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how to keep jewelry from tarnishing

Does Clear Nail Polish Keep Jewelry from Tarnishing?

Clear nail polish is made of nitrocellulose dissolved in ethyl acetate or butyl acetate. The nitrocellulose leaves behind a shiny film when the acetate solvent disperses. Clear nail polish can provide your nails with a phenomenal luster but is not formulated to ensure protection against peeling and chipping.

Did you know clear nail polish can also prevent your jewelry from tarnishing? That seems a tad unbelievable, right? A large number of individuals apply clear nail polish so that their fashion/costume jewelry remains in tip-top shape for a prolonged period.

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Does clear nail polish keep jewelry from tarnishing?

Tarnish happens when a jewelry is exposed to water, air, and chemicals. Minor erosion will cause the metal to darken. The more expensive metals will lose their shimmer in absolutely no time. Clear nail polish can stop the tarnish but what types of jewelry does it work on? Let’s find out.

Gold Jewelry

Does clear nail polish work on necklaces made of gold? Gold necklaces or any gold jewelry that are made of fourteen karat gold or a bit less can tarnish since it has other metals. Applying polish on these can prevent stains from forming for a long time. Also, your skin will not become green.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Does clear nail polish protect gold plated jewelry? Gold-plated jewelry tends to lose charm within a short period. If you apply a thin layer of clear polish, it will not be harmed by the external environment. But if the gold-plated jewelry is not of high quality, using polish will ruin its color and texture.

Silver Jewelry

Will clear nail polish stop silver from tarnishing? Silver is an exceptionally precious metal. If your jewelry is made of 100% pure silver, it will tarnish after some time. It will oxidize when in contact with moisture, humidity, or air. Applying clear polish guarantees protection but not forever.

Silver Plated Jewelry

What if you apply clear nail polish on rings that are silver plated? Silver plated jewelry loses its shine and color after a couple of days. If you want it to protect from air and moisture, please put clear polish on its top surface.

Copper Jewelry

Clear nail polish can seal the copper jewelry. If you apply a thin coat, you can use it for a few more days. Copper jewelry will tarnish after the polish has fallen off.

Can you clear coat jewelry?

does clear nail polish protect gold plated jewelry
Clear gel polish on jewelry

You must clear coat jewelry, specifically the ones made from cheap materials. They lose shine and color after multiple uses. Using clear polish can make the ornaments look quite appealing. But please do not expect protection for months.

What does clear nail polish do to jewelry?

Applying clear polish on jewelry has become a trend nowadays. When you do so, you can stop the jewelry’s discoloration and save you from allergic reactions.

How can you put clear nail polish on jewelry?

Does clear nail polish help fake jewelry? Yes, it does, as discussed in length above. Now it is time to acquaint yourself with the steps you must carry out when putting clear nail polish on jewelry.

  • Choose your jewelry:

Go for ornaments that have not yet tarnished. Clear nail polish will not help the damaged pieces become new. This trick will also not work on items that have gemstones.

  • Take a clear nail polish:

Purchase a clear polish that has excellent consistency. Immensely sticky or thick polishes can ruin the work.

  • Hold the ornaments right:

You must hold the ornaments in the right position or else applying the polish will be difficult. It would be better if you hang the pieces on hooks or locks. Using tweezers to hold the jewelry also helps.

  • Apply thin layers:

Apply a thin layer on the jewelry. Smearing a heavy layer will destroy the jewelry’s overall appearance and force it to look rough. A smooth and thin coat of polish makes the jewelry glossier and brighter.

  • Coat the corners and sides:

It is not enough to apply the polish only on the upper surface of the jewelry. You must also coat the sides and corners. Do not forget about the inner part. Otherwise, the piece would not look polished or shiny.

  • Avoid reapplication:

Do not reapply the polish. It will make the outer portion of the jewelry heavy and uneven. Also, excessive polish can hamper the original color of jewelry, especially the ones that are color-plated.

  • Let them dry:

After you have applied the first layer, you need to let the jewelry air dry. You can start using your earring or your bracelet once they stop feeling sticky.

How long does clear nail polish last on jewelry?

How long does clear nail polish last on jewelry? Lots of people have this particular query. According to the latest research, clear polish can protect your jewelry but the effect is not permanent. Transparent polish flakes off after one month even when you do not wear the jewelry frequently. If you use the jewelry frequently and if it comes in contact with water or air, the polish will only last a week. After seven days, you will see the layers falling off.

How do you keep jewelry from tarnishing?

To keep jewelry from tarnishing, you can implement other tips too. Major ones among the lot are –

Keep them organized:

Please keep the jewelry organized under all circumstances. It is best to store the necklaces, earrings, finger rings, bracelets, etc. in the boxes they are sold in.

Preserve it appropriately:

Exposing jewelry to simplest things such as moisture can wear them down. All jewels come in a velvet case and that’s where you should keep them. Doing so protects them from sun, chips, and scratches. You can also store your jewelry in a Ziploc bag.

Keep them away from moisture:

Moisture can tarnish jewelry really fast. So, you must never put lotions, oils, and perfumes when you have jewelry on. Have you got your jewels wet unintentionally? If yes, please wipe and dry them.

Clean them regularly:

You must clean your jewelry regularly. There are many solutions available in the market but you can try home remedies too. Baking soda, toothpaste, and soapy water has proven effective.

Use protector or coating:

Protectant sprays prevent jewelry from tarnishing. Many of these sprays can also protect you from rashes, irritation, and hives.

Bottom Line

Most of the little girls dream of dangling earrings, sparkling tiaras, and dazzling necklaces. Unfortunately, they cannot afford pricey pieces and cheaper jewelry is manufactured from materials that tarnish quite quickly.

The internet is full of hacks and ideas that allow jewelry to retain their shine. One of these is applying a layer of clear gel polish on jewelry. You may find it strange but this method actually works. Also, always keep your precious pieces in their designated boxes and cabinets. Do not wear them when showering, swimming, sleeping, and exercising.

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