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door knob handle height

How High Should Door Handles and Knobs Be?

The most crucial element in creating a home is a door. Both our privacy and a sense of security are maintained. 

But have you ever wondered what height is ideal for installing door knobs and handles?

Any type of door handle, door knob, lock, pull, or latch must be kept at least 34 inches from the finished floor. Any door lock height from the floor ranges from 34 inches to the floor. The door handle shouldn’t be higher than 48 inches because it’s not intended for the young or elderly.

Most contractors make the door handles at 36 inches from the finished floor. For comfort purposes also they are installed.

Some of the kinds of doors are mentioned below to understand door handles and door knobs more accurately. 

  • Internal door handles: they are the type of door handles that goes from one room to another on a floor. The distance 3 feet from the floor is being maintained and accordingly, the door handles are installed. If you want to learn more about internal door handles.
  • Closet door handles: closet door handles are the ones that help us to keep our clothes safe inside the closet. They make our work a little easier. The distance here is the same which is 3 feet from the floor. 
  • Barn door handles: there are two types of Barn door handles. Pulling and sliding door handles are two of them. The height needs to be 36 inches to install this type of door handle. This height goes for both types of barn door handles. 
  • Front door handles: This kind of door handle is the crucial one. They are used in most cases. The door handle should be at a height of 3 feet from the ground. 

What is the standard doorknob and deadbolt height?

door knob door handle height
Door knob height

The standard door knob and deadbolt height are 36 inches from the ground. It can go till 40 inches also but in rare cases, this happens. It is believed that the higher the door knob or deadbolt is been installed, the higher will be the pressure required to open the knob. Pressure is exerted on your hip. 

The deadbolt is placed 48 inches off the ground. 

There should be a half feet distance between the doorknob and the deadbolt. It is for the betterment of the door’s functioning. Without any interruption, they both can function in their work. 

What is the standard door handle height?

The standard door handle height is between 3 feet to 4 feet from the finished floor. It is said to be easier and provides more comfort. It is done on the finished floor and not on the subfloor beneath it.

For kids, a good height will be about 3 feet. 

It is suggested to keep the height of all doors the same at your place, rather than different doors with different heights. 

What is the code for door handle height?

The American 1008.1.9.2 hardware height code says that door handles should have a height between 34 inches to 48 inches from the finished floor. It should be low as 34 and go high till 40 inches. 

This rule is universal and doesn’t appear to change with the terms. The only areas where the door handles must be kept at a specific height for safety reasons are places like swimming pools, spas, and other such establishments. Height restrictions beyond 40 inches may be allowed in these areas for the protection of young children.

Many doors have door handles already attached. They also uphold this code and install the door handles appropriately. The international building follows this code as well.

How can you install a door handle set?

There are a few steps kept in mind while installing a door handle set. 

Drill a hole:

The very first step is to drill a hole. Some doors have a drill-ready tee. If you require a door handle, you must drill a hole yourself in the proper location if the door does not already have one.

Put the latch in:

Into the drilled hole, insert the latch. Put the latch in the proper location with the screw. The latch can be either round or rectangular. Use a piece of wood to install a faceplate latch with a round shape. By doing this, any collision between the latch and the faceplate will be lessened.

Installation of the door handle:

Next and the most important step is of installing the door handle. Install the door handle into the latch. The inside part of the door is being installed by the side of the hole.

Put in the lower parts:

You will need parts like a washer, a screw, and its cover to secure it in place. The door handle will remain secure and in place as a result of this.

Place the strike plate:

It is the last step of installing a door handle set. In this step, you have to place the strike plate into the door jamb. 

How can you replace door knob with handle set?

There are two steps you can rely on while replacing a door knob with a handle set. They are stated as follows. 

  • The removal process: To insert the handle set, you must first remove the doorknob. Screw drivers are necessary for this. Afterward, remove the base plate’s screws. The last step is to work on unscrewing the latch. After that, put the knob together.
  • The installation process: The latch must first be inserted into the opening. Once finished, insert the handle’s exterior portion into the latch’s faceplate. Maintain the inside lever on the other side. The strike plate needs to be kept back on the doorjamb using a screwdriver as the final step.

Final thoughts

You have to maintain a gap of 3 feet from the ground if you’re planning to install a door knob or a door handle. The main rule has to be followed that is maintaining the standard height .

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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