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can mineral oil freeze

Does Sewing Machine Oil Freeze? [Read This First!!]

Sewing machine oil lubricates the various parts of sewing machines, thus, eliminating friction and keeping rust damage at bay. It is generally odorless and colorless with an extremely light viscosity.

There are three types of oil available in the market at present – natural oil obtained from plants, synthetic oil, and mineral oil. Each one has its fair share of pros and cons. It is necessary to choose the right oil for the sewing machines.

Now that you have an idea about sewing machine oil, let’s find out if it freezes. The following write-up provides lots of other fascinating information, so, please check till the end.

Does sewing machine oil freeze?

Yes, sewing machine oil can freeze. When the temperature drops down to -22 degrees Celsius, it freezes and stops flowing or functioning effectively.

Lots of people have another query – can mineral oil freeze? As mineral oil’s freezing temperature is lower than water’s, it becomes prone to freezing when stored in an excessively cold environment or during shipment.

How cold does it have to be for oil to freeze?

Oils can freeze when the storage tank gets cold. But the good news, as mentioned above, is oils have a lower freezing temperature when compared to water. The bad news is it is not too low.

Water usually starts solidifying and freezing at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Oils, on the contrary, freeze at approximately 16 degrees Fahrenheit. You must pay close attention to the weather, specifically the days that are 16 degrees or lower.

Does lubricant freeze?

Sewing machine lubricant

With the winter season settling in, and cold fronts crawling from the north, have you ever wondered if low temperatures impact lubricants? Everyone knows high temperatures wreak havoc on the overall condition of lubricants besides causing a couple of safety concerns. But you rarely heard anything about lower limits, right? At immensely low temperatures like those experienced on a winter morning, the lubricants congeal instead of flowing.

Now, what is too cold? Most greases and base oils are capable of enduring temperature dipping to zero degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. They would even perform without any hassle. But at minus 20 degrees Celsius, several lubricants become unfitting and reach the pour point.

The pour point is determined by the base oil’s quality and the presence of additives. The rule is to invest in a lubricant that’s pour point is 10 degrees Celsius.

What oil does not freeze?

Before you learn which oils do not freeze, it is time to be aware of the freezing point of mineral oil. Mineral oil freezes at somewhere between 12 degrees and minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Fuel oils, both dyed heating oil and diesel, never freeze. When exposed to cold, they turn into thick wax or gel. This process occurs when the temperature falls to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The oils continue hardening as the weather keeps getting cold. When the temperature drops below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, the wax inside the oil crystallizes and separates.

Cooking oils can successfully go beyond the freezing point but they do not freeze. For the freezing to start, the oils become immensely viscous and their molecules go slow. The oils get creamy rather than solid. Even when kept inside the freezer, cooking oils cannot become frozen. This is called supercooling.

Does WD40 prevent freezing?

By now you know what temperature does mineral oil freeze. Do you wish to also know if WD40 can prevent freezing? Yes, that’s why plenty of individuals use WD40 on their locks during the winter season.

Tilt the padlock to get a clear view of the mechanism. Now spray a bit of WD40. This will spread all across the metal components deterring moisture from accumulating.

Does sewing machine oil go bad?

Yes, sewing machine oil goes bad. It usually has a shelf life of around five years. You can however extend the duration by storing it with utmost caution. For example, make sure to never keep it in extreme cold or under sunlight directly. This affects the air circulating throughout the tank, which speeds up degeneration.

Make sure to protect the sewing machine oil from condensation because water encourages bacterial growth within a short period. Also, please get storage tanks that have not gone through any damage and avoid mixing the varied kinds of oils. I will also advise you to get a transparent tank so that you can check if the oil has gone bad. If you see a change in color, please replace it immediately.

Does the sewing machine oil go bad if it freezes?

Sewing machine oil is used for lubricating the jammed parts such as the cylinder, shuttle hook, and bobbin.

Oiling the parts can help them last a prolonged period without any hassle. Your sewing machine will run smoothly and that’s what you want. But please choose the oils as cautiously as possible.

Not every oil found in the store is made for sewing machines. If you want to know about sewing machine oil alternatives, click here. White mineral oil is lightweight and perfect for this purpose. If it is stored in a too cold or hot environment, it will, unfortunately, lose its effectiveness.

The sewing machine oil degenerates when it freezes. When it expires, you cannot use it on the machine.

How long does sewing machine oil last?

As stated above, sewing machine oil lasts for five years. I have already stated how you expand its shelf life. Please refer to the previous section.

Bottom Line

All the sewing machines are different. The user manual will specify how often the machine must be oiled.

Lots of contemporary sewing machines are pre-lubricated and they need any extra oil. However, it is necessary to put a few drops in the bobbin if you feel your machine can benefit from a bit of lubrication. The more frequently you apply oil, the better. Every five months seem viable.

You must get the sewing machine professionally serviced each year so that it runs well. If you have not used the machine for many years, you must go to the best expert in your locality. The machine’s lubrication dries over time.

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