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Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light Facing Issues? [Quick Fix]

You surely have not given them enough thought, but the sensors beneath your garage door affect how a garage door opener works.

Also known as photoelectric safety sensors, garage door sensors make sure a garage door does not open or close when something is obstructing its way such as a vehicle or a kid on his/her bike. An infrared light beam reaches across the garage entrance to the sensor located on the opposite side. You cannot see the beam so do not look for any red lines.

Now sometimes the sensor may turn yellow. What does that mean? The following write-up will try to answer this query in detail. Please check it out right now.

What does a yellow light mean on a garage door sensor?

What does yellow light on garage door sensor mean? It indicates that the safety reverse sensors have somehow become misaligned. The garage door would not close until this issue is fixed. Three major causes include –

Dirt or debris on the sensor lens:

If debris or dirt has accumulated on the lens, then the sensor will fail to receive or send infrared beams. The yellow light will turn on.

Sensors out of alignment:

As mentioned above, the yellow light also turns on when the sensors are out of alignment. The sensors can receive and send infrared lights only if they are pointing to one another at a particular height and angle.

Damaged sensor wires:

You will notice a yellow light on the sensor even when the sensors are perfectly aligned and the lenses are clean. Go ahead and blame the wires. When the wires are damaged, they would prevent the signal from going back to the garage door.

Why is one garage door sensor green and the other yellow?

garage door sensor lights
Liftmaster sensor for lights

Why is one garage sensor yellow and the other green? Garage door sensors are considered the most essential indicators of abnormality and normality in the door operation. Therefore, you must learn how to interpret the colors produced by the sensor.

Sensors out of line:

Your garage door is equipped with two sensors. The first sensor sends the infrared beam and the second one receives it. If one sensor has a yellow LED and the other has a green LED, they are unfortunately out of line.

Wires disconnected or withered:

As stated above, disconnected and withered wires can also force sensors to function peculiarly. One sensor will become green and the other will unfortunately have a yellow light.

Sensors gone bad:

Finally, yet importantly, the sensors will show two different lights if they have gone bad. The reasons include age, wear and tear, and exposure to excessive sunlight.

How can you fix the garage door sensor yellow light?

If your garage door sensor yellow light on, how do you propose to fix it? Below are a couple of tricks that a large number of individuals have found effective. Consider giving them a try.

Cleaning the sensor lens:

The first thing to do is clean the lens. As the sensors are really close to the floor, they catch all kinds of grime, dirt, dust, and cobwebs. Wipe these off with a paper towel and a little water. You can also use a mild cleaning solution such as Windex that does not leave behind streaks. Make sure the lens does not get too wet.

Tightening the brackets holding the sensor:

Realigning the sensors can also help you get rid of the garage door sensor yellow light and green light. Use a screwdriver to loosen and tighten the brackets holding the sensor so that they point each other in the same direction and angle. In case you do not have a screwdriver, just apply some pressure. Many sensors are held in place by a wing-nut that you can loosen and tighten with your hands.

Replace old and damaged wires with new ones:

If cleaning the lens and realigning the sensors did not work, you should check out the wires. You must look for signs of damaged or frayed wires. Also, please confirm that the wires are properly connected. Unless you are an expert, you need to call an electrician to replace the old and damaged wires with new ones. An electrician will have the correct tools and will be able to resolve the problem within a short period.

Buy and install new sensors:

If none of the tricks mentioned above work, you must purchase and install new sensors. For a replacement pair, you can either go online or pay a visit to the best home improvement store in your locality. Check whether or not the sensors are compatible with your garage door.

What color should the lights be on garage door sensors?

The garage door sensors should always have a green light. A green light indicates that the sensors are functioning seamlessly. If you see red lights, you must closely monitor the brackets and tighten loose screws. As described in this write-up, you can also see yellow lights on the sensor. In such a scenario, please clean the lens and realign the sensors. Sometimes, you have to replace the wires and the sensors.

How can you reset my garage door sensors?

If you have seen yellow light on Liftmaster sensor, you must reset it immediately. Implement the three steps stated below with utmost diligence.

Hold the garage door button:

Press and hold the garage door button. It is located next to the door’s wall. Continue pressing the button until the garage door has closed. When you do this, you actually disable the sensor temporarily.

Manually open the garage door:

You can try opening the garage door manually. Pull out the cord that is attached to the motor on the ceiling. Doing so will disconnect the door from the sensor.

Change the placement of the sensors:

Remove the sensors and the wires. Now use a remote control to open and close the door.

Bottom Line

When you see a yellow light on one of the sensors, do not worry. You can fix this just by cleaning the lens and realigning the sensors. If it is something more complicated, please seek professional assistance. Do not neglect the issue or your sensors will go bad much ahead of their time.

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