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do led tvs need to stay upright

Can You Lay A Flat Screen TV Down? [Quick Read]

Transporting bulky objects such as couches, beds, almirahs or refrigerators can be troublesome but equal trouble lies in carrying a flat-screen TV from one location to another, even though it is not very heavy or bulky. But anyhow you need to keep into account the fact that it does not get damaged or the screen does not crack.

Before you finally decide to translocate your television, it is extremely important to note down certain factors that you should keep in mind before doing so. The most important question is whether or not you can lay a flat-screen TV down. Well, let’s find an answer to that!

Can you Lay a Flat Screen TV Down?

A Flat Screen TV is designed in such a way that it is delicate and needs to be handled with utmost care. Laying a flat-screen TV down would hardly cause a little to no impact on its internal parts, but externally you can expect your television to get damaged.

Scientifically, a flat-screen TV is built in a manner that the entire weight of the television is distributed to the edges so that a minimal weight falls on the screen of the television, thereby protecting it from getting damaged. If a flat-screen TV is laid down, the entire pressure is put on the screen of the television and hence it is prone to get cracked quite easily. Let some doubt clear such as Can you lay a tv down to move it?Can you transport a tv laying down? etc

Can You Lay Down an LCD TV?

Can LCD TVs lay flat? Laying down an LCD TV for a short period might not cause any damage or destruction to the television but doing the same for a longer period can ultimately result in damaging the LCD crystals present inside the television. Hence, apart from the external screen cracking, internal LCD crystals will also be affected if you lay down an LCD TV. It might further result in discoloration or the appearance of slight linings while you will be watching the television. 

Can You Lay Down an LED TV?

Primarily, LED TV laid flat can’t be possible, especially while transporting them. You can be advised to keep the television with its screen on the surface during a short run process, but when it comes to a long period, you should not lay down an LED TV otherwise not only will the screen get cracked, even the internal components will be of no use later. Do LED tvs need to stay upright? Yes, this way makes it easy to transport. Can you lay a led tv flat to transport? No, its hard to transport.

Can You Lay Down a Plasma TV?

Can you lay a plasma tv down? Of all the TVs, you need to be the most careful with the Plasma TVs. Plasma TVs are composed of plasma components that are the most prone to destruction if the television is laid down. If you lay down a Plasma TV the internal components might get damaged, thereby resulting in causing discoloration. Therefore, it is advised to not lay down your Plasma TV.

Can You Lay a Flat Screen TV Down in the box?

The reason that flat-screen televisions are packed extremely carefully in a box before they are to be transported is because of their delicacy. Flat-screen TVs are not too robust to be kept down in any manner. Therefore, they come along with a box. Consequently, you can lay a flat-screen TV down in a box. In fact, it is to be done during transportation or translocation of your television from one place to another.

Is it OK to Lay Down a Flat Screen TV?

transporting a tv laying down

Laying down a flat-screen TV for some time is fine. It would not cause any severe damage to the screen of the television. However, it is possible that you might face discoloration or movement of linings on your television if you lay it down.

On the other hand, if you think of transporting your television by laying it down then it is likely that your flat screen TV will get damaged. The screen can get cracked or ruptured too. Therefore, while transporting a flat-screen television, it is advised to place it upright.

What if you lay down a flat-screen? Why should it not be done?

In case you lay down a flat screen for a short period without moving it over and over again, your television will have to face no harm. On the contrary, if you think of or try to transport a flat-screen television by laying it down, the externals and internals of your flat-screen television are likely to face severe damage. The screen might get cracked and the internal components might get mixed and damaged too.

It is advised that a flat-screen television should be kept in an upright position and it should not be laid down because flat-screen televisions get easily damaged and so they are to be taken care of. Also, the flat-screen televisions are constructed in a manner that the entire pressure of the television is put on the edges and if this pressure is put on the screen(in case you lay down the television), the screen is supposed to get damaged.

How can you Safely Lay Down a Flat Screen TV?

Firstly, it is better if you lay down your flat screen TV upright while carrying it to be shifted to a new place. But, if that can not be done, you must only carry your flat screen television after placing it properly between the thermocouples and that too in the desired television box. In case of unavailability of the television box, you should cover your television in bedsheets.

Is it OK to Transport a Flat Screen TV Laying Down?

In order to safely transport a flat-screen TV, it is important to wrap it properly and cover it with gushy materials to create an air gap and also to ensure that the flat-screen television does not get cracked or damaged. In case you do not have the cardboard box to transport a flat-screen TV, make sure to cover it properly in bedsheets and also be aware of keeping it upright while transporting it.

Do a flat-screen TV Need to Stay in an Upright Position?

Necessarily, it is not important to keep the flat screen television in an upright position while transporting it, but doing the opposite, that is to lay it down would cause even severe impacts to the television. The television screen will get cracked and also the internal components of the television will get damaged. Therefore, whenever you must transfer your television from one place to another, you should be careful of positioning it upright.

Can you Store a Flat Screen TV on its Side?

No, a flat-screen TV can not be laid on its side. It would lead to damaging the LCD crystals or the plasma components that are present inside the flat-screen TV. Further, it can result in discoloration and if the flat-screen TV is kept in a laid down position for long, the screen can get cracked easily.

Can you Store a Flat Screen on its Back?

A flat-screen television can be stored on its back while transported. You just need to make sure that it is properly shielded and no kind of excessive pressure is applied to the screen. Otherwise, the flat screen can get cracked and your television will get damaged permanently.

Final Thoughts

Having said so, it might have become clear and understandable to you why should you not lay down a flat-screen television. It would do no good to you, rather it would end up destroying your flat screen television once and for all.

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