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gorilla glue or e6000

E6000 Vs Gorilla Glue [Honest Opinion]

Whenever it comes to selecting the best glue, you will have several options. Many articles on the internet will recommend various types of glue. And after thorough research, you will discover that the majority of sources recommend E6000 and otherwise Gorilla Glue.

These are the two most common types of glue available. Each of these adhesives is intended for use on nonporous, hard surfaces. It forms a strong bond and produces a satisfactory result. Their effectiveness will never let you down. The majority of people tend to favor these two glues over any other product.

Nevertheless, these 2 types of adhesive have differences, and it comes as no surprise that each has advantages and disadvantages.

So, in this article, we will go through the detailed difference between e6000 and gorilla glue to choose the best glue for our needs. If you are also confused, keep reading for help.

Which Is better- gorilla glue or E6000?

Lets see which of the adhesive is best gorilla glue or e6000 by analyzing different facts :

Benefits of E6000

  • We don’t have to dilute anything or wet anything when we use E6000. It’s all set to come from the tube. And this is because when you spread a little thread on the item, a bead of glue forms strictly at the spout.
  • If you’re unsure how much you’ll need, use a little paper cup of wax paper and squeeze out some bit, recap it quickly, then spread it to your surface using a toothpick.


  • It can be messy — all we have to do is take a towel and wipe the bead off before quickly recapping since it pretty much automatically runs on automatic. Surprisingly, it doesn’t just gush out like toothpaste…you can take the top off, prepare my things, and make a dab there and then.
  • Another disadvantage is that it has an odor. It’s a solvent, and you could get a scent of it. However, because you must summarize everything fast, we may not be harmed significantly. If it gets over my skin, we can remove it with a dab of denatured alcohol.

Benefits of Gorilla Glue

  • Gorilla Glue has a convenient applicator, so you always have a clean application. It hardly emits any or little harmful gasses. 
  • It comes in various formulae and sizes, all with a simple on/off the cap and no oozing or stink.
  • Because of the expanding character of the product, you will be required to spray your surface if you are using the Original flagship recipe. 


Polyethylene or polypropylene, a form of plastic, is an exception to the “bonds practically everything” rule. The Original recipe is waterproof and tends to stretch and fill in gaps, so spray the surface first and apply lightly. 

It may generate bubbles around the seam, and the visible residue may be removed afterward. This could have been a better alternative for my birdfeeder.

In short, both two types of glue are excellent… If you dislike strong scents, I prefer Gorilla Glue. If you need the project to be waterproof, I will choose the Original brand. If you want as strong as nails adhesive and don’t mind the minor drawbacks listed above, I recommend e6000.

What glue is better than e6000?

We have discussed the excellent quality of e6000, but if we say that this is the best glue in the world, that statement will not be correct. Because we have many reasons to dislike e6000, this glue makes the surface or item very untidy or messy because after opening the cap, it starts flowing till you don’t put the lid back. There are many other reasons too to dislike this.

We have many reasons to justify our points, so we will start with durability e6000 and gorilla glue are both durable. Still, gorilla glue equally works on the Interior and the exterior surface, but e6000 is suitable for only Interior uses.

The second thing is that gorilla glue dries quickly and does make things messy, but e6000 makes places very dirty once the cap opens. It starts flowing and doesn’t stop until you put the lid back.

Gorilla glue is long-lasting as well as heat and weather resistant. It works very well in wet areas because it is water-resistant also.  Now the question arises: is gorilla glue better than e6000? Yes, gorilla glue is better than e6000.

Gorilla glue is the strongest glue. Water-activated polyurethane makes Gorilla glue a solid bond for a variety of surfaces. Gorilla glue works on internal as well as external surfaces too. Gorilla glue is odorless and heat resistant, and it works well in water.

So, we can say that gorilla glue is better than e6000.

And now let’s compare e6000 vs super glue, which is the product of gorilla glue. We find that both work nicely according to the requirements.  They both work well in their fields.

Gorilla is suitable for construction fields like filling concrete, cement, or other rigid surfaces. On the other hand, e6000 is ideal for household and craft and other materials like wood, plastic, etc.

When we already see the difference between e6000 and gorilla glue, why not look at Gorilla clear grip vs e6000 to increase one more option to choose.

The crystal transparent Gorilla clear grip holds in an immediate contact adhesive. Gorilla clear grips are a versatile, quick-drying, crystal clear interface adhesive that forms a strong permanent connection.

Which is stronger, e6000 or gorilla glue?

e6000 vs gorilla glue

If we compare, which one is stronger? Gorilla glue or e6000, then we will suggest that gorilla glue is more strong than e6000. So now we understand that gorilla glue has more power than glue that e6000 doesn’t.

Gorilla glue dries quickly and doesn’t make a mess on the products, and the most important thing is that it gives a powerful and Permanent bond to any crack, break, or leakage. It helps to Fill all types of gaps, whether it may be on walls, cement, or metal.

The e6000 works powerfully on household items whether or not gorilla glue works on every kind of rigid surface, so gorilla glue is more muscular than e6000.

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Is e6000 stronger than gorilla glue?

No, we would recommend gorilla glue if you want the strongest glue. E6000 is also a good glue, but if we compare it with gorilla glue, it is more rigid and robust.

Gorilla glue and e6000 are both fantastic glues. Both have different feathers, so according to requirements, they both work well. There are different views of other people. Some say e6000 is more muscular and that gorilla glue is good. But we think that gorilla glue is stronger than e6000.

E6000 and Gorilla Glue both of these glues are used on hard nonporous surfaces. It forms a strong and stable bond and shows a satisfying outcome. Their result as far as their efficiency is concerned will never disappoint you. Most of us prefer these two types of glue more than any other product. 

However, these two types of glue have their differences, and undoubtedly, they have their good and detrimental sides. Their usage and conveniences make each of these glues perfect and practical for specific tasks. And depending on their purpose, they have their positives and negatives.

When we want the best glue at that time, we find a long list of various types of adhesive. When we are to choose the perfect bond, E6000 or Gorilla Glue are the most recommended options available, as far as our study or our findings suggest. 

As per our survey and experience of many users, E6000 is the unique adhesive being used. With its proper usage and application, E6000 has proven to be the best adhesive you have ever used; hence, it has become a permanent member of your toolbox.

E6000 is the easiest adhesive to use. You do not have to mix or moisten anything. It means you don’t have to prepare the glue to use it. You have to spread it correctly on the surface, and it is ready to use. Use a medium such as wax paper to apply the glue properly. 


To form a strong bonding, one must use the right ingredients. Both E6000 and Gorilla Glue are excellent adhesives, with little difference if you examine them closely.

Just keep in mind that E6000 is better for plastic, ceramic, beads, and clay, whereas Gorilla Glue is ideal for cloth, cement, as well as other heavy things.

Don’t forget to put on your mask and gloves. The reason behind this is that fumes can be hazardous and cause severe problems if they come into contact with your skin. So use caution when applying the glue. Apart from that, there isn’t anything to be concerned about. Just figure out what you need to accomplish and go from there.

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