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are iron on patches machine washable

Do Iron-On Patches Come Off in the Wash? How To Prevent It?

Do you wish to display your favorite band on the sleeve of your jacket, or maybe proudly show off the various skills you were taught at a summer camp on your rucksack?

An iron-on patch is perhaps the best way to express your unique personality. It can also hide the damaged spots on accessories and clothes. In the following write-up, you are going to find out if iron-on patches come off when washed. Please read till the end.

Do iron-on patches come off in the wash?

Do iron on patches come off in the wash? Lots of individuals have this query. Iron-on patches are designed to last for an eternity but they become loose after a few years.

Washing can force the patches to come off, so you must not allow the item the patch is on to get too dirty. If you need to wash the item, use your hands and cold water. Always air dry.

Regular clothes with iron-on patches

Regular clothes are generally manufactured from cotton or a mixture of cotton and linen. Iron-on patches stay on such clothes without any hassle. But they are not ideal for clothes made of vinyl, leather, silk, rayon, and nylon. Vinyl makes iron-on patches wrinkled and leather gets affected by the glue.

Jacket with iron-on patches

Iron-on patches work amazingly on jackets made from cotton and polyester. The patches remain intact for a prolonged period because jackets hardly require washing. Now if your jacket is made of nylon or leather, you have to be careful. These materials cannot bear the heat used to affix iron-on patches.

Denim with iron-on patches

Denim is perhaps the best candidate for an iron-on patch. It is also trending in recent times. Everyone loves attaching iron-on patches to their denim skirts, jackets, jeans, jumpsuits, etc. Since denim does not need thorough washing, the iron-on patch would stay for years.

Can you wash iron on patches?

Washing iron on patches

You can wash iron-on patches provided they are applied properly to your clothes. Now you must be wondering how to wash clothes with iron on patches? Well, you can wash almost all patches in the washing machine as long as you remember to take necessary care before placing the patches in the machine.

Turn the cloth inside out. Use cold water and always set the gentle cycle. Your patch will not tear in that way. Handwashing is a great alternative; in case you are too worried about ruining your clothes with patches.

Are iron-on patches safe in machine wash and dryer?

Many people are not sure if they can put their clothes with iron-on patches in a washing machine and dryer. Are you one of them? If yes, this section will surely clear all your doubts.

  • Iron-on patches in the washing machine

You can wash clothes with iron-on patches in a washing machine if you use cold water and a gentle cycle.

  • Iron-on patches in the dryer

Certain patches are safe inside a dryer, specifically the embroidered ones. Clothes with permanent patches like law enforcement patches are extremely durable and can handle low temperature drying sessions in a seamless manner. Always dry on the coolest setting.

If you are planning on ironing clothes with patches, please keep something on top of the clothes to protect them.

How can you wash and dry clothes with iron-on patches?

Do iron on patches stay on in the wash? Yes, they do. You just have to implement the steps below –

  • Using Cold Water

Always use cold water. If you use hot water, you will end up putting additional heat and the glue used to attach the patch will come off.

  • Wash the cloth inside out

Before putting the cloth in the washing machine, please turn it inside out. Also, look for unlocked hooks or zippers. Close them or they can snag the patches away.

  • Try covering the patch area

When washing clothes with patches in the machine, please protect them with plastic or high-quality tape. Doing so minimizes the unnecessary impact of an iron-on patch.

  • Use dry cleaning

Sometimes you can send away your clothes with iron-on patches to experts. They will dry clean the fabrics but not harm the patch’s glue. Please contact the most trustworthy dry cleaning service provider in your locality.

  • Use the lowest heat setting

If you wish to use a dryer to dry clothes with patches, please apply the lowest heat setting possible. You can air dry your clothes too but do not keep them under direct sunlight.

How can you make sure iron-on patches stay on?

Are iron on patches permanent? They are unfortunately not. They become loose over time, and come off after twenty-five washes. What can you do to make the patches stay on? Carry out the two tricks below as diligently as possible.

  • Sewing the patches:

Although most iron-on patches do not need sewing, it is best to add a couple of stitches to make sure the patches stay secure. Ironing the patch before sewing it will prevent it from shifting. If the patch is not ironed on, you can secure it using fabric glue. Start stitching after the glue has dried.

  • Don’t wash it more than necessary:

If you want your iron-on patch to stay for a prolonged period, you must not wash the clothes the patch is on too often.

Can you use a steamer for iron-on patches?

You can steam clothes with iron-on patches but please air dry them before. Place the steamer on the clothes for about ten seconds. Watch out for discoloration and heat burns.

How long do iron-on patches stay on?

How long do iron on patches last? That’s a frequently asked question on various online platforms. According to the latest research, an iron-on patch can survive approximately 25 washes in a seamless manner. This is more than enough for bags and jackets.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above write-up provided you enough information about clothes with iron-on patches. You now know how to wash iron-on patches and steam them.

Please keep the tips and tricks in mind to help your precious patch last without any hassle.

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