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How Many amperage Does a Light Bulb Use

How Many Amps Does a Light Bulb Use? [Must Read!!]

The electric light bulb is rightly considered one of the most significant inventions. It established social order, extended work hours, and allowed human beings to travel safely after sundown. The following write-up specifies the number of amps light bulbs utilize along with other related information. Please check it out right away.

How many amps does a light bulb use?

Based on the amperage and type, light bulbs generally use between 0.01 and 12.5 amps. The number is also determined by the power of the bulb you have purchased and the voltage in your area. If your bulb consumes lots of power, sooner or later the number of amps will escalate.

LED bulb

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights rely on less power, but they are equally bright. They are also believed to be more efficient. A 9W bulb uses 0.040 amps, a 10W bulb 0.045 amps and a 25W bulb 0.11 amps. Now it is time to learn about the other wattages.

So, if you have bought a 40W bulb, you would want to know how many amps does a 40 watt bulb use – 0.18 amps. 50W bulbs have 0.22A, 60W bulbs have 0.27A, 80W bulbs 0.36A, 100W bulbs 0.45A, 150W bulbs 0.68A, 200W bulbs 0.90A, and 250W bulbs 1.13A.

Incandescent bulb

Since you know how many amps does a 60 watt light bulb use, let’s find out the amps of an incandescent bulb.

Incandescent bulbs have currently been replaced by LEDs though people still invest in them due to the less cost and reliability factor. According to studies, an incandescent bulb uses about 0.07-12.5 amps. Of course, you must take into account the bulb’s size and the voltage it needs.

Standard light bulb

You are already aware how many amps does a 100 watt light bulb draw but what about a standard light bulb? Well, the standard bulb base is available in multiple variants. Also, it can be both incandescent and LED. Well, depending on the type, power, and voltage, standard light bulbs use a minimum of 0.01 amps and a maximum of 7.5 amps.

Fluorescent light bulb

How many amps does a 150 watt light bulb use? We have provided you with the answer to this question right at the beginning. This section will explore the amps a fluorescent light bulb uses.

CFL (Compact fluorescent lights) have a twisted shape, and they are immensely energy-efficient. They ensure five times the brightness, and use 0.04-1.8 amps.

Halogen bulb

Halogen bulbs have also impressed a large segment of the population. It uses about 0.2-8.4 amps.

Light bulb amperage chart:

If you go through this light bulb amperage chart, you will be thoroughly acquainted with the amps lights of different watts use. Keep it in mind when making a purchase next time.

  • 15 watt – 0.125 amps
  • 40 watt – 0.333 amps
  • 50 watt – 0.417 amps
  • 60 watt – 0.5 amps
  • 100 watt – 0.833 amps
  • 200 watt – 1.667 amps
  • 250 watt – 2.083 amps

Now if you wish to know how many amps does a 250 watt bulb use, you can refer to the above chart without any hesitation.

Do LED light bulbs use less amps?

Are there less LED light bulb amps? Yes, as mentioned at the very outset of this write-up, LED lights use much less amps. By nature, LEDs have low voltage and they draw low current. So, even though they hardly have any power, they are considered most efficient. Typically, the amps used range between 100 to 750 milliamps.

How can you calculate the electric current drawn by a light bulb?

To calculate the electric current drawn by light bulbs, you have to implement the three steps stated below as cautiously as possible.

Find out how much power does your light bulb consume

All the modern-day bulbs have power wattage specified on them. For instance, the bulbs can be 50, 60, 75, 100, 250 watts. This number indicates the power used by the bulbs.

Identify the voltage rating in your area

You also have to identify the voltage rating. The power consumed by a light bulb is directly related to the operational voltage. In the USA, most of the household appliances function at 110 volts.

Use the electric current calculation formula

To find the current, you have to divide the power by the voltage. The formula is – Current(I) = Power (P)/ Voltage (V).

Suppose you got a 60W light bulb. The voltage in your area is 110. So, the electric current the bulb draws is 60/110 = 0.54 amps.

How can you reduce the current in a light bulb?

If you wish to reduce the current present inside a light bulb, you must keep in mind the four tricks stated below.

  • Use a low power rated light bulb

If you get a low rated bulb, you will be able to decrease the current in a seamless manner.

  • Use a higher voltage rated light bulb within the range

Does the electric supply in your locality have a higher voltage rating than the bulb you are using? If yes, you must try to purchase a bulb whose power and voltage rating are close to one another. Doing so will decrease the current.

  • Connect the light bulb in a series connection

If you connect the bulb in a series connection on the switchboard, you will be able to decrease the current. It is all about physics. When the electric components are a part of series connection, each component will get less current.

  • Use a current limiter

You can opt for a current limiter to control the current flowing through the bulb.

How many volts does a light bulb use?

Many people wish to know how many volts does a lamp use. The voltage is usually around 110. This is designed for matching the volts produced by a conventional electric outlet.

What is the current flow in a bulb?

The current flow could be defined as the amount of electrons flowing inside a light bulb. It depends on the power a bulb uses and the voltage in the area. You can find out the electric current of your light bulb by dividing the power by voltage. Its unit is amps.

Final Thoughts

I hope this write-up helped you learn about light bulbs and how many amps they use. Always remember that electric current flowing inside a bulb, the power consumer by the bulb, and the voltage in your area are interconnected.

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