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can you wash crocs in the washing machine

Can You Put Your Crocs In The Washing Machine?

All the croc lovers may be wondering if they can wash their crocs in a washing machine or not. You will be surprised to learn that crocs can actually be put in a washing machine.

Crocs are lightweight and can be cleaned in the machine without fear. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind before using a washing machine for crocs.

Some of them are- to use cold water and wash your crocs in a delicate setting. Avoid bleaches and use a mild detergent to wash your crocs. Air-dry your crocs once they are done washing.

Is it safe to put crocs in the washing machine?

It is safe to use a washing machine for washing your crocs. Things you need to remember before using a washing machine for crocs are the material of the crocs, putting them on a delicate cycle, and using cold water. 

These are some basic yet important points to remember. Or else you will damage your crocs in the machine. 

What happens if you put crocs in the washing machine? Do they shrink in the washing machine?

If you put crocs in the washing machine only under some conditions, no harm will happen. They are-

  • Use cold water instead of warm water to wash your crocs. 
  • Change the washing machine setting to delicate. This will ensure that the material inside the machine needs extra care 
  • Putting your crocs in a bag or using pillows with the crocs can help not damage the croc luster and shine in the machine.
  • The temperature of the washing machine should not exceed 30 degrees. Crocs are highly sensitive to heat. They can tolerate heat at a particular temperature only. 

You might experience little shrinking and wrapping if the crocs are exposed to hot conditions in the mashing machine.

How Do You Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine?

The temperature is the most important thing to notice while washing your crocs in a machine. Make sure the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. The higher the temperature, the more chance to damage your crocs.

Another thing to consider while washing your crocs is to put them in a bag. Doing this protects your crocs from getting damaged and will not lose their shape and structure.

Instead of a bag, you can also use some pillows or old towels. Put them in the machine with your crocs and start the machine. Make sure you disable the washing machine’s drying and spin function

Can you put crocs with fur and fuzzy liners in the washing machine?

can you wash crocs

Crocs with fur can be washed in the washing machine under 30 degrees temperature, while fuzzy liners crocs are not advised to be put in a machine. 

Fuzzy liners are too sensitive and can get cracks if washed in a machine. They will stretch and wear out. Instead, you can wipe them with any mild soap and water. This will be a more effective way to deal with this problem. 

You can scrub them and get them clean. But if your crocs are made up of delicate material, it is best to hand wash them. It is always advised to check the care label on your crocs for safety. If it states “dry clean only”, do not put them in the washing machine. 

How Do I Wash Fuzzy Crocs In The Washing Machine?

Fuzzy crocs can be washed in the machine but are not recommended. Few things to keep in mind before washing your crocs in the machine-

  • Temperature: try keeping your machine’s temperature low. It should not go beyond 30 degrees celsius. If you wash them above 40 degrees, it will damage the shoes. 
  • Check the label: before putting your shoe in the washing machine, check the care label. Your crocs might be too sensitive and unsuitable for the machine. 
  • Other factors: Set your machine in a gentle cycle with cold water. It is important to use cold water instead of warm water. Cold water will ensure that your shoe does not get damaged.

Once the cycle is done, air-dry your crocs. It is advised not to put your liners in the machine. They might get damaged. Rather, handwash them. You can also use a brush to remove all the dirt.

Can you put crocs in the washing machine on cold water?

Cold water has many benefits for your crocs. Cleaning your shoes with cold water can protect your show from damage. It also gives great results in the end. 

Using hot water can make your crocs soft and reduce or expand their size. Thus, making it difficult to wear. 

Low temperature and proper detergent should be used for your crocs to get fully clean. It is also important to follow the machine’s guide for your safety. 


Do you put crocs in the washing machine?

If your crocs have turned extremely dirty, then you should choose the washing machine to clean them. Avoid using high temperature and warm water. It is always better to use cold water with the machine’s temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. 

Do check the care label on your crocs before washing them in any heat-producing appliance. Material like leather or rubber should not go in the machine.

Can you put canvas crocs in the washing machine?

Canvas crocs can be washed in the washing machine. Remember to change the machine setting to a gentle cycle and use cold water.

Some materials like leather or rubber are prohibited from going in the machine. They can get damaged by water and detergent. 

Are crocs machine washable?

Crocs are machine washable. But there are certain criteria before putting them in the machine. The type of material and temperature are the two most important factors.

Putting your crocs on a delicate cycle is always recommended, and using cold water for washing. They will not shrink in size. 

Final Thoughts

Crocs are the most popular shoes nowadays. Since they are too comfortable, they get dirty easily. You can wash them in your washing machine by keeping some points in your mind.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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