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Can You Use Sportflex Iron-On on Cotton?

Can You Use Sportflex Iron-On on Cotton? [Head-on Answer]

Cricut has developed a unique iron-on material called SportFlex that works well with stretchy fabrics. Known for its versatility, Sportflex iron-on can be applied to various fabrics.

It is suitable for a wide variety of activewear and is easy to apply. Curious to know how Sportflex iron-on work and last on cotton? Read on to get the trendiest advice!

What is Sportflex Iron-On?

Sportflex iron-on is used on different types of fabrics. It has gained recognition throughout the world for being versatile. It works on almost all activewear. In the following write-up, let’s find out if Sportflex iron-on is compatible with cotton-based fabrics.

Will Sportflex iron on work on cotton – most modern-day individuals have this query. The answer is in the following sections. But first, you must know what Sportflex iron-on is. It is a piece of exceptionally light equipment attached to fabrics. Using Sportflex iron-on calls for immense preparation. You need a protective sheet, fine point blade, cutting machine, base material, heat press, etc.

Is it okay to use Sportflex Iron-On on Cotton?

You can use Sportflex iron on cotton. But you must do so only if you agree to follow a couple of specific instructions. The temperature of the overall pressing procedure must be at least 340 degrees Fahrenheit. The pressing pressure should be medium.

sportflex iron on cotton
Cricut Sportflex on Cotton

Cotton Shirts

The makers of Circut Sportflex iron-on have clearly instructed the buyers never to use it on cotton shirts. It is designed only for nylon and polyester. But there are three blends of cotton shirts available on the market.

You may use Circut Sportflex on cotton shirts only if the shirts can stretch without any hassle. You must place a cotton fabric on the shirt you wish to use Sportflex. The additional cotton fabric will prevent the shirt from getting damaged due to the heat.

So although most of the experts do not recommend it, you can use Sportflex on cotton shirts if you are careful.

100% Cotton

According to the instructions, you cannot use Sportflex iron-on on 100% cotton. But you can tweak the instructions if you keep in mind specific tips. You must cover the 100% cotton fabric with another cotton fabric so that it does not go through any damage. Use the Sportflex iron-on only for thirty seconds.

Cotton-Poly Blend

Sportflex iron-on can be used on cotton-poly blends. The polyester part of the fabric will protect the cotton part from the heat. Apply for a maximum of fifteen seconds.

Sportflex iron-on does not, unfortunately, last long on cotton-based fabrics. The design continues to fade with each wash. But in the case of cotton-poly blends, the plan would remain intact for a prolonged period. However, you must avoid dry cleaning and bleaching under all circumstances.

What is the difference between Iron on and SportFlex Iron-On?

A significant difference between SportFlex and other iron-on materials is that it does not adhere to mats. Tape along the edges of your mat to prevent it from shifting around-this will ensure that your project is cut correctly.

What is the ideal temperature of Sportflex Iron-On cotton?

It is time to now learn about the ideal temperature to use Sportflex iron-on on cotton.

Set the sportflex iron-on temp at 340 degrees Fahrenheit and preheat it for about fifteen seconds. This ensures the best possible outcome when using Sportflex on cotton. You must press the equipment on the cotton for fifty seconds. Make sure to use medium pressure only. Now, this instruction applies to only Circut Easy Press.

Cricut Sportflex Iron-On
Cricut Sportflex Iron-On

If you plan to use normal iron, you should switch to the linen or cotton setting first. The preheat timing for a normal iron is also fifteen seconds. The pressing time is also fifty seconds. So, in all honesty, there is not much of a difference.

How to use Sportflex Iron-On on cotton?

Do you want to know how to use Sportflex HTV on cotton? If yes, make sure to implement the below steps. Follow the order in which they are mentioned.

  1. Wash the Fabric – You must thoroughly wash the cotton fabric you want to use Sportflex iron-on on. Pre-washed fabrics make the pressing process effective as well as easy.
  2. Choose the Design – You must choose the design you want to put on the cotton fabric. If you use Circut Sportflex, you have to send the design to their design app. You can make changes to the creation of the app.
  3. Set the Desired Temperature and Preheat the Equipment – As mentioned earlier in this write-up, you must set the temperature of Circut Sportflex iron-on at 340 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use a regular iron if that is what you can afford. Please preheat the Sportflex for about fifteen seconds no matter what you decide to do. This will allow the design to sit and stay on the fabric seamlessly.
  4. Press the Design – Now, you must press all the portions of the cotton with immense diligence. Apply medium pressure for fifty seconds. Do not apply too much pressure, or you may distort the entire design.
  5. Flip the Fabric – You should now flip the cotton fabric and press the backside of the design for an extra fifteen seconds. It would help if you then allowed the material to cool down. After that, you may remove the full lining and reveal the final design.

Can you layer Sportflex iron-on on cotton?

Sportflex iron-on can be used on the fabric’s bottom and top layers. But it would help if you never used Sportflex and any other iron-on. You can pair up Sportflex only with Sportflex. The characteristics of two separate iron-on can pave the way for unnecessary complications.

Which side of Sportflex iron-on goes down?

Firstly, you must place the iron-on on the mat. Place the color side down. From the Sportflex iron-on, the design is carefully cut out. A Cricut EasyPress is used to press the design onto the fabric

A color-filled side is upward-facing during the pressing process, while the other is downward facing.

On what materials can you use Sportflex Iron-On?

What material can I use SportFlex Iron-On? Now that you know you can use Sport flex vinyl on cotton if you use a few protective measures, it is time to find out what other materials are fully compatible with Sportflex.

  1. Polyester – Sportflex iron-on is designed explicitly for polyester fabrics. Polyester can endure the heat of the iron-on quite easily. The design stays on polyester for a long time too.
  1. Nylon – Nylon is another popular material for using Sportflex iron-on. The longevity of the design on nylon-based fabrics is pretty impressive as well.
  1. Cotton-Poly Blends – As stated earlier, Sportflex iron-on works well on 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabrics. The design remains firm instead of fading away.

Final thoughts

The above discussion shows that Sportflex can be used on cotton-based fabrics. But you can do so only with a few specific instructions. Sportflex is meant for cotton-poly blends or polyester and nylon fabrics.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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