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how to clean map sensor

Can You Clean A Map Sensor? How To Clean It?

MAP sensor stands for Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. The MAP sensor’s signal is crucial for the engine’s basic fuel injection control. It is an indirect airflow meter. 

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Can You Clean A Map Sensor?

Over time, MAP sensors can get dirty and increase the consumption of your fuel, which can lead to jerking at the time of acceleration. After ignition, it can even stalk your vehicle. In this situation, you need to clean your MAP sensor. Let’s see if you can clean your MAP sensor with the below-mentioned items.

  1. Brake Cleaner 

Using brake cleaners to clean the MAP sensor is not a good idea since the chemicals in it can destroy the MAP sensor. You can use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning MAP sensors that can remove the dirt particles without damaging them.

  1. MAF (Mass Air Flow) cleaner

A MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor doesn’t have air passing by it, it is a normal pressure sensor. On the other hand, the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor has actual air which passes by it. It can either work properly or doesn’t work at all. It’s an unlikely event that can change on cleaning on a pressure sensor.

  1. Alcohol

You can use alcohol to clean the parts of MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) but make sure to not rub the parts as it can lead to damage in the sensor.

  1. Throttle body cleaner

No, throttle body cleaner should never be used for cleaning MAP sensors as it will burn the inner wires of the MAP sensor.

  1. Carb cleaner

Carb cleaner can be used for cleaning MAP sensors, it is way more effective than WD40. An alternative for cleaning the intake manifold is to remove the MAP sensor and clean it with the help of a carb cleaner.

  1. WD40

You can use WD40 to clean sensors, just remove the sensor and apply it to the harness. Make sure to apply it in the sensing zone too.

What Does A Dirty Map Sensor Do?

If your MAP sensor is dirty, you will notice that your fuel consumption will become bad along with the check engine light shown on your dashboard.

There may also be other signs like stalling engine or misfiring, difficulty in starting, or rough idle.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Dirty Map Sensor?

Having a dirty MAP sensor can create a lot of problems therefore, it is always better to clean it or replace it when needed. You can look for some signs in your sensor to know that it needs cleaning now. They are mentioned below.

  1. The control unit of the engine looks after all the sensors that your car engine has while you drive your car. If the value of the sensors is out of their normal range, it will show up in the check engine light. If your MAP sensor sends any wrong information to the engine’s control unit, it will appear on your dashboard.
  2. The primary function of the MAP sensor is to check the air pressure to calculate the ideal air-fuel mixture for your engine. If your sensor is not working properly or is dirty, it may lead to your engine getting a lean air-fuel mixture.
  3. If your MAP sensor is dirty and bad, it may send a faulty signal, which can lead to the engine injecting excess fuel into the car engine. It will increase your fuel consumption as well as affect your performance.
  4. You may observe some problems with your engine’s idle if the air-fuel mixture is too lean or too rich, resulting from a bad MAP sensor. When the engine runs idle, it becomes very sensitive, leading to a bad air-fuel mixture at idle. It can be caused due to many other reasons, too hence it is advisable to check the MAP sensor properly before replacing it.
  5. When the combustion inside the engine cylinder fails, it leads to misfiring. This may be caused due to a bad spark or a wrong air-fuel mixture. A faulty MAP sensor can lead to misfires if the air-fuel mixture becomes bad. If you hear small bumps or anything that doesn’t sound normal, it can be a sign of misfire.
  6. If your MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor is not working properly, it may send a wrong signal to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), indicating a high or lower engine load. Told the emission level in your car, the air-fuel mixture has to be perfect. Even a small defect with the MAP sensor can cause an interruption in the emission levels.
  7. If you keep using a bad MAP sensor, the engine’s performance deteriorates with time. It can be caused by a lean mixture or a rich mixture. It can also be a result of misfires. 
  8. When the fuel which goes through your engine has not been combusted properly, it leads to backfiring. It leads to the warming of the exhaust pipe, which ignites the air-fuel mixture. It can cause loud bangs to come from the exhaust system. In the worth case scenario, your car can also catch fire.

How Can You Clean A Map Sensor?

what can i use to clean a map sensor
Map Sensor

Let us see below the steps that are to be followed for cleaning the MAP sensor.

  1. Park your car on a plane surface – Before starting the cleaning of your MAP sensor, ensure that your car engine has cooled down completely. You have to turn off the car’s switch and disconnect the battery. After that, park your car in a place that is levelled properly. Make sure to let it cool for 5-10 minutes after parking. Start working only when the engine has cooled down. 
  2. The battery has to be disconnected – When the battery is getting disconnected, make sure to give it a clear look. The negative sign of the terminals of the battery should be located. The negative terminal usually has a black cover. A wrench has to be used to disconnect the terminals. The same process has to be used for disconnecting the positive terminal.
  3. Locating MAP sensor – The MAP sensor is located on the car’s intake manifold. The connector to which it is connected has several wires. If you have problems locating it, you should lift the wires to get a proper view.
  4. Removing the vacuum hose – To remove the vacuum line, you must remove the retaining rings first. Make use of straight retaining ring pliers for removing rings. After removing all the rings, the vacuum line has to be unhooked from the sensor.
  5. Unscrewing of bolts – One or two bolts are usually responsible for holding the sensor in place. Make use of a socket wrench to unscrew them. After doing this, the sensor becomes loose. The MAP sensor will come out after unscrewing. 
  6. Make use of the sensor for cleaning – Hold the sensor in a way that it faces downwards. Use the cleaning fluid for spraying on the sensor 2-3 times, and you can continue doing it if dirt is still there. Use a cloth for cleaning the outer part of the sensor only. Make sure that the cleaning fluid doesn’t touch the sensor itself.
  7. Install the sensor again – Leave the sensor so that it dries after you have cleaned it. After drying it, you can undo all the steps. Now your car is ready for use.

How can you clean a MAP sensor without a cleaner?

You can clean the MAP sensor without using a cleaner. Let us see some of the things that can be used for cleaning.

  1. Alcohol – As you have seen above, alcohol can be used to clean the MAP sensors. It helps in removing germs and dirt from the MAP sensor. Make sure you let it dry before mounting it again to your car.
  2. Lemon – Lemons are natural agents with cleaning properties; the acids they release help terminate microbes and germs. 
  3. Baking soda – It is very useful in cleaning electrical parts. It can beat the most expensive cleaners. Using baking soda is one of the best ways to clean your MAP sensors.

What are MAP sensor cleaner alternatives?

Some alternatives for MAP sensors can be used in place of using cleaners, including baking soda, lemon, white vinegar, borax, and alcohol. 

Can you drive with a bad MAP sensor?

Driving with a bad MAP sensor is never a good idea. It makes your vehicle less efficient as there will be a faulty reading or no readings from the MAP sensor.

It can also lead to early wear out of the catalytic converter or engine. Getting your MAP sensor repaired or changed for a better experience while driving is always better. 


MAP sensors are a very crucial part of your vehicles. Cleaning it regularly and changing it when needed ensures a smooth driving experience.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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