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will a tile cutter cut glass

Can You Cut Glass with a Tile Saw? [How To Guide With Steps]

A tool which has been designed for cutting tile is called a tile saw. Tile saws are very important for those people who are going to work with tiles. There are a few hardware shops which rent tile saws to those who want to use them but do not want to invest money in purchasing them.

Some people who have a lot of work related to tile cutting purchase tile saws when they are for sale.

Tiles can be cut with the assistance of hand tools too but they usually take a lot more time and effort. Tile saw on the other hand is a more convenient and safe option.

Tiles are made up of different kinds of substances which are usually very hard and difficult to cut like stone, clay, glass, or ceramic.

A tile saw is used to cut the tiles since they have a diamond blade which makes it easy to cut through hard materials in a quick and easy manner. Since the blade is sharp it helps in avoiding breakage.

Tile saws are cooled by water which helps in avoiding the harm which is caused by the overheated blade as well as helps in keeping the dust down which makes cutting tiles a safer process.

Can You Cut Glass with a Tile saw?

As we have already seen above, a tile saw can be used to cut glass but it is important to know what types of glass you can cut with the help of a tile saw. Let us see that in detail:

1. Tempered glass – Unlike other forms of glass, tempered glass is a form of glass which has been made after adding some chemicals in a way which makes it stronger than normal glass.

Tempered glass is used for performing a lot of projects related to the renovation of your homes. You can find it in different parts of your house like the walls of the bathroom, shower enclosures, and kitchen counters.

The tile saw is used for cutting tempered glass but it’s not an easy task. As you know tempered glass is not any ordinary glass, it has been chemically treated to become hard and unbreakable. They cannot be cut like any other glass so they need to be cut with a tile saw.

2. Glass bottles – A tile saw can be used to cut glass bottles. There are a few important factors which are to be considered for cutting glass bottles with the help of a Tile saw.

Firstly, you should keep in mind that the water constantly flows to the glass cutting disc. Due to this reason, you would require a suitable water system for your wet saw that you will use to cut glass.

Secondly, you should cut the glass material with the best quality diamond blade. Make sure to always wear respiratory masks as well as the entire protection gear for safety purposes.

3. Window glass – A tile saw is generally used for cutting thick slabs of glass. Cutting window glass with a tile saw may not be a very good idea. You can use other ways for cutting window glass.

4. Stained glass – These are coloured glasses that are used to create decorative windows or any other item through which light can pass.

All these coloured glasses are stained by adding metallic oxides when it is in their molten form. Throughout history, this term has been used majorly for the windows of religious buildings like churches. Stained glass can be cut with the help of a tile saw.

5. Glass mosaic – Glass mosaic is a traditional artwork made from glass which is a part of Myanmar culture. They are used to make furniture, structures, and decorative art.

Artists make use of various materials including beads, shells, stones, glass, mirrors, etc for making glass mosaics. Tile saw is a great tool that can be used for cutting glass mosaics.

6. Toughened glass – It is a form of safety glass which is designed to raise the strength of a normal glass. When a normal glass goes under pressure it breaks which can result in damage and even injury to people. This is why

Toughened glass is used to make windows, tables, and other items of daily use. They are durable and have more strength as compared to normal glasses. After a normal glass is treated to convert into a toughened glass it becomes almost impossible to cut it.

 The only way by which this can be done is to heat the toughened glass and then cool it. After this process, you can cut it in the shape and size of your choice. But this process is usually useless as when you anneal the glass it changes back to its original form and is no more Toughened.

7. Mirror – Mirrors are something you will find in every household. They allow people to see their reflection and also act as a decor item for your home.

Tile cutters can be used for cutting glasses provided you use the blade which is designed especially for cutting glass. In case you have to work with glass that is not glass tile then you may use a tile saw to cut it.

What Can Happen If You Cut Glass with a Tile saw?

When you cut the glass with a tile saw directly without changing the blades then it will very likely cause the glass to crack, chip, or even damage the painted side of the glass. This is why it is always recommended to use those blades which are designed for cutting glass and not any blade.

How Can You Cut Glass with a Tile saw?

Following are the steps which need to be followed for cutting glass with the help of a tile saw.

STEP 1: Measure and mark the place where the cut has to be made with a washable marker. After the glass tile has been cut you can easily wipe the marks made by the marker from the glass tile.

STEP 2: Wear your rubber gloves and other protective clothing materials, make sure not to wear gloves made up of leather or fabric as they will quickly saturate with water. After this switch on the wet saw. Allow the water to run over the blade of the saw for 15 seconds. 

STEP 3: The glass tile is to be aligned with the cutting guide that is on the wet saw, after that you have to start cutting carefully. After cutting make sure to switch off the wet saw and use a damp cloth for wiping the remaining marks that the marker has left on the glass tile.


Do you need a wet saw to cut glass?

Can a wet tile saw cut glass?

Glass can be cut with the help of a wet saw as it is a method which helps in saving a lot of time and helps clean edges. Using a wet saw will also help in reducing the damage that will be caused to the glass tiles.

A steady stream of water is released by the saw as the blade cuts through the glass tile, this causes a decrease in friction and causes the cut edge to cool, which results in making the breakage minimum with a smoother cut.

Can you cut mirror glass with a tile cutter? 

Tile cutters can be used for cutting glass only when you use the blades which are designed especially for cutting glass.

Can you use a diamond blade to cut glass?

Most of the diamond blades that are sold in the market are designed for cutting ceramic tile, they may advertise and show you that you can use them to cut glass too but in reality, when you try to cut glass with it the edges tend to chip.

Can you use thick glass with a wet saw?

Yes, a wet saw can be used for cutting thick glass. A wet saw has a diamond blade and is motorized. It is used for cutting tiles, porcelain, glass, and other products which are delicate.

There are a few things that are to be kept in mind while cutting a thick glass with a wet saw. You should always wear safety goggles and gloves whenever you are operating a wet saw. Make sure you do not let anybody come near you while cutting until and unless they are also wearing protective clothing.


It is crucial to have good maintenance of tile saws. People should also go for the replacement of blades when they begin to wear out.

A dull blade can be harmful, it may also not be as useful as it was before wearing out. You should also inspect them and look for signs like fraying in the electrical wiring or any other electrical problems.

Those who look forward to working with large tiles would surely benefit from using a tile saw.

Tiles that are smaller in size can be cut with the help of hands. If you want to purchase or rent a tile then look for the safety features as well as the types of material which can be handled by the tile.

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