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can you leave wicker furniture outside

Can Wicker Furniture Be Left Outside? [Read More]

Furniture sets the entire look of your home. However, sometimes, you may need to leave your furniture outside for some reason or the other. Well, in that case, you remain confused if you can leave the furniture outside or not, especially when you have a unique style wicker furniture.

Well, the short answer is that you can leave it outside. However, when you can leave it out there in open is to be stressed upon.

In hot summers or beautiful springs, your wicker furniture will hold up well outside. However, wicker furniture is not suited to extreme weather conditions.

Let us take you through a journey of when you can or cannot keep your wicker furniture outside with this detailed guide.

How does wicker furniture hold up outside?

You can leave wicker furniture outside. Mostly, it holds well in all weather conditions.

Polyethylene resin wicker furniture, for instance, can be left out in all weather conditions, whether it’s the summers, monsoons, or winters. It holds well in snowy weather too.

Water has no impact on wicker furniture and does not affect it at all. Even PVC plastic or synthetic wicker can be left outside in such conditions as it’s waterproof.

Frost or misty weather causes some damage but to a less extent. The snowy weather conditions can lead to dampening the wicker furniture if it is over-exposed to the snow. 

How long does rattan furniture last outside? 

Rattan furniture has a life of 10 years. It is a valuable furniture type with excellent durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. It is waterproof. Thus, it can withstand heavy rain showers.

The furniture is resistant to UV rays, so it does not get worn off or pale if left out in warmer conditions. 

What is the difference between resin and rattan wicker?

Resin wicker V/S Rattan wicker

Wicker furniture comprises natural materials such as can, seagrass, bamboo, willow, and resin. Resin wicker is subject to insects and small pests. It is not suitable to be left outside exposed to external climatic conditions.

Rattan wicker furniture is ideal for outside purposes. However, natural rattan wicker is not suitable for the outdoors and cannot be left out in rain and snowy weather. As for synthetic wicker, it is durable and resistant to rains, snow, and winter climatic conditions. 

How can you tell if the wicker is indoor or outdoor?

Wicker furniture

One can distinguish between indoor and outdoor wicker furniture from its style of weaving and design. The type of material used in making wicker furniture is basically what determines whether it is indoor or outdoor.

PVC wicker furniture is basically meant for outdoor purposes as it is durable and more resistant to harsh climatic conditions. Indoor wicker furniture is made of resin or any other natural materials.

Indoor wicker furniture is kept in a safe environment and, thus, is not designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions such as rains, snow, or extremely hot weather conditions. 

How can you keep and care for wicker furniture outside?

Here are some tips to keep your wicker furniture safe and secure. If these simple tips are used up in the daily lifestyle, then wicker furniture can be sustained for a longer time-

  1. You should vacuum the furniture with a brush regularly. Vacuuming the furniture with a brush makes it dust free and has a good impact on the furniture’s look and quality maintenance. 
  2. Use hose and dish soap to clean up your wicker furniture. The wicker furniture must be washed thoroughly with the dish and hose soap to keep it neat and clean.
  3. Try to keep your wicker furniture under some shelter. Keep your furniture away from weather conditions such as rain, snow, or heavy hailstorm. Try to maintain the wicker furniture and prevent it from wearing off under climatic conditions. 

How to seal wicker furniture for outdoor use?

This section deals with the ways of sealing wicker furniture if it is exposed for outdoor use-

  1. Use marine varnish on the wicker furniture. This prevents the wicker furniture from heavy rains and snow too.
  2. The wicker furniture should be coated with rust-oleum specially meant for metals. This prevents wicker furniture’s rust and any moisture, rain, or snow corrosive effect.
  3. Wicker furniture should be coated with water-sealing sealants. The clear lacquer sealant can be applied using spraying or with the help of a paintbrush. After applying the adhesive, you need to dry out the furniture, and then it is safe from external climatic conditions for a certain period.


Can wicker furniture be left out in the weather?

Yes, PVC wicker furniture can be left out in the weather. But wicker furniture, made of natural materials, cannot be left out in the open.

Can wicker be left out in the rain?

Wicker furniture, in general, cannot be left out in the rain. But nowadays, we have PVC wicker furniture which can be left out in the rain. It is waterproof and has no effect from the rain on it. It does not get dampened. 

How long will wicker last outside?

If the wicker is left outside without maintenance, then it may last for a few months or just for one or two years. Wicker furniture has an actual life of about 8-10 years.

Can you weatherproof wicker?

Yes, we can weatherproof wicker by greasing it, marine varnishing it, or water-sealing it. Water-sealants like lacquer can be used to present any rusting or corrosion of wicker furniture.

Final Thoughts

The wicker furniture needs good maintenance. It needs to be polished, vacuumed, and cleaned regularly. We need to understand the manufacturing of the table and the material which is used up in making the furniture. If the material is natural, we cannot keep the wicker furniture outside, but if it is made up of PVC or polyethylene, we can keep it outside for some days. 

Thus, we must understand how to keep our wicker furniture safe from outside climatic forces. Keep your furniture safe to have a good sit on it. 

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