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can you seal vinyl plank flooring

Do Vinyl Floors Need to Be Sealed? [A How To Guide]

Vinyl flooring has acquired extensive popularity in recent times. It is, after all, durable, affordable, and easy to install.

Vinyl flooring is available in multiple colors, styles, and textures that can match practically any room. You can set it up in laundry rooms or bathrooms as it does not stain and endures humidity without much hassle.

In the following write-up, we are going to find out if vinyl floors need sealing. Please check it out now.

Do vinyl floors need to be sealed?

Lots of vinyl floors do not require sealing because the tiles are in perfect alignment to each other, but doing so can escalate the shelf life of your flooring.

Sealing floors also make them resistant to wear and tear. Applying a substantial amount of sealant helps you save money down the road as your floors hardly call for replacement.

Vinyl plank flooring

Is vinyl plank flooring sealed? Sealing vinyl plank flooring is quite possible and actually a significant step that ensures protection.

Vinyl plank flooring has seams between the tiles or sheets. These seams accumulate dirt and dust. Fusing them with a sealant can keep this accumulation at bay.

Sealing plank flooring maintains its shine for a prolonged period.

Vinyl peel and stick flooring

You can seal vinyl peel and stick floors. Applying sealant to the seams can enhance the color and overall appearance of your flooring. You can prevent marks.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Can you seal luxury vinyl plank flooring? Yes, you can. Go ahead with a urethane, water-based sealer, specifically for the residential applications. For areas with high traffic such as hospitals, commercial buildings, and shopping malls, you must use a heavy-duty sealant. You can maintain it with burnishes and buffers.

Reasons why do vinyl floors need to be sealed

can you seal luxury vinyl plank flooring
Sealing vinyl flooring

Is vinyl flooring sealed? Yes, it is, as evident from what is stated above. Now let’s learn about the reasons why vinyl floors must be sealed.

  • To maintain the durability of the flooring

Sealing vinyl flooring increases its durability to a great extent. Did you know sealed floors last longer than the ones that are not sealed? This is because sealant prevents the damage that occurs when floors come in contact with moisture.

  • To maintain cleanliness

Sealing vinyl floors prevents dirt, debris, dust, and mold. If you want your floors to remain clean, you have to apply a good quality sealant. Sealing also stops the growth of dangerous bacteria that causes serious diseases.

  • To protect the surface and maintain the look

Sealing the floor’s seams help it look appealing. It also protects the surface of the vinyl floor from other types of damages.

Do you need to seal a concrete floor before laying vinyl flooring? What can you use to seal vinyl flooring?

You have to seal the concrete floor before laying the vinyl flooring. Now what can you use for sealing vinyl flooring? Vinylguard is a great product. It is a two-part urethane that is specifically manufactured for sealing and protecting vinyl as well as rubber flooring.

How to prep vinyl floors for sealing?

How to seal vinyl plank flooring seams? You will find the answer to this question in the next section. Here, we will talk about the steps you must implement to prep your vinyl floors for sealing.

  • Cleaning the mold

Clean the mold and debris. For the stubborn grime, please use a vacuum cleaner. Pay extra attention to the seams and corners.

  • Striping the old wax and polishing

Use a striping solution to get rid of existing wax and polish. Dampen the flooring with a sponge. Rinse and air dry it later.

  • Checking for residual

Closely check for residuals. If you find any grime, please scrape it off with a knife.

  • Securing things from the sealer

You would not want the sealant to get on your expensive furniture or newly painted walls. Use the painter’s tape to secure everything in your home.

How to seal vinyl flooring?

How to seal vinyl plank flooring? Lots of individuals have this query. Well, you have to follow the below three steps as diligently as possible. If the entire job seems too challenging, please seek professional assistance.

  • Cleaning the area thoroughly

Start by making sure your floor is clean. Sweep the floor using a normal broom. The broom must have soft bristles. Wipe the floor then with a microfiber rag. Lastly, use a vacuum cleaner to clean in between the seams.

  • Applying sealant

Before applying the sealant, please remove any polish or wax that managed to linger on the surface of tiles. You can skip this step if you are sealing a new vinyl flooring.

Apply the sealant using a finishing pad made of lambswool.  It is necessary to work cautiously, slowly, and systematically so that you do not miss any spot. If you go fast, you will end up creating air bubbles.

After you have applied the sealant to the floor, please let it dry for at least ten hours.

  • Blending the sealant

Choosing a proper sealant is essential. After the additional sealant has come out, please run your finger in it. This guarantees that the sealant is blending seamlessly with the floor’s edge.

Can caulk be used as vinyl flooring seam sealer?

You can and must use caulk as a vinyl flooring seam sealer. Caulking can close the gaps that generally develop in floors due to improper installation, weather changes, and humidity.

You may also use floor putty to fill up the gaps. It is found in semi-liquid or powdered form. Once the putty has set, you should spread floor stain or paint. This will help the color of the putty to match the floor.

Bottom Line

Sealing vinyl floors is not mandatory, but if you do so, you can help the floors last long. Choose the sealant as carefully as possible. Refer to the information stated above the next time you plan on applying sealant to your vinyl floors on your own.

Vinyl floor seam sealing or caulk kits are considered the best options. Make your purchase from a reliable store only.

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