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how long does jalapeno skin burn last

How Long Does Jalapeno Burn Last? [Complete Guide]

Jalapeno peppers have become an integral part of several dishes. Before you go to the market and make a purchase, let me inform you that they can burn your skin. I understand the excruciating pain as I have burned myself multiple times in the past while slicing jalapenos.

We all know drinking milk can calm down your tongue. But what must you do if the jalapeno peppers burn your hands or nose? Also, how long does the burn last? If you want answers to these questions along with related information, please check out the given write-up now.

How long does jalapeno burn last?

How long does jalapeno skin burn last? According to recent research, the burning sensation lasts for a day or long, based on the severity. Other factors determining the duration of the burn are how delicate your skin is and if you suffer from an allergic reaction.

  • On lips

Jalapenos are immensely delicious but at times their flavor is accompanied by a burst of heat that makes your lips feel as if they are on fire. Capsaicin is what makes your lips burn and it is present in all kinds of peppers, including jalapeno. Even though the pain seems unbearable, undertaking a couple of measures douses the flames in no time.

You can eat dairy products that are high in fat such as cream, cold milk, yogurt, and ice cream to disintegrate the bonds that the jalapenos formed with the nerve endings on your lips.

  • In nose

It can be incredibly painful if jalapenos and jalapeno seeds somehow goes inside your nose. You will feel an itch that will turn into a discomforting sensation quite quickly. Your gut may tell you to wash your nose with water but that would only exacerbate the pain. Water reactivates the capsaicin and forces the burn to last longer than usual.

How to stop jalapeno burn in nose? can inhale milk vapors or dab the insides of your nose with cotton buds dipped in milk. According to lots of individuals, placing sour cream on the nose provides relief.

  • In mouth

Due to the innate hotness of jalapenos, they can easily burn the insides of one’s mouth. If you are not able to endure the heat, please consume a dairy product such as ice cream, milk, or yogurt.

  • On hands

Jalapenos are extremely spicy and they can do so much more than burning your tongue. You will hurt your hands if you cut these peppers without putting on disposable gloves. The sensation will last for a couple of hours but you can speed up healing by submerging your hands in a bleach solution (one cup bleach and five cups of lukewarm water).

  • On skin

How long does jalapeno oil stay on skin? If you have been chopping jalapenos for a concentrated recipe such as hot sauce, the burn will be too painful and last longer than a day.

Why does your hand hurt after cutting jalapenos?

If you love preparing and eating spicy foods, you have experienced a burning sensation on your hands after slicing jalapenos or other types of peppers. Capsaicin that provides the peppers with their delightful flavor is actually responsible for the tingling.

Will jalapeno burn go away on its own? Will jalapeno hands go away?

Jalapeno burns generally last for 24 hours but without a proper remedy you will feel the pain for days. So, if you want the sensation to go away, please implement the remedies stated later in this write-up.

Does aloe help pepper burns? Does mustard help jalapeno burns?

We all know aloe vera can help with sunburns but are they capable of providing relief from pepper burns? Aloe vera tends to escalate blood circulation and eliminate the burning sensation temporarily. Slather a substantial amount of aloe vera gel, and then look for other more effective remedies.

Just because you read somewhere online, please do not apply mustard on your burns. No one has found any scientific proof supporting mustard as a treatment even for minor burns. Mustard irritates your skin and opens up the blood vessels.

What can stop jalapeno from burning skin?

We have already learnt how long does jalapeno burn last on hands and other parts of the body. Now it is time to find what can stop the burning sensation caused by jalapeno peppers.

how to stop jalapeno burn
Things like Olive oil helps to reduce jalapeno burn
  • Olive oil:

Olive oil can successfully cancel out the harmful effects of jalapeno peppers. You can use an amalgamation of vegetable oils too. Smear olive oil all over your skin and watch your pain disappear.

  • Lard:

The thickness and presence of fat allows lard to break the components of jalapeno oil. Lard will prevent the oil from reaching your nervous system and inflicting more permanent damage.

  • Hand washes:

For minor burns, you will just need a good hand wash. Scrub your hands thoroughly and place them in cool water. Continue rinsing until the pain subsides. Dry your hands using a paper towel.

  • Dish wash:

Dish washes have a huge impact on jalapeno peppers and oils. They can be utilized as many times as you want. If the other remedies do not work, you must opt for dish wash without any hesitation.

  • Yogurt:

Dairy products have casein. It is a fat-binding protein that dissolves capsaicin. As we have already stated, capsaicin is present in jalapeno peppers and it causes the burning sensation. Soak the concerned body part in yogurt, whole milk, or sour cream. You will feel the pain vanishing in an hour.

  • Alcohol:

According to the latest studies, rubbing alcohol can break down the chemical compounds present in jalapenos, relieving burning sensation. Dip your hands in rubbing alcohol and rinse them off with water later.

How can you neutralize jalapeno burn on the skin?

To neutralize jalapeno burn, or in other words, decrease its intensity, please try the four methods below.

  • Apply olive oil:

Apply lots of olive oil to the burnt area. Olive oil will stop capsaicin from getting absorbed by your skin.

  • Rinse off with Dish wash:

Rub the dish wash to remove capsaicin and olive oil.

  • Clean with alcohol:

Cleaning with dish wash will still leave oil in your skin pores, so, please rinse your skin with alcohol too.

  • Rinse again:

Lastly, wash your skin with warm water.

How long does capsaicin burn last?

How long does capsaicin burn last? You will have redness, burning, and stinging for a few hours. If the uncomfortable sensation lasts for several days, please try the homemade remedies discussed. Remember, humidity, heat, and sweating can make your burns worse.


What worked for one person might not work for you. If you found painful burns even after you have carried out the remedies stated above, please seek immediate medical attention.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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