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gorilla glue vs gorilla wood glue

Gorilla Glue Vs Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla is the name that speaks about its toughness, versatility, and strength. Gorilla glue has wide varieties, even for specific substrates such as rubber, metal, fabric, and wood. The original gorilla glue, as we all know, is one of the strongest adhesives in the world, but in this article, we will look at one of its versatile varieties, the gorilla wood glue . Let’s have a look at gorilla glue vs gorilla wood glue! 

Know the glue- 

Gorilla glue: 

Gorilla glue contains polyurethane that practically works on every surface except plastics. Gorilla glue is versatile and works on surfaces such as concrete, metal, foam, rubber, ceramics, etc. Gorilla glue requires 1 to 2 hours of clamping time, and you have to give it at least 24 hours to dry properly. Gorilla glue can withstand extreme wet surfaces, is 100% waterproof, and is temperature resistant. This is the strongest glue that is even preferred for use in space by astronauts. 

How should it be used? 

You need to follow some steps to use gorilla glue, and they are as follows: 

  1. Clean the surfaces 

This is the first and most crucial step, clean your surface area with a cleaner or cloth. They should be dust-free, and if you are using glossy surfaces such as glass or metals, then it is recommended that you rough up your character for the glue to grip it properly. 

  1. Dampen the surface

Use a wet towel to damp the surface lightly. Do this step, but remember, do not overdo it; light damping before gluing. 

  1. Gluing 

Use the right amount of gorilla glue and apply it to the dry surface. The surface should not be wet in any sense. Gorilla glue can cause reactions to your skin, so it is advised to wear gloves to protect yourself. Use a brush for better application. 

  1. Clamp time 

Clamp time should be in between 1 to 2 hours. Make sure to use heavy objects for better application. Clamping should be done evenly on both surfaces. After clamping is done, let the thing dry for 24 hours. Do not disturb the gluing before 24 hours! 


Gorilla glue prices range from $10 to $15 (approximately). You can easily find gorilla polyurethane waterproof glue on websites such as Amazon.com and flipkart.com.

Gorilla wood glue 

Gorilla wood glue is a strong adhesive that woodworkers, project holders, and carpenters prefer for their work. Gorilla wood glue is water-resistant, unlike gorilla glue which is 100% waterproof. Gorilla wood glue dries up with a natural tan color, showing that your surface and object are appropriately dried.  

How should it be used?

Follow the below listed steps to get better results: 

  1. Prepare your surfaces

The wood surface should be thoroughly cleaned and have a finish for the best applications. Remove any nails, snipes, or harsh elements before gluing. In simpler words, laminate your wood area. 

  1. Glue it! 

Use the right amount of gorilla wood glue on the entire surface. The right amount means that if you have a larger area, use a large amount; if not, use the standard amount. Wear gloves, then do it! Check the surface area first, and make your decision. Evenly distribute the glue for better results! 

  1. Time to clamp! 

Put appropriate pressure on the surface for about 15 to 30 minutes, and the temperature must be around 55 degrees F. The pressure should remain effective for the given period for the glue to squeeze out properly. Gorilla wood glue cure time should be 24 hours for permanent setting. The clamping pressure should be intense! 

  1. Remove the excessive amount! 

After application:

Remove the excessive amount of glue from the surface and your hands.Soak your hands in the warm water, then rise in normal water effectively.Don’t forget to clean the tip of the bottle, do not mess up! 


The price range varies from size to size. If you buy a single bottle, the standard amount is around $9 to $10. 

Gorilla glue vs. Gorilla wood glue 

In gorilla glue vs. gorilla wood glue, let’s see who wins. Gorilla glue has polyurethane as its active ingredient, which sticks onto everything, but is flammable. Gorilla glue is the toughest of all adhesives, which is compatible with many surfaces and attains an excellent bond strength after drying up. It is 100% waterproof, which makes it handle wetter surfaces with strength. Besides being the strongest adhesive, it can irritate the skin and eyes, which is one of the disadvantages of gorilla glue. 

Gorilla wood glue is a water-based adhesive, so you can quickly dilute this glue. Gorilla wood glue is water-resistant and cannot withstand water surfaces. A brilliant and reliable choice for woodworkers and DIYers as you can easily remove it with water. The cons with this glue include its poor sealing properties, and you cannot use it outdoors because it’s not 100% waterproof. So, gorilla glue should be your choice out of these two if your project doesn’t have woodwork! 

Gorilla glue vs. Elmer’s wood glue 

As stated above, Gorilla glue is 100% waterproof and works on almost every surface. Gorilla glue requires moisture to activate and up to 24 hours to cure completely. Gorilla glue is flammable due to the presence of polyurethane. The adhesive quickly bonds with wood but can provide color bleeding after drying up. If we talk about Elmer’s wood glue, it is waterproof wood glue.

The adhesive provides ultimate bond strength after drying; that’s why we DIYers love it. It is a non-toxic glue, completely safe, and doesn’t give you color bleeding. Colour bleeding here refers to when thoroughly dried, some adhesives show colors, but Elmer’s provide you with a transparent wood vibe. Undoubtedly, Elmer’s wood glue is one of the strongest wood glues present. 

Can you use Gorilla glue for outdoor purposes? 

Well, yes! Gorilla glue can be used for indoors as well as outdoor purposes. Gorilla glue is 100% waterproof, making it a reliable outdoor choice. You can easily use gorilla glue for outdoor pursuits. After it is adequately dried, you can stain it, color it, whatever you want to! Gorilla glue practically works on every surface, such as metals, glass, fiberglass, rubber, leather, wood, foam, etc. Gorilla glue provides an excellent bond strength and is temperature-resistant. You can use it wherever you want! 

Is using gorilla glue on wood reliable? 

Well, yes! Gorilla glue bonds perfectly with good, although it cannot give the same result as the gorilla wood glue. But being 100% waterproof and temperature resistant can show excellent results. Gorilla glue has a thinner consistency that can be easily used on wood; all you need to do is apply the correct glue thickness on the surface for better and even distribution. The clamp time may take around 1 to 2 hours, unlike wood glue which takes 15 to 30 minutes, but it is reliable. It attains a good bond strength with wood. So, you can prefer using it! 

Gorilla glue and Gorilla wood glue dry time- 

Gorilla glue requires 1 to 2 hours of clamping pressure to set permanently and ultimately 24 hours of total dry time. Only after that would you be able to stain or paint it. Whereas gorilla wood glue requires 15 to 30 minutes of clamping pressure, you have to give it 24 hours of drying time. The dry time also depends upon the temperature and surface areas; the larger the size, the more significant the time required. 

Final words 

Gorilla glue and gorilla wood glue are entirely different from each other. If you want to glue only wood, then one must go for the gorilla wood glue to attain its gorilla wood glue strength. On the other hand, gorilla glue works on almost everything, so if you require a bond outdoors, go for the Original wood glue. It is 100% waterproof and temperature resistant. Keep gluing! Keep painting! You can use any glue; one thing is sure, you would get results from both adhesives! 

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