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painting over semi gloss with eggshell

Can You Paint Eggshell Over Semi-Gloss? [Easy Guide]

Are you going to renovate your existing house, or have you recently purchased a new apartment?

Who doesn’t enjoy homes with a fresh atmosphere and vibrant colors? However, this fresh idea of renovating or purchasing a new apartment comes with a lot of complexity and obligations; you have to choose the paint, the colors, and the entirety of the design of your home?

However, changing from semi-gloss to eggshell paint is never unavoidable, making it challenging to decide what to do and how to accomplish it when renovating a home. 

Hold on, though! On this page, we’ll assist you in deciding on what to pick and how to restore the freshness of your home.

Can you paint eggshells over semi-gloss?

If you also think can you paint over semi gloss with eggshell, then this is not a new query because both these paints are highly preferred by people and make the home look classy.

 But every type of paint has some drawbacks, so homeowners choose to repaint their homes after a set amount of time and with the best paint available on the market.

You asked if painting eggshells over semi-gloss was detrimental, and the answer is that it is not damaging.

Can you paint eggshells over semi-gloss without sanding?

You are familiar with what sanding is. Well, it is a technique where the old paint or adhesive substance applied to the walls is removed by rubbing it with sandpaper. It is frequently used to level out uneven surfaces on walls because making the wall seem reasonable before applying your chosen color is essential.

Can you paint eggshell over semi-gloss without sanding? You may try it, but it will look incredible if you want to paint your walls with bright colors, then you can skip sanding. However, sanding the walls first might be brilliant if you prefer more muted hues on the walls.

Reasons why you can paint eggshell over semi-gloss:

eggshell paint v/s semi gloss paint
Will eggshell paint cover semi gloss

Trying your hands on different colors and paint is a good option. When painting your walls, it is necessary to experiment and test first, and after getting the full assurance, it becomes secure in choosing the paint. So when you decide to paint over semi-gloss with eggshell paint, you might need some reasons to convince your choice. And the best arguments you can use to persuade your family to choose eggshell paint over semi-gloss are given below. 

Let’s have a look at these justifications.

Better adhesiveness

If you haven’t used eggshell paint on your home’s walls, you are losing out because it is excellent paint. If you enjoy soft colors, changing semi-gloss to eggshell will be a pleasure for you. If you’re searching for something to last for a long time, the eggshell paint is more sticky than other paints and will last longer.

Large surface area

When compared to other varieties of paint, eggshell paint has been seen to cover a significant surface area with a single application; as a result, the consistency of the color is suitable for the walls to be nicely coated.

Easy to apply

Eggshell paint over semi-gloss is a fantastic choice because it looks elegant and also has the quality of being simple to apply. If you think you might like to try your hand at painting walls, easy-to-apply eggshell paint might provide you with an excellent opportunity.


When it comes to home renovation, many expenses can be controlled, but the paint on the walls should never be sacrificed because it is the main draw of the house and good paint enhances the look. If you are also concerned with your budget, eggshell paint is the best affordable paint with quality.

What happens if you paint eggshells over semi-gloss?

Can I paint eggshell over semi-gloss, if that is something you’re wondering? There is no need to be concerned about this since you can simply apply eggshell paint over semi gloss, and if you enjoy a matte finish on your walls, you should give this a shot.

If you are sick of looking at those shiny walls, the best option is to apply eggshell over semi-gloss, which will cause the shine to disappear.

How can you paint eggshells over semi-gloss?

Now that you’ve made the decision to changing semi-gloss to eggshell, it’s essential to understand how the paint will be applied. How will your newly renovated home change?


Before painting the eggshell over the semi-gloss, the walls must be cleaned because this will wipe away all the dust and give you a clear picture of the walls, making it more straightforward for you to decide what color scheme to employ.


In the sanding process, it is about rubbing the walls with sandpaper. It will remove the shiny surface of the semi-gloss paint and help you to give a different look to the wall because it will reduce the shine of the wall and help make the walls even. If you ever had about can you paint eggshell over semi-gloss without sanding, then it must be resolved till now?


Deglossing is a step that must be completed before painting, so don’t try to skip it. It can take some time, but giving your property the finish you want is essential.

Applying Primer

Applying primer is also a crucial step in the painting process, and it becomes much more essential when using eggshell paint because primer gives the color a finishing touch. When the primer has already been applied to the walls, your eggshell paint over semi-gloss will look more elegant.

Applying eggshell paint

After applying the eggshell paint, you have now completed the painting process and are in possession of a brand-new, attractive wall. Given that it is simple to implement, you may decorate your living room in your preferred colors and style while keeping it simple and elegant.

Do you need to sand semi-gloss paint before repainting?

There is no need to waste time sanding if you are reapplying the same semi-gloss paint to the walls because it will complement the old walls, add more shine to the existing color, and give your walls more glitz. However, if you are applying any other paint material over the semi-gloss paint, it is advised to do the sanding for a better final appearance.

However, if you are considering changing the paint, it is advisable to sand the surface before applying any paint. While changing from semi-gloss to eggshell will give your home a fresh look, sanding is required if you want to offer your house the most delicate possible treatment.

Consider how those unevenly painted walls will appear if you don’t smooth them up before painting; even slight negligence can spoil the look of your new living room.

Can you paint eggshells over satin?

Satin paint is a fantastic option for the walls of your bedroom, but if you’re thinking about switching to eggshell instead, you should give it a try because eggshells will provide you with the perfect finish. However, painting eggshell over satin will be better if you do it with proper sanding of the wall first and then applying primer on it.

Do you need to prime over eggshell paint?

Will eggshell paint cover semi-gloss after all? It has been shown that most individuals want to know whether primer is placed before or after paint and how that works.

To achieve a better finish and overall better appearance for your walls, primer is applied to the walls before painting.

How do you get a good finish with eggshell paint over semi-gloss?

You merely need to apply a primer to the walls before painting, and it is highly advised to sand the walls beforehand before painting eggshells over semi-gloss if you want a beautiful finish. Painting over semi-gloss with eggshell requires some preparation if you want a decent finish.

Also, employ professionals for painting because some slight carelessness can break your dream of the color look you have been planning for months.


The eggshell paint is a good option for covering the walls that have been bothering you for a long time, but if you worry that it will be expensive and out of your price range, remove all the paint before applying it. 

It would be best if you weren’t concerned because it is possible to switch from semi-gloss to eggshell without much effort since painting eggshell over semi-gloss is simple and doesn’t require much effort. To achieve a better finish and overall better appearance for your walls, primer is applied to the walls before painting. 

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