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Can You Paint Over Felt? [How to Guide]

If you adore color and believe that bright colors make you feel alive, then you must believe that having things in lovely bright hues is essential.

Then you must look for these painting alternatives in your everyday goods like your carpet and doormats, but if you know that they are all made of felt fabric, then your primary concern must be how to paint felt material, isn’t that right?

But don’t worry; we’ll walk you through what you need to know about painting on felt fabric. Read on to find out more.

Can you paint over felt?

Many people are unfamiliar with felt painting; in fact, they are just beginning to look into it. However, it might be a beautiful experience for you, and you can discover that the art you produce by painting the felt fabric is excellent and outstanding.

Yes, you can paint felt with your favorite color to make the world around you more vibrant, but you must be careful with your paint and determine which color is best for painting felt fabric to avoid making a mess.

Roofing felt

Can I paint over roofing felt?

If you need to try something different, painting felt with acrylic paint would give you the desired look in the end. Roofing felt is a fabric you might find in your cabins and the various sheds covering because it provides an overall look. However, the black and white felt covering is boring. Try to paint it and give the desired decor.

Pool table felt

If you enjoy playing pool, you probably already know that the cloth on the table is felt fabric, which is typically used every time on the pool table. However, if you get tired of looking at all the green felt on the pool table, a felt painting can be a significant style change for your pool table and will improve the appearance of your living room. 

There is a possibility that people will inquire about your new pool table, and you can then brag about it.

Felt hat

You probably already know that felt hats are fashionable now and look fantastic in a cowboy style. If you love to wear them, you should give them a try and alter your appearance.

Felt fabric/Felt paper

There are many uses for felt fabric, and you can purchase it from any nearby retailer and try your hand at crafting with it. If you’d like to learn how to paint felt fabric, we can show you how.

Felt board

Everyone has seen those green color boards in their classroom, which are decorated occasionally. In the childhood, everyone has rubbed their hands across that fabric, but you know what that is felt fabric on the surface. 

If you want to fix those felt boards in your children’s study room but these green colors are not going well with your decor, then don’t worry because you can use acrylic paint on felt.

Felt tiles

The market has recently seen the introduction of felt tiles, which can give your rooms a beautiful appearance while protecting your children from harm because regular tiles are hard and might cause some harm while they are playing.

GAF felt buster

This is one of the best materials to utilize for the roof since you can add even more stars to your fantasy house by painting the felt fabric. Your home’s outside look will be entirely transformed by roofing felt, exuding fresh, wholesome sensations.

What happens when you paint felt fabric?

Don’t worry; we have the answer here; just keep reading if you’re curious about what will happen when you paint felt fabric.

Paint bleeding through

There is a potential that if you paint directly on felt cloth, the paint will leak and end up seeming like it has bled, but if you paint with acrylic paint, this won’t happen.

Make it stiff

Before you begin painting, please read up on how to paint felt fabric since only then will you be able to employ the proper technique. When you paint felt fabric, it becomes stiff and this will look bad if you use such felt fabric in decor.

Make it scruffy and uncomfortable

If the poor-quality felt fabric is utilized, there is a possibility that the felt may become worn-out and uncomfortable. As a result, use only high-quality felt in your house and place of business.

What paint can you use on felt?

Now that you’ve decided to paint the felt fabric, you need to be completely aware of the best paints to use and the paints that will ruin the overall design.

Acrylic paint

The most fantastic option for coloring felt with acrylic is to do so since it will make it look nice and improve its appearance when it is used in crafts.

Fabric paint

If you need additional shine, fabric paint can be applied directly over the felt fabric, but be careful not to dilute it too much, as that will cause all of your hard work to be destroyed.

Spray paint

The application of spray painting on felt is exceptionally uncommon, and it is not advised to do so if you intend to apply the painted felt to any prominent locations try to skip this.

 However, you can try it out for experimentation.

How long does paint take to dry on felt?

Felt painting is used for simple purposes because it is simple to paint and doesn’t take up much of your valuable time. This is because the paint on felt doesn’t take long to dry on the felt fabric.

How can you paint over felt?

how to paint on felt fabric
Painting on felt fabric

Don’t worry too much about painting your felt fabric; just grab a piece of fabric and give it a go. You’ll soon discover that it’s simple to do and that it takes very little time.

1. How to paint felt with acrylic paint?

Let’s find out the steps necessary to do it using acrylic paint on felt cloth, which is highly recommended.

  • Preparing the surface and the felt

The felt surface must first be prepared to make painting on it simple. You should also examine the felt’s quality since it will take a lot of time if it isn’t good.

  • Preparing the paint bath

The following step is to prepare the paint applied to the felt. Select your favorite color and apply it to the felt cloth. Be careful not to dilute the color too much since this will make it lose its gloss and individuality.

  • Painting the felt

The last step is to paint the felt fabric and attempt to make it look as lovely as you had envisioned, but be careful not to apply too much color because it will spoil the fabric’s appearance and defeat the purpose of painting the felt fabric in the first place.

2. How to spray paint a felt hat?

Suppose you still believe painting colors on clothing is only possible for aesthetic reasons. In that case, you need to realize that you can also paint felt hats, giving them a stunning appearance if you follow the proper steps.

  • Prepare the area

Make sure to clean the surface first and make sure there is no water there, before preparing the area where you intend to apply paint to the felt hat.

  • Preparing the hat

Wash the hat, then sketch the design on it. You should carefully apply paint to your felt hat because if color spills can ruin the style and hat both.

  • Covering the designs

Now is the time to cover the design you want on your hat and create the style you want, but be careful not to overdo the color application because it could ruin the design.

  • Spraying the hat

Now, if you’d want to try painting the remaining portions of the hat, be sure to pay attention and avoid painting the hat with too much color, as this will stiffen it. So there is no rocket science in spray painting felt fabric.

3. How to paint over felt tip pens?

Yes, the pen’s tip is made of felt and can be changed if you want to change the color of your marker, although doing so will take some effort. We’ll see how.

  • Preparing the surface

In this situation, you must prepare the tip by making it free of ink. Check the surface of the pen tip to see if you can apply paint over it or not.

  • Applying primer

Here, you must first apply primer to the pen’s tip before applying primer further. As you do so, you’ll discover that the color you need to use is applied quickly and has a finished appearance.

  • Painting

You must complete it by painting the pen’s tip and giving it the desired appearance in the final stage.

Final thoughts:

I hope you now have a clear idea of how to paint over felt fabric, the dos and don’ts, and how to follow each step carefully to create a new design entirely.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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