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Can You Iron Wax Paper

Can You Iron Wax Paper? [Easy Guide]

Due to it being non-stick and moisture resistant, the wax paper has been in use nowadays, but consequently, it comes with a drawback that, unlike parchment paper, wax paper is not heat resistant. If excessive heat is given to the wax paper, it starts burning because of the melting of the wax over time. Hence, the question arises that can you iron wax paper? Is it safe to do so? Can you iron wax paper onto a shirt? Can I use wax paper instead of parchment paper for iron-on? Can wax paper be used under an iron? What side of wax paper do you iron? Let’s find out!

Can you iron wax paper?

Although wax paper iron is non-stick and moisture-proof yet it comes with a disadvantage in that it is not resistant to heat. If excessive heat is given to the wax paper while ironing, the wax will melt down slowly and gradually and the paper will burn automatically. Ironing wax paper can be done carefully only after you have taken care of the fact that direct heat does not get supplied to the wax paper.

Will an iron burn wax paper?

If there is direct contact between the wax paper and the iron, the wax of the paper will start melting gradually as more and more heat will be supplied by the iron. This would ultimately result in burning the wax paper. Hence, an iron can burn the wax paper if more heat than the wax paper can bear is given through the iron onto the wax paper.

What if you iron wax paper?

Ironing wax paper is not a good idea as long as you are trying some new and interesting DIYs projects because ironing the wax paper can cause massive destruction to your plans and you will be left with nothing but the mess being created around the house. When you try to iron wax paper, the following happens-

Wax will come off:

As told earlier, wax is not heat resistant, so if lots of heat is supplied to the wax paper via the iron you will acknowledge that slowly and gradually the wax will come off the paper. The wax might even get stuck to your iron, causing damage over there as well. 

Wax will melt:

After that, when continuous heat is given to the wax paper, the wax will undoubtedly melt under the influence of heat. The melting of wax will result in it being sticky and difficult to deal with if the heat is directly supplied to the wax paper through the iron. It would lead to a mess around the house.

The paper will burn:

The result will be nothing but the burning of the paper. Now that the wax has been melted and removed off the surface of the wax paper, the paper will start burning as excessive heat is supplied to it. The burning of paper can even cause damage to the surrounding objects.

How to iron wax paper?

At times, in case of the unavailability of parchment paper, you are bound to use wax paper. You can iron on wax paper but it needs to be done with utmost care and perfection otherwise the things might not end up to be in your favor. In order to iron wax paper, the following steps can be followed-

Wax Paper leaf pressing

Place the wax paper on the object

First and foremost, you need to place the wax paper on the object. You can place direct iron on the wax paper too, but it might result in leaving the residue of the wax on the iron and your iron might then become useless. Therefore, make sure to use a towel or cloth in between the wax paper and the iron.

Put another layer of cloth or paper

The second step is to put a layer of cloth(preferably a towel) or paper between the wax paper and the iron. This is done to protect both the paper and your iron from getting damaged. Moreover, if your iron is a daily use iron, then you should definitely put a layer of cloth or paper to prevent any kind of mishap.

Use proper iron and proper temperature

Up next, you are required to use a proper and well-functioning iron. Not only this, a proper temperature of the iron should be maintained. If more heat than what is required will be given to the wax paper, the wax will start to melt and ultimately the paper will start burning after some time.

How can you make iron on transfer with wax paper?

Get the print: 

To make the iron on transfer with the wax paper you need to get the print that you want to have. Primarily, you are to decide on the print of your choice.

Heat the surface: 

Having done so, you have to heat the surface so that the print can be imprinted on another surface easily and conveniently. Do not heat the surface more than it is needed.

Arrange all the layers:

After that make sure to not place the wax paper and iron it without a layer of the towel, paper, or any other cloth between the two otherwise the wax will get burnt due to the heat supply, and everything will be destroyed.

Iron firmly: 

Lastly, you are supposed to maintain the proper temperature of your iron and then press it firmly over the wax paper to engrave the print on another surface. Do not push the iron against the wax paper too strongly to melt the wax or else the paper will start burning.

Can you heat wax paper? Does wax paper melt in the heat?

A major drawback of using wax paper instead of parchment paper is that it is not resistant to heat. In presence of excessive heat, the wax paper will become useless and it will end up creating a mess all around. A wax paper can not be heated beyond a particular temperature. Too much heat can result in melting the wax and the paper will start burning gradually. It is advised that wax paper should never be used in microwaves or ovens or else the machinery might get destroyed too.

Can you iron over parchment paper?

Yes, you can iron over parchment paper. Parchment paper is heat resistant and unlike wax paper, there is no mess of melted wax or other substances in the case of parchment paper. A parchment paper is a savior at times when you need to iron out crumpled paper or important documents.


Wax paper is a good and important material for your DIY projects but it should never be used with microwaves or ovens. Also, excessive heat should not be given to the wax paper otherwise it might burn and destroy things around. By giving proper heat and maintaining the temperature, you can conveniently use wax paper. Thank you for reading:)

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