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Dome Override Button – What Is It & Why It’s Not Working
Dome Override Button – What Is It & Why It’s Not Working

Dome Override Button – What Is It & Why It’s Not Working?

Cars are believed to be the primary means of transportation for about two-thirds of the global population. Now that does not mean you will be able to understand how they function. Maybe the mechanics can but the laymen cannot! As there are multiple components inside a car, let’s take a step ahead, and try learning only about the dome override buttons today.

What does Dome Override Do?

Most cars have lights inside. They are also known as dome or courtesy lights. These are located on the ceiling and illuminated when people exit or enter the car. The lights usually stay lit until the car is turned on so the passengers can securely fasten the seat belts.

Now what is dome override? It turns on the dome lamps automatically when you open any of your car’s door. You can turn the lamps off if you want.

Where is the Dome Override Button?

Dome Override Button

To look for the dome override button, you must closely observe the instrument panel lying on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. There you will find an external lamp control button below which is the dome override button. It is quite easy to locate.

Why is my Dome Override Button Not Working?

Dome override buttons may stop working for multiple reasons. It may happen because the button unfortunately is in an incorrect position or something went wrong with your vehicle. At times, the override button may seem faulty although it is not. Maybe the fuses have blown out or the bulbs have burnt.

If you see that the dome override button has stopped working, you have to check out all the possible causes until you find the problem. Below are a few major factors –  

Set Wrong or Stuck

A dome off button may stop working because it is installed in the wrong way or is stuck in the wrong position without you knowing.

Before trying out anything else, please press it in and out. Set the button in the right position and check again. 85% of the time that’s the reason why the dome override buttons are not working properly.

Bulbs Burning Out

Sometimes the override button is absolutely fine but it still fails to turn the dome lights on. This happens because the bulbs have burned out. Well, in that case, you must take the bulb out and replace it immediately. Check if the new bulb works. Make sure the new bulb is of the same model.

Blown Fuse

If the fuse that controls the dome lights has somehow blown off, it may cause the override button to appear faulty. You have to replace the fuse right away otherwise the dome light would not function.

Door Issues

The dome override button may seem defective but in actuality, the door stops it from functioning seamlessly. It is possible that a hinge or a pin in the door is preventing it from getting close.

How Can You Fix a Dome Override Button Not Working?

 As evident from the above section, dome override buttons stop working not just for a single reason. Several factors can force the buttons to malfunction. It seems faulty because lots of mechanisms are connected to them closely.

Check the Button. Press-in or Out

The easiest way to fix dome override is by pressing in and out the button. If you press the button in, the lights will stay off. If you press the button out, the light will stay on after you open the door. Check if the button is in the correct position. Move it to the right place immediately.

Put in a New Bulb

At times the dome override buttons do not work because the bulb has burnt out. You must take the cover off from the bulb. You must screw it with a flat-headed screwdriver. Put in the new bulb and apply the cover again. This must fix the problem in no time.

Replace the Fuse

In certain cases, the override button may appear damaged if the fuse has blown away. Find out where the fuse for the override button is inside the car. Seek help from the manual. Take the cover off that encompasses the fuse from beneath. Find the particular fuse and install a fuse that is in proper condition.

Check and Fix the Doors

The dome override button may not be working because one of the doors of your car has stopped working properly. You should check if anything is preventing the door from closing. Take the car to a mechanic. Let him have a look. Shutting the door too hard or yanking it will only do more harm.

Can a Dome Light Drain a Car Battery?

Yes, a dome light can drain a car’s battery. Even a dome light turned on by accident will extract substantial amounts of power from the battery. The battery will drain in two days or less. It would not be able to start the car anymore.

Which Fuse is for the Dome Light?

If you want to know everything about dome lights, you must also be thoroughly acquainted with their fuse too. The IOD (20 amp) fuse offers power to the dome lights. The fuse is located in cavity #51 of the power module. If the fuse has not blown away when you checked it, please disconnect the battery for at least twenty minutes and then connect it. The override button should work after this.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last if the Interior Lights Are Left On?

Almost all modern-day cars have a capacity of about 45 Ah and an electrical system of 12 volts. So if you left the interior lights on for the night and if the two bulbs with ten watts continue burning, the battery will last 27 hours.


Dome override buttons are used for turning on the dome lights automatically when the car’s doors are opened. It can stop functioning for a wide range of reasons. The fuse may have somehow blown away or the bulb has burnt out. It can also happen because of improper functioning of the car door.

If you would like the dome lights to remain off, you can turn off the dome override button. When the dome lights come on automatically, they can be used to set it up when the doors in the car are opened automatically.

For any more doubts relating to the dome override button, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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