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How can you spray paint a candle

Can You Spray Paint Candles? [Complete How To Guide]

Spray painting gives color more vibrancy and naturalness along with faster coverage  times. Candles are another item that uplift our spirits. But have you ever considered what might happen if you combined these two things?

Can you spray paint candles?

You can spray paint a candle. You’ll be surprised by the effects when you spray paint a candle. A candle can be beautifully painted using spray paint. It is an easy process. You can add designs of your choosing, such as polka dots, for more artistic and ornamental purposes.

The sort of candle you use for spray painting must be considered. This is because the heat from the spray paint can melt the candle and perhaps start a fire.

Did you know? Candles were invented in 200 BC by the Chinese.

Different types of candles you can go for spray painting

Since candles come in different unique sizes and patterns, listed below are some of the types of candles used for spray painting.

Candle jars

To make your candle jars you can spray paint candle jars. This is a simple method that is quite trendy nowadays. 

Flameless candles

You can combine a bunch of flameless candles for a more distinctive look. You can spray paint flameless candles by giving them your touch of taste.

Taper candles

Taper candles come in different forms. It is narrow at the top but cylindrical at the bottom. If you want a more appealing look, you can spray paint the bottom part of the taper candle. 

Brass candlesticks

Brass candlesticks have always given a vintage aesthetic vibe. It is better to spray paint if you dislike the brass color. You can give the candle the type of view you want. 

Birthday candles

Spray painting birthday candles are a very good idea for a theme-based birthday party. You can design the candles as per your party theme.

Pillar candles

They come in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are scented and some of them are without any smell. Coloring can be done on pillar candles for party purposes.

Glass candlesticks

Spray paint work awesome on glass. They are translucent. Such candlesticks have a range of elegance and simplicity. You can decorate it with your own choices. 

Glass candle holders

You can spray paint on glass candle holders. For darker tints, you can put 2-3 layers of spray paint on the glass holder. 

Is it ok to spray paint a candle?

can you spray paint wax candles
Spray painted candle

It is absolutely okay to spray paint a candle. The point to keep in mind is not to use regular spray paints for candles. Candles need special kinds of paints. Use water-based, non-toxic spray paints for candle painting. Any normal spray paint will melt the candle by releasing harmful, bad chemicals into the environment. A foul odor will come out as a reaction with the color which can give you a feeling of suffocation.

Is spray painting candles dangerous? 

Spray painting candles can turn dangerous if not handled properly. Use paints that are made especially for candle painting. Any ordinary spray paint will cause the candle to melt by discharging dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. With the color comes an unpleasant smell that might make you feel suffocated.

Water-based latex spray paints can be used for candle painting. They are a much safer choice.

How can you spray paint candles?

Spray painting candles

There is always a process before performing anything. Come! Let us learn how to spray paint candles.

Pick the right color:

First, choose the paint you want to do on your candle. Then buy the particular type of spray paint specifically used for candles. You can purchase it from any local paint store or online. 

Prepare your candles

Once you’re done with buying spray paints for your candles let’s prepare the candles. Remove all the labels and stickers attached to the candles.

Make sure the candles are clean

Make sure that the candles are clean and tidy. Candles full of dirt will not adhere to paint accurately and may chip off. 

Apply the Spray Paint:

After cleaning it is time for some spray paint. Keep your face 10-12 inches away when you spray paint on the candles. Do not forget to cover the whole surface of the candle. 

Let it dry for at least 24 hours. For a darker shade, you can repeat the procedure one more time. 

Which paints are safe to use on candles?

Paints which are water-based, formaldehyde-free, and non-toxic are good for candles. They do not produce any harmful substances which produce a bad smell.

It was always advised to use spray paints that are made specifically for the candles. 

Some of the best paints for candles are-


They are nature-friendly, non-flammable, and safer paints for candles. 

Can you use acrylic paint to color candles?

You can use acrylic paint to color candles. They are an absolutely safe choice. Acrylic paints are non-toxic and naturally non-flammable paints that are best fit for candles. 


What is a candle spray medium?

Candle spray medium is an element that is used to adjust acrylic or any other type of colors so that they stick best on the candles. 

It is recommended to use high-quality paint which will contain more pigment. This means it will work effectively on the candles. Before making use of mix it thoroughly for better outcomes.

Can you use spray paint on candle holders?

You can use spray paints on candle holders. It is one of the easiest processes. Candle holders are mostly metallic. For this, use paints which are specially made for metal for greater results. Spray it from a distance of 5-6 inches away for your health reasons. Let it dry well. 

Can you spray paint over wax candles? 

You can spray paint over wax candles but usually not recommended. It can release a foul smell into the atmosphere. Do this spray paint in a well-ventilated area of your house. 

Can you use regular spray paint on candles?

You should not use any normal spray paints on the candles as they carry dangerous chemical substances. It is better to use spray paints specially manufactured for candles. 

What paint to use on candles?

Acrylic paints are the best water-based paints for candles. It is an ideal paint mostly utilized for candle painting. 

Final thoughts

Candle spray painting can be a lot of fun. Avoid using regular spray paints which contain bad compounds.  Make sure to use candle-specific spray paints rather than regular paint.

Spray painting your candle is safe to do with water-based spray paints.

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