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how long does it take to change ball joints

How Long Does It Take to Replace Ball Joints (Upper, Lower)?

Ball joints are located on your vehicle’s front suspension system. They create a connection between the steering knuckles and control arms, ensuring seamless movement.

Replacing ball joints is thankfully not an expensive endeavor. In almost all cases, you have to pay $300, which includes both labor and parts. Modern-day ball joints cost between $100 and $150 and labor is readily available for $150.

How long does it take to change ball joints? Well, ball joint replacement generally takes an hour. The duration can be more or less based on multiple factors. To know what they are, please check out the following write-up. It also provides other necessary information.

How long does it take to replace ball joints?

Ball joints weaken when dirt and dust accumulate or when grease escapes out. Rusting along with general wear and tear may also damage the suspension parts. The result is excess looseness. Even though a healthy ball joint allows smooth movement, it must never wiggle. This is a clear indication to opt for ball joint replacement. Some other symptoms to look out for are as follows –

1. Clunky noises especially when a vehicle is going over the bumps

2. Squeaky or creaky noises when the suspension moves

3. Premature or uneven feathering or tire wear

4. Shaky feeling on the steering

If you suspect damage, please inspect your car. Ball joint replacement might seem straightforward but accessing the components and installing them can be quite tricky. If you have no idea about the wheel and suspension assembly, you should seek professional assistance. Replacing ball joints in garages takes one hour straight, and at times more or less.

Is it easy to replace ball joints?

How long does it take to fix a ball joint – you know the answer to this question. But is replacing ball joints easy? The simple answer is no. You have to carry out the below steps as cautiously as possible.

1. Prepare the workstation

2. Closely monitor the ball joints

3. Buy the right replacement

4. Remove the wheel to reach the ball joint

5. Soak the bolts in PB blaster or WD-40

6. Pop open the ball joint

7. Install the new joint into the knuckle hole

8. Secure the joint using hardware

9. Lastly, pump in enough grease

How can you replace ball joints?


Based on the car, it takes an hour or so to replace ball joints. For trucks, however, the replacement time will increase. Be prepared to spend at least two hours.

It will take a minimum of 40 minutes to replace upper ball joints in Ford F150. For upper ball joints in Dodge Ram 1500, the replacement time is around 1.5 hours.

Replacing ball joints in Ford Ranger and Chevy Silverado takes 4 hours. Of course, you should take the expertise of the mechanic into consideration.


How long does it take to replace lower ball joints? The time needed to change lower ball joints on cars, trucks, Dodge Ram 1500, Ford F150, Ford Ranger, and Chevy Silverado is nearly the same as the time taken to replace upper ball joints. The duration sometimes varies due to aligning.

What is the cost of replacing ball joints?

I have already mentioned the cost of replacing ball joints in the beginning of this write-up. The price of ball joints range between $100 and $150. Consider how much you have to spend on labor, and also the model of the vehicle.

The average cost of changing upper and lower ball joints is around $300. Fix the budget before talking to your mechanic.

Should you replace the upper and lower ball joints at the same time?

Should you replace both ball joints at the same time? If a single ball joint is damaged, there is a high chance that the ball joint on the other side has also gone bad or is nearing the end of its lifespan. Several technicians suggest replacing both the ball joints at the same time.

If you notice problems with one ball joint, please replace it and its pair. This is because when one of the ball joints fails, the other will follow soon. Are you wondering what wears out first – the upper and lower ball joint? Studies have shown that the lower ball joint takes most of the hits and wears out. It after all has to endure the burden of the whole vehicle and absorb the impact of potholes and other kinds of road hazards.

After you have replaced one or both ball joints, you should opt for alignment. If you have replaced one side and also got the alignment done, get ready to do the same for another side in a month.

Is it safe to drive on a bad ball joint?

Since you are aware of the F250 ball joint replacement time, you must find out whether or not it is safe to drive when the ball joints have gone bad. In spite of the importance of ball joints, lots of people drive on bad ball joints because they are not aware it will be a huge deal.

You must never drive on a bad ball joint. If you continue driving, you will end up damaging the other components of your vehicle. After some time, the joint will fail fully. As a result, you will lose control and suffer from injuries. Still, you can manage to get about 500 miles on a bad joint.

The best way to handle this issue is to get the car checked and be acquainted with the symptoms. This will fortunately keep major accidents at bay.

Final thoughts

I hope the above discussion helped you know whatever you needed to know about ball joint replacement time. Ball joints have a significant role to play in terms of suspension of cars and steering. Riding on poor ball joints can lead to accidents, so be careful. If you are not certain about the condition of the ball joints, talk to an expert and learn about top-notch replacements.

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