, you can drive your car without a throttle position sensor, but it will generate many problems in the long run. 

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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