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will cubic zirconia turn green

Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Green? [Quick Facts]

Finding a piece of jewelry that compliments your appearance and matches your expectations is a challenging endeavor. If you somehow come across a phenomenal ring that not only blends seamlessly into your sense of style but also brings out the best features of your personality, you will want to put it on every day.

Now at one point, the skin encompassing your finger may turn green. Although usually harmless, this raises an alarm in absolutely no time. Furthermore, you will feel uncomfortable to answer all the questions that the green tint on your ring finger paves the way for.

What is responsible for this situation? Cubic Zirconia – a component used for manufacturing a large number of ornaments. For more information, please go through the rest of the write-up now.

Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Green?

Will Cubic Zirconia turn green? According to studies, Cubic Zirconia does not inflict any damage unless the ring you have opted for is of poor quality. On its own, Cubic Zirconia hardly causes any irritating skin reaction.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

does zirconia turn green
Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is believed to be the most affordable diamond alternative. The crystalline material is generally synthetic, or in other words, created in a lab. Due to an escalation in demand, the commercial production of Cubic Zirconia started during the 1970s.

As Cubic Zirconia mimics the characteristics of a diamond but is not really the same, it is often referred to as fake, faux, stimulant, and imitation. Cubic Zirconia is exceptionally beautiful and problems arise only when it is sold as a diamond or other gem.

A common man may not be able to differentiate between a diamond and Cubic Zirconia but there are multiple dissimilarities. Major ones among the lot include –

  • Cubic Zirconia is heavier than a chunk of diamond but not really hard.
  • It produces more color flashes than a diamond.
  • A white Cubic Zirconia is transparent with none of the impurities found in an unpolished diamond.

What is Cubic Zirconia made of?

Does Cubic Zirconia turn your finger green? We have already found out the answer to this frequently asked question. Now it is time to focus on what Cubic Zirconia is made of.

Cubic Zirconia is made by melting the crystallized form of Zirconium Dioxide with stabilizers like magnesium and calcium at 4982 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the crystals form and become steady, they are cut into varied shapes and polished thoroughly. Each laboratory has a different way of making Cubic Zirconia.

Cubic Zirconia can imitate multiple famous diamond shapes like cushion cut and oval cut but it is not that expensive. It is available in a wide range of colors and noted in the jewelry industry for its unique physical structure and exceptional aesthetic qualities.

In addition, Cubic Zirconia is immensely durable and preferred by top jewelers across the globe. It is still the only synthetic gemstone competitor for the diamonds.

Does a genuine Cubic Zirconia turn your finger green?

We are already aware that Cubic Zirconia can turn fingers green. But does Cubic Zirconia tarnish? Well, unfortunately, even high quality Cubic Zirconia jewelry can get dirty due to daily wear. If you want your precious piece to retain its original brilliance and luster, you must clean it. For detailed maintenance tips, please continue reading.

What are the reasons for turning a Cubic Zirconia into green?

Does Cubic Zirconia turn skin green? Yes, it does. But why does Cubic Zirconia turn your skin green? Well, Cubic Zirconia does not inflict any harm on its own but when mixed with other metals such as brass and copper, it reacts negatively with sensitive skin.

Most modern-day Cubic Zirconia rings are plated with platinum, gold, rhodium, or silver, and these layers end up wearing out in a couple of months. When the plating vanishes, the ring tarnishes within a short period, and your finger becomes green.

Almost all the time, the reaction is minor but you have to be careful when there is nickel. A large number of individuals reportedly experienced allergies after wearing jewelry with nickel.

Always try to purchase sterling silver CZ rings or stainless steel rings. They might be on the pricier side but at least you do not have to worry about adverse skin disorders.

What can you do to prevent a Cubic Zirconia from turning green?

Does Cubic Zirconia sterling silver turn green? Well, the chances are low. Sterling silver has 92.5 % silver in its purest form. It is considered authentic silver and silver does not harm your skin. But what about Cubic Zirconia mixed with other metals? How can you prevent them from turning your skin green?

  • Always purchase quality Cubic Zirconia jewelry. Do not go for the ones plated in rhodium, platinum, and gold. Also, avoid the ones where Cubic Zirconia is mixed with brass and copper.
  • Make sure to remove the jewelry before going to a gym. Cubic Zirconia reacts with sweat. If you wear a CZ ring when exercising, the element will oxidize your skin and color it green.
  • Take Cubic Zirconia off before applying a perfume or lotion. Studies have shown that CZ is greatly affected by the compounds present in perfumes, moisturizers, and petroleum jelly.
  •  Finally, please clean and polish Cubic Zirconia regularly.

Does Zirconia change colors?

Cubic Zirconia is porous and can absorb huge amounts of body oils. They become cloudy within a short period. The stones also change color in case they get excessively heated during the cutting. You also have to be careful about strong ultraviolet rays.

Does Cubic Zirconia rust? That’s another question people ask online. Cubic Zirconia never rusts but the jewelry can. As mentioned, Cubic Zirconia rings have gold plated alloys, brass, or sterling silver, and all of them rust when exposed to the oxygen in water and air.

How to clean a Cubic Zirconia?

Since abrasive cleaning solutions found in the market can damage CZ, you must use a mixture of dish detergent and lukewarm water. Scrub the jewelry using a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. Rinse it to ensure there is no soap residue left. Dab the jewelry with a clean cloth.

If you want your Cubic Zirconia ring to maintain a healthy shine, please clean it once a month. Doing so would not allow the grime and dirt to build up. Detergent and water are enough to clean CZ. Please stay away from harsh cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach and chlorine.

Please store your Cubic Zirconia inside an airtight container. This will keep normal wear and tear at bay.

Are you not able to clean Cubic Zirconia? Well then, please seek professional assistance. A jeweler uses pressurized steam cleaning to bring back the shine of CZ rings.

Final Thoughts

You will have green fingers if you wear rings on a daily basis. If you want to protect your skin, please do not neglect the maintenance of cubic zirconia.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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