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dryer balls to remove pet hair

Do Wool Dryer Balls Remove Pet Hair? [Must Read]

Have you heard of dryer balls? They are generally made from tightly knit wool. A few manufacturers are lately using rubber and plastic too.

Dryer balls prevent your laundry from getting entangled. They tumble the clothes between layers and make sure the fabric remains separated. This particular action ensures better air circulation, which in turn decreases the drying time to a great extent.

In the following write-up, we are going to address a frequently asked question – do wool dryer balls help with pet hair? You will also come across other fascinating information. Please check all of that out right now.

Do wool dryer balls remove pet hair?

Owing to being natural, eco-friendly, and durable, wool dryer balls have impressed a larger segment of the population. They absorb most of the moisture from the fabrics to speed up drying time. Wool dryer balls also bounce quietly inside the dryer. Now can they remove pet hair?

Pet hair is a lot like glitter. It clings to your clothes, carpets, bedsheets, etc., and is extremely challenging to clean. Even after vacuuming, you will notice hair here and there. You can add the round, fluffy wool balls to the dryer and they will remove all the traces of pet hair in no time.

The wool balls bounce in the dryer and bump into your laundry. When they do, pet hair sticks to the balls.

How can you remove pet hairs in the laundry?

Do dryer balls remove pet hair? Yes, they do, as described in the previous section. What else can remove pet hairs in the laundry? To know the answer, please continue reading.

Before throwing your clothes inside the washing machine, please run them in your dryer for ten minutes. Do not apply any heat. This softens the fabric and loosens the hair, which is then caught by the lint trap. Then shake the clothes vigorously to get as much hair as possible, and toss them inside your washing machine. Clean the lint trap later so it is free of hair.

You can also use white vinegar to get rid of pet hair. Add ½ cup of white vinegar with standard detergent and wash your clothes normally. Vinegar relaxes the fabrics and frees trapped hair in no time.

How can you make DIY pet hair washing machine balls?

Many people type ‘wool dryer balls shedding’ online. They basically want to know if wool dryer balls can stop shedding altogether. Unfortunately, your pets will shed all their life. If you find wool dryer balls expensive, you can make your own. Carry out the steps below diligently –

  • To make three dryer balls, you need to purchase around 6 oz of pure wool. Tear the wool into three pieces. Make sure the pieces are 3 inches wide and 2 inches long. Place one piece on the table.
  • Pinch the end of the woolen piece and start rolling it tightly. Fold the sides inwards. The piece should acquire a spherical shape in no time.
  • Penetrate the ball with a felting needle, one with 36 to 38 gauge on all sides. Repeat the three steps with the other two woolen pieces too.

How many dryer balls can you use per load?

The number of dryer balls you use per load depends on the size of the laundry you are planning on drying. For small or medium loads, three balls will be enough. For a larger load, you must use five to seven balls. If the load is extra-large, you have to use at least twelve balls.

Can dryer balls be reused?

People who have been typing ‘wool dryer balls dog hair’ have already got their answer by now. Yes, wool dryer balls can remove dog hair. But can they be reused? Wool dryer balls are on demand probably because they can be used for around 10,000 loads. But eventually all the good things end. Do you want to know how to use dryer balls after they reach the end of their lifecycle? Here are some ways –

  • Wool dryer balls make perfect pet toys. Let your dog and cat play with them. You do not have to worry about an impending choking hazard.
  • Add any essential oil of your choice to the dryer balls. Arrange them in a bowl and keep the bowl in your bathroom or on the mantle. Enjoy the refreshing scent.
  • You can compost dryer balls especially if they are made of 100% wool. Let the balls nourish Mother Earth.

What makes pet hair dissolve in the washing machine?

Lots of things can dissolve pet hair in the washing machine, from dryer sheets to dryer balls. Did you know vinegar can help too. Vinegar softens the fabrics and frees clinging hair from the threads of the clothes.

Can dog hair ruin your washing machine?

Yes, dog hair can ruin washing machines. When the clothes are wet in the washer, the hair clumps together and forms balls. These balls clog the drainage pipe and prevent the washing machine from functioning properly.


Will the wool dryer balls damage the clothes?

Unlike synthetic materials, wool is not very dense. So, wool dryer balls would not damage the clothes in your machine. They would bounce around lightly and without any noise during the drying cycle. Please do not overload your dryer. Excessive clothes can prevent the laundry from drying. Drying also takes time and that wastes energy.

Do dryer sheets help with pet hair?

Dryer sheets are used not just for laundering the clothes. They have been used by people to remove pet hair from clothing and furniture. Rub a dryer sheet on the concerned surface and the hair will come off easily.

Can dryer balls remove human hair? That’s another query many modern-day individuals have. There are many dryer balls that collect human hair. Get some and toss them along with your laundry inside the washing machine. You can also use tape, sponge, lint roller, and fabric softeners to get rid of human hair from clothes and bedsheets.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you can remove pet hair from your clothes without any hassle. While wool dryer balls seem like the best option, there are other effective tricks too. Thank you for reading 🙂

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