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can you change shift knob automatic

Can You Change the Shift Knob on an Automatic Car?

A car that does not require a person to change gears manually and has an automatic transmission is called an automatic car. They have become a very popular vehicle in the market.

Transmissions which are also known as gearboxes, help in directing the speed of the car as well as the rotational force. This allows the automatic transmission to change gear ratios with the vehicle’s movement.

The automatic transmission uses sensors, which allows it to change gears at the right time with the help of internal oil pressure. Shifting of the gear happens when there is a temporary disconnection of the transmission from the engine, this is taken care of by the torque converter. 

Alfred Horner Munro, a Canadian steam engineer, designed the first automatic car. In 1921, he designed the first-ever automatic transmission; he patented it in 1923.

The automatic transmission he created had four forward gears, but it didn’t have any parking gears or reverse gears. General motors developed the first automatic transmission by using hydraulic fluid in the 1930s. In 1940 “Hydra-Matic” transmission was introduced.

Let us see what the benefits of an automatic car are.

  1. Automatic cars are very easy to drive, especially in times of heavy traffic. On the other hand, manual cars take a lot of time to start, stop and speed up. When you face heavy traffic starting and stopping the car can be very tedious when you face heavy traffic. In the case of automatic cars, you just have to push the pedal, and the car will start.
  2. In the case of automatic cars, the drivers don’t have to put a lot of effort into shifting the transmission as everything happens on its own, and no work is required.
  3. Driving an automatic car is easy as compared to a manual car. Learning to drive a manual car may take a lot of time.
  4. When you drive an automatic car, your chances of stalling reduce. Automatic cars don’t usually stall unless they have mechanical problems.
  5. Driving automatic cars is easier in hilly areas as compared to manual cars. 

Can you change the shift knob on an automatic car?

If you have an automatic car, there are very high chances you are not worried about the shift knobs because you don’t have to do any actual shifting. If you wish to add a bit of personalisation to your vehicle or get a better knob, you might wonder if you can change the shift knob of an automatic car.

Well, the answer is yes. You can remove the shift knob on an automatic car. It is quite an easy task. For this, you just have to buy a new shift knob. You can easily get these online or at any other shops with cell auto parts. Make sure you get a shifter that suits your car’s shifter. 

How can you remove a gear shift knob?

Gear shift knobs are at the centre console or floor in case of a manual transmission. Many automatic cars also have a gear shift at the car’s centre.

The knobs are made up of leather and plastic. Over time, the leather can become less attractive due to wearing out or scratching. In those cases, you can replace the old one with the new one. The steps to be followed for removing a gear shift knob are as follows. 

  1. In the first step, you have to activate the car’s parking brake to prevent rolling while you change the shifter knob.
  2. After that, move your vehicle’s gear shift knob to either 2nd, 4th, or reverse if it is a manual car. In the case of an automatic car, the gear shift has to be put in neutral.
  3. Get hold of the base of the gear shift knob and feel the base area from where it is connected to the shaft. To detach the shift from the shaft, pushes it down on the plastic ring.
  4. Hold the upper part of the knob in one hand of yours and pull it in the upward direction with pressure to remove the knob from the shaft.

How can you change the automatic shift knob?

If you wish to change your automatic shift knob, then we have a list of steps that you can follow for changing your automatic shift knob. 

  1. Put the emergency brake on – It’s very important to put it on so that you can prevent any unwanted accident that can occur due to the shifting or moving of a vehicle.
  2. Removing old knobs – You can take off your shift knob in two ways. The first one can be done through built-in threading, which is inside the knob and at the bottom of the shifter. The knob has to be turned clockwise if your car has this, and then remove it. You can also remove the knob with the help of a screw that holds the knob. Use a wrench to remove the screw in case your shift knob has it, and pull off the knob.
  3. Installation of a new knob – The installation of a new knob revolves around two things: how you removed the one knob and the replacement fit. There will be no fuss regarding installation if you have purchased a direct-fit shift knob. If you purchase a universal fit, then you may need an adapter to fit it.

Does a manual shift knob fit in an automatic shift knob?

A car shift knob is designed in such a way that it can fit both automatic as well as manual vehicles. They are produced per the factory’s standards and are a perfect fit for every model. So next time, you can purchase a shift knob without worrying about the fitting.

Are the gear shift knobs universal? 

Yes, gear shift knobs are universal. A universal shift knob is a knob that is not designed to fit any specific vehicle, like a car or truck. Generally, they can be screwed at the end of any stick shift rod for transmitting them manually. 


What are the buttons on the shift knobs?

Did you ever wonder what the purpose of the button that is located on the shift knob of your vehicle is? It’s called overdrive(O/D), and its function is to handle the gear system of your automatic transmissions. The reason for its existence is financial savings. It allows you to save gas money. 

What is the use of a weighted shift knob?

The purpose of the weighted shift knob is smoother and faster shifting. The signature “M” and the polished silver or black finish enhance the look and add a touch and feel to the Mishimoto flare.

Does a weighted shift knob create any difference?

Weighted shift knob does make a difference. It allows you to shift more smoothly and feels great.

Do all shift knobs fit all cars?

Most of the shift knobs are universal, which means they can fit in any type of car regardless of its design or working mechanism. However, some shift knobs do not fit all the shafts perfectly. In such cases, you will need an adapter for better fitting.

How do you install an automatic shift knob with a button?

The installation of an automatic shift knob with a button is pretty easy. It can be done within a few minutes. 

You just have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Remove the initial shift knob head. 
  2. Select the ideal plastic adapters.
  3. Now the new knob has to be put on the shifter stick and inserted deeply inside your car shifter stick.
  4. Make use of the hexagon spanner for tightening the metal screws.
  5. The lid of the shift knob has to be screwed down.

How do I make a custom automatic shift knob?

Here are the steps for making a custom shift knob.

  1. Find yourself wood for making the shift knob.
  2. Collect the tools that are to be used.
  3. Take measurements of the wood chosen.
  4. In the third step, you have to cut the wood.
  5. Now, after cutting, you must find the thread size and get matching bolts.
  6. Measure the cuts for the wood.
  7. Drill a hole and make the nuts secure.
  8. Look for sand to give a smooth finish.
  9. Now give the final finishing touches.


As we have seen above, there are many benefits to changing your shift knobs.

Shift knobs are not just about the benefits they provide on the road but also about how they allow you to customise your vehicle’s look and feel—changing the shift knobs of both manual and automatic cars is quite easy and simple.

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