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How High to Mount Tv

How High to Mount TV in Living Room? [42,50,60,65,75 & 85″]

Getting a new television is quite exciting. However, after you have unboxed it, you must figure out where and how to install it.

If you mount your TV too high, you would be unable to get the optimal viewing angle. The same applies if your TV is too low in height.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to measure exactly where to mount your television, based on its size, where you or any family member is sitting, etc.

Please check out the rest of the write-up to get more information.

How High to Mount TV in Living Room?

Wondering about the TV mounting height in the living room?

According to professionals, you should keep the middle of the television at eye level when seated. The best TV height is generally 42 inches from the floor to the middle of the TV. However, this might vary if you are tall and sitting on a couch.

How High to Mount Tv?

To calculate how high to mount the TV should be appropriate, measure the TV’s height and then divide the result by two. Subtract the number you got from 42. That is how high the bottom of your television should be from the floor.

How High to Mount 42-inch tv:

For a 42- inch TV, the mounting height must be 32.2”.

How High to Mount 50-inch tv:

The recommended mounting height for a 50-inch TV is 29.7”.

How High to Mount 55-inch tv:

In the case of a 55-inch TV, the recommended mounting height will be 28.5”.

How High to Mount 60-inch tv:

If you have got a 60-inch TV, you should go for a mounting height of 27.3”.

How High to Mount 65-inch tv:

For a 65-inch TV, it’s recommended for the mounting height to be around 26”.

How High to Mount 75-inch tv:

To mount a 75-inch tv, the recommended height from floor is 23.6”.

How High to Mount 85-inch tv:

The recommended 85 inch TV mounting height is 21.2”. This will be the best viewing height for an 85 inch tv.

The numbers mentioned above are generalized. Please consider calculating on your own or hire a professional before you mount your television.

Is it better to look up or down at a TV? Should a TV be centered on a wall?

You should neither look up nor down at a television; doing so puts excessive strain on your eyes and neck. Therefore, it is essential to know the best tv viewing angle. Also, placing a TV too high or too low can destroy its picture quality.

Are you planning on making your television the focal point of your living room? If yes, you must place it in the center of the wall. If you have a different focal point, such as a fashionable window or a beautiful mantelpiece, you must place the television on the wall adjacent to the focal point. This will enable you to watch your favorite movie comfortably.

Should the center of the TV ever be higher than 42 inches with smaller screens?

Image Credits: Sanus

You have already found out how high should 75 inch TV be mounted. Now it is time to find out the answer to another question – should the center of your television be higher than 42 inches in case of smaller screens? Your TV screen will most probably be bigger. No matter what television size you plan to opt for, you can be higher than you think.

Things to consider while determining tv height on the living room wall

To determine the best viewing height for wall mounted tv, you must consider the below factors – 

  1. Size of the TV:

It takes some math to find the best TV size for your living room. Picking the right screen size is essential. If the screen is excessively huge and if you sit too close to it, you would not be able to see the complete picture. Currently, the most common television sizes are 42, 50, 55, 60, 65, 75, and 85 inches.

  1. Viewing distance:

Maintaining a proper viewing distance is essential, or you may suffer from eye strain and headache. Too much eye strain blurs vision and causes sight problems down the road.

So, how far should you be sitting when watching TV?

If you have 42-inch television, you must sit at least 10 to 12 feet away. Use your common sense to gauge the viewing distance. If your eyes start hurting, please move immediately.

  1. Eye-level:

Apart from viewing distance, the position of the TV with where you plan on sitting is also necessary to prevent eye pain. Whether you keep your TV on your table or hang it from your wall, please ensure it is placed at your eye level. This would not strain your vertical eye or neck muscles.

How can you calculate deal TV viewing height?

We mentioned how you can calculate the TV wall mount height at the beginning of this write-up. But to get a better idea, you can check out our infographic below:

Best TV Mount Size with TV & Mounting Height

Suppose you want to know 85 inch TV height from the floor. You must depend on the standard 42-inch center height and measure upward from the floor to the bottom.

Why TV placement is important?

Did you know interior design is all about science, especially TV placement? If you just throw your television in the corner, you would be craning your neck whenever you watch a movie or news. You would also be disturbing the other decorations of your house.

Proper viewing height for tv: When determining the right TV placement, you should consider distance and height. The height must be at eye level under all circumstances. If the TV is mounted high up on the wall, you should angle down the screen, so it is at your eye level.

If your room has many windows, you may face difficulty. The easiest solution is to install window treatments. Opaque drapes can remove glare. Wooden shades do the trick too.

When wall-mounting the TV, please take enough time to prepare. Find out if the wall is suitable for mounting. You must ensure your television is stable before you can put away your tools.

How do you mount a TV to the living room wall?

When mounting the television to your living room wall, please make sure to carry out the following things – 

Determine the wall:

Determine if your chosen wall is strong enough to handle the TV mounting. Also make sure the installation would not inflict any kind of structural damage.

Measure the height and angle:

Measure the height of the TV from the floor as per the instructions specified in the above sections. Also, find the correct angle from which you can watch the TV comfortably.

Place the TV:

Place the TV carefully. Do not put away your tools if your TV feels wobbly. In case the installation seems difficult, contact a professional contractor.


Electronics like television should not be installed above wood-burning stoves, gas fireplaces, or inserts because they generate considerable heat. The heat generated by that device could severely damage your television or other electronic equipment.

How High to Mount Your TV in an Entertainment Center?

You can refer to our infographic above and follow it for the most appropriate instructions to mount TV in your entertainment room.

Wrap Up

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Final Thoughts

Before mounting a TV be sure to consider its height and size. To avoid straining your eyes, be sure to know the correct angle. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries feel free to ask, and we shall get back to you. Thank you for reading:)

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