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how much to powdercoat wheels

How Much Does It Cost to Powder Coat Wheels?

Almost all motorists are proud of their vehicle’s appearance. From the intense paint job to the finer aspects of an extensive interior, it is generally the minute details that make a car or a truck desirable.

However, on the basis of cosmetic appeal solely, only a set of high-quality wheels can contribute to a vehicle’s overall look. Even though customized wheels of multiple configurations are available in the market these days, powder-coated wheels have somehow acquired the most popularity.

Wheels with such a distinct finish are considered cent per cent sporty. They also managed to have a hand in a wide range of applications. Powder-coated wheels are found in convertibles, jeeps, ¾ -ton trucks, and so many more vehicles.

Now are you wondering about the average cost of powder coating wheels? Well, the following write-up aims to answer this question besides providing other relevant information. Please check it out now.

How much does it cost to Powder coat wheels?

Powder coating could be defined as the process of finishing a particular surface in dry coating, which is usually applied electrostatically, and then cured with heat. The powdered substance used has a polymer base and is permeated with an amalgamation of flow modifiers, curatives, pigments, and leveling agents.

Lots of people wish to powder coat their wheels but they are worried about the price. While you can do powder coating at home using rubberized spray finishes, it is better to seek professional assistance.

Because of the complicated nature of the work, one should be prepared to pay a huge sum. The price of powder coating changes with the price of supplies. So, how much to powdercoat wheels at the moment? Well, you have to pay somewhere between $300 and $700 when working on four wheels.

The lower end of the price spectrum signifies treatment of sedan-sized wheels. The higher end, however, encompasses large wheels that require clear coats or extra gloss in addition to standard base.

Below is the cost of powder coating different kinds of car wheels –

  • Powder coated wheels black:

Powder coating black colored wheels call for around $100 for every wheel, so, a total of $400 for four wheels.

  • Powder coat ATV wheels:

You need to spend at least $250 to apply a powder coat on the ATV wheels. The cost includes stripping, masking, cleaning, and then coating.

  • Powder coat alloy wheels:

Powder coating alloy wheels involve providing a top-notch finish and vibrant color. If you take into account the environmental impact and durability, you have to pay around $300 for each wheel.

  • Powder coat motorcycle wheels:

How much does it cost to powder coat motorcycle rims? According to research, the price depends on whether you wish to coat the whole wheel or just the external portion. Anyway, the average cost is between $400 and $600.

  • Powder coat steel wheels:

To powder coat steel wheels, you must be ready to pay at least $400. The price can reach $700.

  • Powder coated aluminum wheels:

Finally, yet importantly, based on the texture, size, and materials used for building wheels, it will cost $500 per set to powder coat aluminum wheels.

Is powder coating good for wheels? How long does powder coating last?

So, you know how much to powder coat wheels black and other types, now it is time to learn if powder coating is actually beneficial.

Powder coating wheels is better than painting them. Why? Because of sturdiness. As powder coat finish is put on wheels electrostatically, a long-lasting bond is made between the cured coatings and the metal base beneath. Paint, on the contrary, is just a surface treatment.

Powder coat finishes do not chip and last with very little maintenance. This is necessary as your wheels have to endure a lot on the road.

Also, powder coatings are applied uniformly so you can hardly run into any problems in terms of inconsistencies like blemishes or thin spots. The same unfortunately is not true about painted finishes.

Now comes the next frequently asked question about powder coating – how long does the powder coat last? If the powder coat is applied by an expert, it would easily last for twenty years. Now if the wheels are handled too roughly, the powder coat will come out in five years. Anyway, powder coat finishes are sure to fade and scratch over time.

How can you determine powder coating cost? How much does it cost to powder coat per vehicle?

How to determine wheels powder coating price? It is quite easy actually. The cost depends on the surface area of the wheel. If the surface is large, you have to use more powder coat finishes and of course spend more. Below are three factors you need to consider when determining powder coating cost.

Cost of the powder:

The powder used for coating wheels cost five dollars a pound. A large wheel will need several coats, hence, the cost per pound will naturally increase.

Transfer efficiency:

Transfer efficiency is the amount of powder an operator uses. The typical transfer efficiency must be around 30% but it can go till 70%.

Dry Film thickness:

It is necessary to consider the thickness of a surface you are planning on powder coating. Doing so will help you determine the amount of powder needed for the job, thus, the cost.

You already know how much it costs to powder coat different types of wheels.  

How much does it cost to maintain powder-coated wheels?

Powder Coating Wheels

You have to spend at least forty dollars a year to maintain the powder coated wheels.

Normal cleaning:

Do not allow anything harsh or dry come into contact with powder coated wheels. Clean the wheels with a mild soap, preferable if free of phosphates, and hot water. You must get rid of all accumulated dirt and dust. Remove the swirls using wet sand.

Professional cleaning:

Professional cleaning helps powder coated wheels to retain their luster for decades. You can use WD-40 or cleaners that have orange peels. They prevent grime and dirt from building up.

Apply sealer spray:

If you want your powder coated wheels to last for a prolonged period, you need to protect it. Using a sealer spray is mandatory. Although powder coat finishes are less prone to damage, they are not bulletproof.

How long does it take to powder coat wheels?

Studies have shown that powder coating one wheel takes approximately two hours. So, powder coating four wheels of a car will easily take one day. Three factors that can affect the duration – condition of the wheel, material, and equipment used.

How can you powder coat wheels?

The experts determining rim powder coating cost said powder coating wheels may seem easy but it is a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. You must undertake lots of safety measures while implementing the steps below.

  • Sand the surface well

Before spreading the powdered substance, you should sand the surface. In other words, clean the rims thoroughly.

  • Apply the powder coat

After you have removed the dirt and dust, you must use a machine to apply powder coat finishes as evenly as possible.

  • Cure it properly

To cure the wheels, place them inside an oven. Preheat the oven. Cure for at least twenty minutes, and then let the wheels cool down.


I hope the above discussion cleared all your doubts about powder coating. If you wish to powder coat your vehicle’s wheels so that they look visually appealing, please schedule an appointment with the best professional in your locality.

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