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do kneadable erasers dry out

Do Kneaded Erasers Dry Out? How To Keep Them Soft?

Kneaded erasers are believed to be an integral part of an artist’s toolbox. They are generally used for removing a wide range of drawing materials such as graphite, pastel, charcoal, and chalk. You can sculpt a kneaded eraser into various shapes.

Break your newly purchased eraser and practice the erasing techniques you know to make the most out of this particular inventive instrument.

Do kneaded erasers dry out? In the following write-up, you will get the answer to this question. There is plenty of other interesting information. Please check all of that right now.

Do kneaded erasers dry out?

can kneaded erasers dry out

Lots of people search ‘kneaded eraser dried out’ online to find if kneaded erasers dry out at some point. Well, they do dry out, but if you care for them properly, they may last for an eternity.

A kneaded eraser is every artist’s trustworthy companion. After you learn how it can help, it will certainly become one of your frequently used supplies.

As kneaded erasers are pliable and soft, you may wonder if they will dry out eventually. Well, when abused, these erasers can dry out, but they would not dry out so much that you can never use them again.

What are kneaded erasers?

According to modern-day artists, a quality eraser is necessary for correcting mistakes and drawing cleaner lines. But with so many types of erasers available in the market, it can be quite challenging to know which one your project requires.

Kneaded erasers are an immensely popular option for both new and experienced artists. There are many reasons why –

  • Kneaded erasers are versatile and can be used for different purposes. You can shape them into a sharp point for intricate work. You can also flatten the eraser for large areas.
  • Kneaded erasers are too soft, so they are gentler on the paper.
  • They do not leave behind any dust or residue. So, you can use a kneaded eraser in an enclosed space like a studio.
  • Kneaded erasers can pick up graphite marks and pencil shavings without any hassle.
  • Finally, yet importantly, kneaded erasers are quite affordable, so they are a great choice for students or artists with a restricted budget.

Why do kneaded erasers dry out? Why do they crumble?

Kneaded erasers generally dry out because the people using them are careless. If you amalgamate all the reasons why the erasers dry and crumble, you will find the source of your problem. The top reasons are listed below –

  • Keeping it in a dusty area:

Besides charcoal, kneaded erasers can absorb dust in no time. They absorb all the gunk around, become sturdy, and crumble. This is why you must always keep the eraser in a tidy place. It is better if you use a bag or box.

  • Contact with sunlight:

Direct exposure to sunlight can also ruin kneaded erasers. Leaving the eraser out in sunlight for hours will force it to harden. This is why please avoid contact with sunlight.

  • Not used often:

Kneaded erasers are not a decorative element, of course. All artistic items become useless if you do not use them often. The same can be said about a kneaded eraser. Please continue using it.

How can you keep my kneaded eraser from drying out?

How to keep kneaded eraser from drying out? Start by not dumping it anywhere and neglecting its maintenance. As already mentioned in this article, you can use a kneaded eraser even after it has dried out. But still preventing dryness is necessary. Below are a couple of tips you must implement so that your eraser remains moist for long.

Keep it in a cool and dry place:

Always store the kneaded eraser in a cool and dry place, such as inside a box or bag. Doing so maintains its softness. Never put the eraser in open otherwise it will become excessively sturdy.

Frequent use:

Do not let your kneaded eraser sit idle. Use it frequently. Not using the erasers often can make them sturdy. Some parts of the erasers fail to absorb charcoal instead of creating stains.

Use wrap or box:

Using a wrap can prevent kneaded erasers from drying out. In that way, erasers also work much more efficiently. Keeping the kneaded eraser inside a box is also beneficial since the eraser will be away from air.

How do you soften old kneaded erasers?

Carry out the three steps stated below if you want to soften your old, dried out kneaded erasers. There are many tricks that will make erases feel softer like a putty.

  • Take the kneaded eraser:

Take the kneaded eraser in your hand.

  • Tear or push and pull:

Use your fingers to tear, push, and pull the eraser. This will disintegrate dried bits and make the eraser pliable. Imagine yourself preparing a taffy.

  • Keep it in place:

Keep the eraser in a clean and dry place.

Another great way to soften kneaded erasers is by warming them using a hairdryer. Leaving the erasers for a few minutes makes it soft too. Do not overheat the erasers or they will crumble down.

With a tad care, you can keep kneaded erasers flexible and soft for years. If you keep this entire section in mind, you will be able to use your eraser to eliminate mistakes and create proper textures and lines.

How long do kneaded erasers last?

Have you been wondering how long do kneaded erasers last? The answer will surprise you. With substantial amounts of care, a kneaded eraser will last years. Of course, the duration depends on the quality of the eraser.

So, what is the secret of increasing the shelf life of a kneaded eraser? First, please keep the eraser clean. Kneaded erasers can absorb debris, dust, and dirt in no time. Also, make sure your eraser does not come in contact with direct sunlight and heat. Lastly, please store your kneaded eraser properly. A dark, cool place – preferably an airtight bag or box.

What happens if you get a kneaded eraser wet?

Nothing really happens when a kneaded eraser gets wet. Just like normal erasers, kneaded erasers are also elastic in nature. Water does not have any effect on them. If you put a kneaded eraser in water, it will not rot or shrink.

When should you throw out your kneaded eraser?

You must throw away your kneaded eraser in case it has turned light grey. After using the eraser to remove charcoal or graphite pencil marks, the eraser starts changing color. At a specific point, it becomes totally unusable.

How do you knead a kneaded eraser?

To knead a kneaded eraser, press it with your fingers. You can also take one part of the eraser and push and pull it. Make balls and provide it with the shape you want.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above write-up helped you learn everything about kneaded erasers. You now know how to prevent them from drying out and softening them in case they become hard. Go ahead and be creative with this amazing tool!

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