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what to do if you mix bleach and fabuloso

Can You Mix Fabuloso and Bleach? [Quick Read]

Cleaning is one of the most challenging jobs you struggle to do. It would be best if you put much effort into making it shine and clean. So, what if the products you use reduce your effort and struggle? Yes, it sounds good to know. Better products and materials will make even the most challenging task more manageable. Well, today’s blog is about fabuloso and bleach. fabuloso is one of the deodorizing cleaning agents used to clean. 

On the other hand, bleach is a chemical material used to clean all areas. Both of them are cleaning agents that are meant for various stages of cleaning purposes. But what if you mix both fabuloso and bleach and use them? No, it is not suggested to mix fabuloso and bleach together. Mixing fabuloso and bleach may release chlorine gas. Chlorine is a yellow-colored gas at room temperature.  that gives you a pungent smell when released. Though it is a non-flammable gas, when it explodes it will be harmful and toxic.  Scroll to know the secrets.

Can you mix fabuloso and bleach?

Both Fabuloso and bleach have their benefits at various stages of cleaning. No, you cannot mix fabuloso and bleach for cleaning. Moreover, it is not recommended or advised to combine them. It is because combining the fabuloso and bleach will produce chlorine gas. 

Hence, the fabuloso and bleach reaction will be vigorous when you mix them. In addition, they will be hazardous and cause ailments like dry cough, breathing issues, burning sensation, etc. So, it is not advisable to mix fabuloso and bleach.

Is it safe to mix fabuloso and bleach?

No, it is not safe to mix fabuloso and bleach. Because of the powerful disinfectant in fabuloso, the Sodium hypochlorite will react vigorously with the chemicals such as lactic acid and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate and produce chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is one of the solid fuming gasses that causes and affects your lung tissues and kills you via drowning. Hence, it will be toxic even when you mix fabuloso and bleach. 

What to do if you accidentally mix fabuloso and bleach?

The most concerning thing is what happens when you accidentally mix fabuloso and bleach. If you accidentally mix the fabulous and bleach, chlorine gas will evolve. So, the first aid is to ensure that the whole area is ventilated by opening the doors and windows. You have to provide as much ventilation to the exposed area. It is because chlorine gas is highly toxic and harmful and produces an unpleasant odor. 

So, the next aid is to cover your nose and mouth to avoid smelling it. Otherwise, it will create health problems. In addition, if you have goggles or a protective mask, wear them as soon as possible. Also, you can try to leave the room and switch on the exhaust fan.

What else can you mix with bleach?

Opt for the products below if you seek an alternative mix with bleach. But ensure that before mixing or combining any products with bleach, you have to be aware of it and should have a piece of ample knowledge. Otherwise, combining products with bleach may lead to significant impacts and effects. Also, you’re not recommended to mix ammonia and chlorine with bleach which causes diverse impacts and is harmful. Avoid using acids that are vigorous in their action with bleach.


Water is one of the best sources that you can mix with bleach. Not only with bleach, as water is a neutral agent, but you can also combine anything with water. So, it is safe to mix water with bleach as it is not toxic. Hence, you can dissolve the bleach by diluting it with water and using it for cleaning. 


If you have detergent, then you can mix detergent with bleach. As detergent is a stable compound, it will not produce any toxicity towards bleach. Hence, it is recommended to mix detergent with bleach. Also, ensure that you’re using detergent with stable formula. You can follow the below steps to mix detergent and bleach.

  • Step 1: Take a container that can hold 5-6 litres of water.
  • Step 2: Add 1/4th cup of detergent to 1 cup of bleach.
  • Step 3: Add 4-5 liters of water to dilute them.
  • Step 4: Rinse them until the bleach and detergent get completely dissolved.
  • Step 5: Now it is ready to use.

What else can you mix with fabuloso?

You can seek some other alternative to mix with fabuloso. Fabuloso contains more reactive chemicals. Hence, combining products or chemicals should be handled with proper knowledge. Avoid using heavy-duty elements with fabuloso such as ammonia and chlorinated elements to eliminate their impacts.


As we discussed, water is a neutral diluent that can be used for all purposes. Hence, you can mix 4-5 liters of water with a 1/4th mug of fabuloso to make a dilute cleaning solution.


The most rated concern is Can you mix vinegar and fabulous? Yes, you can mix vinegar and fabuloso. Vinegar is also a suitable cleaning agent. Hence it is recommended to combine with fabuloso to make it a better disinfectant. You can also store them in a container and use them whenever you need them.

Is Fabuloso A Good Cleaner?

Yes, fabuloso is a good cleaner. Fabuloso is an odorizing agent, and you can use them for all purposes. A fabuloso kills almost all germs and will be a good disinfectant.

Also, most of the cleaning agents don’t contain bleach. Hence, the biggest concern is whether it is safe to put fabuloso in the toilet tank. No, it is unsafe to use fabuloso in the toilet tank, as it will blend with the chemicals and make a mess.

Can you mix bleach and all-purpose cleaner?

No, you’re not advised to mix bleach with a purpose-cleaner. It is because mixing bleach with an all-purpose cleaner may cause various injuries. Mixing bleach with all-purpose cleaner or ammonia may turn toxic and release chloramines. 

Hence, exposure to chlorine gas may lead to Nausea, coughing, shortness of breath, irritation of the skin and eyes, throat pain, Pneumonia, and wheezing. Thus, mixing bleach with other chemicals and disinfectants is not recommended.

What to do if you mix bleach and fabulous

The essential query is, why can’t you mix fabuloso and bleach? As we said earlier, if you try to mix fabuloso and bleach, it will explode chlorine gas that is harmful and toxic for inhalation. Hence it is suggested to avoid mixing them. Also, ensure before mixing any chemicals with fabuloso and bleach because they may lead to diverse complications.

Can you mix fabuloso and vinegar?

Yes, you can mix fabuloso and vinegar. Being a suitable cleaning agent, you can mix vinegar with fabuloso. You can add 1/2th cup of vinegar to 1 cup of Fabuloso and dilute them using 4-5 liters of water. 

Mixing vinegar with fabuloso enhances various benefits such as aids in removing stains from clothes and giving a fragrance to your foods. With vinegar, you can clean the surfaces without any damage and act as a protective layer.

Final thoughts

Cleaning is one of the best work that we all can do. It is essential to keep yourself as well as the environment to be clean and hygienic. The pandemic outbreak has taught us about the importance of cleaning. So, cleaning every day and mopping a week thrice is highly recommended. But ensure that before mixing or combining any products with bleach, you have to be aware of it and should have a piece of ample knowledge and don’t complicate yourself without proper knowledge.

You can combine bleach and fabuloso to avoid toxicity and harm. As an alternative, you can use them with water by diluting them. Hence, it is suggested to have ample expertise before mixing anything with bleach and fabuloso. At some time you can use them without any mixing too. For more information stay updated.

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