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two different accent chairs in living room

Can You Have Two Accent Chairs?

Decorating your interiors requires some serious efforts from your side if you wish to have a room that is no less than a dream place for everyone who visits your house. The placement of the bed, table, and chairs also put a great impact on how your room looks.

Not only this, the main point of concern is the number of chairs that your standard-sized living room or any other room of your house should have. So, can you have two accent chairs? Can you mix and match two accent chairs? Let us find out the answer to that!

Can you have two accent chairs?

Can you have two different accent chairs in living room? Yes, you can have mixing accent chairs. As per the interior designers, a fully furnished room has two accent chairs in it so that at least two people can be seated comfortably. As per the size of your room or the size of the chair, the number can vary too.

•In the same room 

Having two accent chairs in the same room is a great idea. Firstly, it fills up the vacancy of the room and being placed in a single room even enhances and beautifies the outlook of the room.

•In a living room 

Two accent chairs in a living room are beneficial when you have to read or work along with someone. For a family of two, two accent chairs in the living room are a great place to have discussions or talks. You can also enjoy outside beauty by sitting beside the window.

•With arms 

Accent chairs with arms become slightly huge and expanded in their size. A room that is big and vacant is ideal for placing two accent chairs with arms. In a small room, accent chairs with arms should be avoided so that the room does not give a clumsy feel to the visitors.

Can you put two different accent chairs together? 

Can you put two different accent chairs in living room? Yes, 2 different accent chairs in living room can be put together, but it is better advised that the accent chairs should be of the same quality and the beauty of the room modifies even more if the chairs are of the same color and texture. 

Should accent chairs match? However, if you are of a view to placing two different accent chairs together, make sure that the outlook and appearance of both the accent chairs match the interior of your room. It should not mismatch with the paint of the walls or the color of the curtains.

Do accent chairs need to match?

Do accent chairs have.to match? It is not a necessity that the accent chairs need to match. However, the room looks better and more furnished if the accent chairs match each other. If not so, the last thing you should take care of is the dimensions of the accent chairs. Even when the two accent chairs placed in your room are different, their height, width, and length should match to avoid too much variation. 

How to place accent chairs in a living room?

There are various ways to place non matching accent chairs in a living room. They are-

•On the side of the fireplace.

•Across a coffee table.

•Next to or perpendicular to the couch.

•Pair it with an ottoman. 

How to mix and match accent chairs?

While mixing and matching two accent chairs, the following factors should be kept in mind.

•Size of the chair

Even when you are trying to blend two accent chairs, try to have the two chairs of the same size. It shifts the attention of the viewer from noticing the mismatched blend that you have created.

•Interior of the room

The walls of your room and the color of your curtains highly affect the decision of the accent chairs you should have. The color of both the accent chairs should match somehow with your interiors.

How can you decorate with two accent chairs?

Two accent chairs can be decorated as-

•Similar Colors

Two accent chairs can have similar colors. They look more authentic and give a modified outlook to the room.

•Distinctive Colors 

Other than that, two accent chairs can also have distinct colors. Here you need to ensure that the colors you have chosen for your accent chairs match each other and also your interiors. 

•Statement Pieces

As statement pieces, the two accent chairs should have an ergonomic build and design so that they captivate the instant attention of anyone who enters your room.

How many accent chairs should you have in a living room?

Can you have only one accent chair? How many accent chairs in a living room? A basic household is supposed to have two accent chairs to be seated upon. As per the rules of designing, having two accent chairs in a room is considered a perfect idea! But, the number of accent chairs you should have depends on some factors.

•Size of the Room

If your room is too large, you can go with having more than two accent chairs but in a normal-sized room, two chairs are best suited.

•Furniture Placement

The furniture of your room should not be in such a manner that everything looks packed. Nor should it be in such a way that too much vacancy is being felt in your room. Accordingly, you can decide the number of accent chairs.

•Size of the Chairs

Moreover, the size of the chairs also decides the number of chairs you should have. Big-sized chairs should be two in number whereas small-sized chairs can be more than two.

What to put between two accent chairs? 

Another question that usually strikes the mind of someone who is wanting to buy an accent chair is what to put between two accent chairs. The basic answer is to put a table between two accent chairs. But, to ease your trouble, the following things can be kept between two accent chairs and how many accent chairs should you have?

•Coffee Table

Is it okay to have two different accent chairs? A coffee table looks extremely modest when placed in between two accent chairs. It makes the overall interior look more appealing and it fascinates the visitor. The coffee table looks even better if it blends completely with the accent chairs.

•Small Accent Table 

If not a coffee table, you can also choose to put a small accent table in between two accent chairs. The accent chairs can be the same or they can mix and match, so the table should look good with both of them.


An ottoman can also be placed between two accent chairs. It creates an accurate distance between the two accent chairs and also it does not acquire much space.

•Floor Lamp

Home decorating is considered incomplete without a floor lamp. A floor lamp gives a homely feeling if it is positioned between two accent chairs. So, you can also opt for having a floor lamp between two accent chairs.

How do you choose an accent chair for the living room?

Before you finally decide to have an accent chair for your living room, ensure to keep the following factors in mind-


The chair that you are thinking of buying for your living room should be comfortable. The material and texture of the chair should not be too outdated or hard enough that it becomes difficult for you to rest upon the chair. Living room with two accent chairs looks perfect.


Another important thing is the space between the two legs of the accent chair. The accent chair of your living room should be spacious. A good accent chair can be used for sitting, working, reading, or resting. Therefore, it should be spacious. 


The accent chair that you finalize for your living room should match the interiors of your room. It gives a look of modesty to the room. Moreover, the chair should look royal and it should glorify the beauty of the room.

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, the accent chairs that you pick for your room should be spacious, comfortable, and not too huge to make your room look packed. The accent chairs should also match the interiors of your room and they should be placed in a good location.

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