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can you apply drylok over paint

Can You Paint Over Drylok? [Everything You Must Know]

What is drylok? In simpler terms, drylok is a product that works as a shielding agent for your walls. It prevents moisture or water from coming down to your walls. It has a moisture-locking power that holds down the growth of many unwanted elements such as algae, fungi, and insects that can damage your basement walls for a significant period. 

You can also understand drylok as an armor that protects the body from injuries. But the main concern after pouring drylok is that can you paint over drylok? Let’s have a look!

Can you paint over drylok?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can easily paint over drylok. As you know, drylok prevents moisture from getting into your walls. In simpler words, you are waterproofing your walls! But apart from its moisture locking ability, it also works as an excellent base for applying paint. It would be best if you let the drylok stay and dry overnight, and then you can easily use any stain on your walls. And that wall would grab many people’s attention. That’s so great, isn’t it!

Is it okay to paint over drylok?

Well, yes, it is! Drylok prevents penetration of moisture into the walls that efficiently control the damage. Drylok penetrates deeply under the walls, even to the tiniest pores, to lock down the water, hence ensuring its waterproofing property. It is entirely okay to paint over drylok, as it provides the perfect base for paint application!

Can you paint over drylok pro?

Yes, you can paint over drylok pro! The original drylok version works like a waterproofing barrier against moisture lockage. Here, you have one condition before applying any paint, acrylic, or latex, and you should let the drylok pro wholly dry. Let it stay for 24 hours for proper and smooth application. If this condition is not fulfilled, it may not work as designed!

Can you paint over drylok clear?

Yes! You can paint over drylok clear, and if you are wondering what it is? Drylok clear is one of the first non-pigmented waterproof products that help in give a perfect look to your walls without leaving the yellow color to them. Drylok clear is transparent, so it is very convenient to paint over it. You can have a matte finish on your walls with proper application and drying!

Can you paint over drylok fast plug?

Drylok fast plug is a hydraulic cement that sets very fast, in about 4 to 5 minutes! You can easily paint over drylok quick plug, but you need first to let it dry for a total of 24 hours. Do not miss out on this step, do not hurry! If you are wondering what is the use of the drylok fast plug? It is used to stop the accumulated high-pressure water.

Can you paint kilz over drylok?

This question is the most frequently asked concern that many people have! But now, here’s the answer! Yes, you can paint kilz over drylok. All you need to do is be careful about choosing the coats and colors for your walls. You can get a defined flat finish wall with kilz also. It is a solvent to use on wall-stains for a perfect vibe! Kilz and drylok are different from each other, and they have different aesthetics, so don’t go for the kilz vs. drylok vibe!

Can you paint over drylok with regular paint? 

No, not! Drylok doesn’t go with regular paints such as water-based paints, which are unsuitable. Instead, go for drylok-suited paints like acrylic and latex. They compliment each other. If you make the mistake of using regular colors, then you are compromising its waterproofing capability. Drylok can only provide a smooth base when applied with acrylic and latex paints!

Should you paint over drylok?

Now, it is totally up to you whether to color the wall or not. If you want an appealing aesthetic in your home, then you should for the drylok in-line colours such as white, Grey, pastel tones for that stylish yet beautiful finish and if you are thinking of keeping your walls with bare drylok, then it is also fine because you are getting that glossing finish. 

For instance, you should go for the opaque colors because you do not want that unappealing mix between the walls and the overall look of the house. But either way you are getting your walls waterproofed! 

What can happen if you paint over drylok?

If you use regular paints over drylok, you are damaging its adherence and waterproofing properties. You should always go for the drylok colors because they work better if they are of one family. If you still do not consider using their paints, go for acrylic and latex paints.

What can you paint over DRYLOK?

It would help if you were very precise in choosing the shades. Remember, do not choose the color that can damage the adherence if drylok. If you think of leaving the wall with just drylok clear, it could look not comforting. Just go for the online drylok paints or acrylic and latex paints because they go along well with each other!

How to paint over drylok paint?

The most exciting phase is when you go look for the colors. You cannot just leave your walls barely with drylok; you need to amazing things up! For that fantastic finish of your walls, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1:

 First, apply the drylok coat and let it for some time. Note you need to leave it for approximately 24 hours. This step is necessary for retaining the waterproofing drylok adherence.

  • Step 2:

 Go for acrylic or latex (oil-based paints) for that fantastic finish because they work best with drylok.

  • Step 3:

 Start painting your walls with the paint roller and slowly moves forward. Go with a bit of pressure and even coat the designated portions.

  • Step 4: 

Leave the paint to dry correctly.

  • Step 5: 

Check for the smooth texture, and if you still find some surface on the wall, you can apply some more coats for a primer finish.

Can DRYLOK be applied over the old DRYLOK?

The most asked query is whether I can apply Drylok over old Drylok? Yes, it would help if you used a coating of drylok when you start seeing the old drylok peeling away. To protect the walls, you should apply a new coat of drylok over the old drylok.

Will epoxy adhere to drylok?

Yes, epoxy adheres well to drylok. You should know one thing: an epoxy coat consumes time to fully dry, and this may take time for almost a week. So, be prepared!

When can you paint over the Drylok fast plug?

Drylok Fast Plug

You should wait another 24 hours to let the drylok fast plug completely dry. Do not be in a rush because the drylok dry time is extended, so to provide that effortless finish, this waiting is a necessary step!

Can you paint drylok over mold?

No! It would be best to remove the mold because a drylok coat can stop its growth by restricting water. So, it’s not a good idea to paint drylok over mold!

Can you paint drylok over wet walls?

Drylok can be painted over wet walls! Drylok comes into a different texture that is meant to be used on wet walls to prevent water damage. In this way, you don’t need to apply anything but the drylok powder to protect your walls.

Can you paint drylok on wood?

In some ways, yes, you can paint drylok over wood. As you know drylok is clearly recommended to use on the masonry and concrete surfaces to provide the strong waterproof adherence to the walls. In the case of wood, you can but there are limitations. You should not expect the same results as you have on the other two materials. 

Drylok can lose its adherence and waterproofing ability, if it’s used on wood. It can definitely set, but wood also resists drylok!  


Drylok is an excellent technique to make your walls waterproof. However, some points need to be kept in mind, like the correct paint usage. Drylok stays for the most prolonged period if used with its complementary paint. Drylok comes in a variety of shades that can give your house an appealing warmth and touch. All you need to do is follow the proper path! Thank you for reading this article:)

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