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can you put cold pyrex in the oven

Can You Put Cold Glass in the Oven? [With Safety Measures]

The most popular material for storing food is glass. But have you ever questioned whether we could put cold glass in the oven?

Cold glass can go in the oven, although it is not advised. It is generally advisable to place refrigerated food in the oven once it has reached room temperature.

Keep in mind that the glass you’re using can withstand heat. Moreover, avoid extreme temperature differences. A sudden drastic change in temperature can cause the glass to break in the oven. 

Is it ok to put cold glass in the oven?

Glass reacts badly when put directly from the freezer to the oven. Glass containers do not withstand heat and start expanding and losing shape—which further results in breaking the glass into hundreds of pieces. 

It is recommended to avoid doing such activities.

What if you put a cold glass in the oven? Will it break?

The temperature of the cold glass is low, and the oven’s temperature is much higher. This temperature differential will cause a distinct reaction. The glass will experience a thermal shock and break into pieces.

The sudden temperature shift caused the glass to break. The glass began to expand due to its inability to endure the oven’s heat and contrasted due to the cold body. The glass is facing an explosion in this circumstance of wear and strain. This ultimately resulted in the break.

Due to thermal shock, the glass will shatter in the oven. The glass couldn’t handle the pressure and thus, resulted in cracking and breaking in the oven. 

What To Do if Your Glass Breaks in the Oven?

frozen glass in oven tempreature
Cold Glass Breaks in the Oven

Stop worrying if some incident like this happens to you. Here are some safety measures that you can do if you face this experience. 

  1. Turn Off Your Oven-First, and the main thing to do is to switch off the oven. It is better if we do not play with electrical appliances. There is no use keeping the oven own after the explosion.
  2. Protect Yourself- For safety purposes, wear gloves or mitts to start the process. It is advised not to touch the glass without wearing any of these. Do not harm yourself with the sharp edges of the glass.
  3. Pick Up The Pieces- The next thing you should do is start picking up all the shattered pieces of glass in the oven. Do it carefully. You can use a brush or a spoon to pick up the broken pieces and throw them in the dustbin. If the glass were made up of heat-resistant, then the glass wouldn’t have pointy edges.
  4. Don’t Salvage Your Food- It is highly advised not to salvage the food scattered here and there in the oven. They might still be covered with tiny glass particles, and consuming it will be risk-taking. 
  5. Removing Stains From Your Oven- Since the damage is being done, wipe all the stains from the oven. Use baking soda on the oven floor and set it for a few minutes. Make a vinegar water solution of 3:1 ratio and use a cloth, dip it in the solution and wipe wherever the stains are present. It is better to clean when all the stains are fresh and have not sticked into the walls properly. 
  6. Make Sure You Didn’t Miss Any Glass- After the explosion, you might miss picking up tiny particles from the oven. Use a flashlight to find small pieces of glass, and ensure it is spotless and free of broken glass.

How to check and know if a glass is oven-safe?

The oven-safe glass won’t shatter or melt when exposed to high temperatures inside the oven.

Firstly, check the oven-safe label on the glass. Most containers include this label, which states that using the substance in the oven is safe. For instance, using tempered glass in an oven is always a safe choice. Additionally, you can check to determine if the glass is heat-resistant.

How can you put a glass cold baking dish in the oven?

It is advised against placing the cold glass baking dish right into the oven.

Let the dish come down to room temperature. When the dish reaches room temperature, it is ready to be placed in the oven. This will guarantee that the glass receives the heat evenly and that the temperature does not suddenly change. As a result, the glass won’t suffer any damage.

What can cause the glass to break in the oven?

Several reasons can cause the glass to break in the oven. Let us learn what can be the reasons behind the explosion.

  1. Thermal shock- It is the primary reason. The glass broke due to the extreme temperature change leading to thermal shock. If the glass is kept in the oven straight from the freezer, the temperature will change abruptly. The glass broke into several pieces because it could not withstand the oven’s high temperature.
  1. High temperature- When the glass cookware is put into the oven at a cold temperature, the glass expands and eventually breaks. It also depends on the glass quality. High-quality glass can retain the heat from the oven and prevent melting and expanding. It will react more quickly when the glass is of lower quality.
  1. Existing wear and tear- The glass goes through extreme pressure in this situation. Therefore, leading to wear and tear of the glass occurs. Scratches and cracks start appearing on the glass. This will eventually break the glass.
  1. Cooking without liquid- It is another factor you must be aware of. Without any liquid substance in the glass container, the glass can blow up. This will impart pressure on the glass and finally will break.

How can you keep the glass safe from breaking inside the oven?

Some of the Methods to deal with this problem are stated below.

Defrost the glass

Do not keep the cold glass directly in the oven. Due to temperature fluctuation, it will break the glass. Always first defrost the glass till it reaches a particular room temperature. 

This means that the glass temperature is normal, and you can also avoid breaking and shattering glass. 

Ensure glass is oven safe

It is crucial to note that the material you use for the oven is oven-safe. It means the container won’t expand or contract if it undergoes high temperatures in the oven.

Look for scratches in the glass

Search for cracks or scratches in the glass before keeping it in the oven. This can be another reason for breaking the glass. 

Leave enough space for the food to expand

Food items like beef, roast chicken, or bakery already expand while heating in the oven. It is advised to leave enough space for the food to expand so that the glass does not break while the process. 

What temperature can cause glass to break in the oven?

If a cold dish is kept in a warm oven, the glass will undoubtedly break regardless of the circumstances.

A low-quality, thin glass will break at temperatures around 150-200 degrees C. The maximum temperature glass can go is 450 degrees C. 

You will be surprised to know that Pyrex Glass can go 425 degrees F or above, and Tempered glass can reach 470 degrees F or above. 


Can you heat up cold glass in microwave?

One should not heat up cold glass in a microwave. Due to the temperature difference, the glass may break in the microwave. It is suggested to keep the food out till it reaches room temperature and then places it in the microwave. 

Can you put cold glass Pyrex in the oven?

Putting Pyrex cold glass in the oven is absolutely safe as it is heat resistant. Pyrex can undergo high temperature in the oven and does not melt and expand. The glass remains unaffected by the rapid change in temperature. 

Can you freeze pyrex glass snapware?

Pyrex glass snapware can be used in the freezer or refrigerator. It can handle the cool temperature in the freezer and keeps the food safe too.

Are glass pans oven-safe? 

Most glass pans are oven-safe. But you should always reassure this. Look for an oven-safe symbol before putting it into use to avoid accidents. 

Heat-resistant glass pans can be kept in the oven, microwave, or even in a toaster. 

Can you put glass jars in the oven?

It is not safe to put glass jars in the oven. They won’t be able to withstand the rapid temperature change and might break into pieces. 

It is recommended not to do such activity with electrical appliances.

Cold glass pie pan in oven?

Most glass pan comes with a symbol of oven-safe. Do check the label before using the oven. It can deal with 350 degrees F and above the temperature in the oven. 

Final Thoughts

Due to rapid temperature changes, the glass expands and breaks eventually. It is always advised to check and know if the glass is oven-safe or not.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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