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how much fabric for a tie blanket

How Much Fabric Material Do I Need for a Tie Blanket?

Tie blankets have acquired widespread popularity all across the globe. Manufactured from polyester fleece, they ensure long-lasting softness, which everyone desires during the winter season when lounging in front of the television or sleeping.

Tie blankets generally have a stitched border – a zigzag pattern running throughout the edge. This creates a neat customized appearance besides incorporating an additional layer of strength,

In the following write-up, I am going to specify how much fabric is required for a tie blanket. Lots of individuals have this query, so, please check it out right now.

How much fabric material do I need for a tie blanket?

Several reputed quilt makers said you will need at least three yards of fleece for a tie blanket. The amount will vary according to the type of blanket.

Large and full-size tie blanket:

How much fleece for a large tie blanket? Three yards fleece will be enough.

Large blankets can accommodate two people in a seamless manner, and are fit for queen-size beds. They will be a tad large for one person. So, make sure to buy materials as per your requirements.

Twin-size blanket:

For twin-size blankets, you have to pick at least 2.5 to 3 yards of fleece. You can get several variations in texture, color, print, and design.

A twin-size blanket is perfect for two people and again meant for the modern-day queen-size beds. You can sew materials in a wide range of patterns to create a cozy and colorful blanket.

Queen size tie blanket:

how many yards for a queen size tie blanket
Queen size tie blanket

How much fabric for a queen size tie blanket? Go ahead and purchase two yards of fleece. Queen-size blankets are smaller than twin and king size blankets so you do not need a lot of material.

It is best if a single person uses a queen-size blanket since two people would not be comfortable inside it. Two yards will be good for tall people who cannot properly fit in regular blankets.

King-size blanket:

King-size blankets are huge. They accommodate three people without any hassle, so, ideal for small families. You have to invest in at least four yards of fleece. The material required depends on the size of tie blankets you are planning on using.

How much do you cut for a tie blanket?

You need to cut two inches on every side for a tie blanket. Make sure the cuts are straight. You do not have to be concerned about the cuts being flawless as long they are straight.

If your blanket is a 4×4 square, you have to make cuts around all four corners. However, if you want the fringes to be a bit long, the square’s size has to increase – think 5×5.

The cuts are incredibly essential as they determine your blanket’s and its fringes’ shape. Please do mess up the overall proportion of the cuts.

How can you make a tied fleece blanket?

Tied fleece blanket

You know how many yards for a queen size tie blanket, and all other types of blankets. So, you can try making a tied fleece blanket on your own. Just implement the steps below as diligently as possible.

Purchasing the material:

You need to purchase the necessary materials and tools namely 1 to 2 yards of fleece, cutting ruler, rotary cutter, cutting mat, pencil or pen, ruler, and scissors.


When you get fleece by yard, you need to trim and straighten it almost always. You need to at least cut the selvage edge.

Lay the fleece on a flat surface. Smooth it out with your hands. Do the same with the other side. Now start cutting the fleece to whatever size you planned your blanket will be. Remember to square up the corners. As stated earlier, please make the cuts straight.

The blanket will seem around 10 inches smaller than the size you chose after it is done due to the fringe.

Tying the strips:

Use a pencil or pen to draw squares on each corner. Now cut them out with scissors. The square must be of the same length as the fringe. The fringe is generally six inches long so the square on each corner should also be six inches.

Make the fringe by cutting through the thickness of the fleece. Based on the size of the blanket, the fringe may not be as even as you desired. To fix this, you must adjust the length and the width of the strips beforehand.

Finally, tie the fringe strips together. Hold one set and then tie them into a square knot. The knots must be tight but they should not pull the fabric excessively.

Finishing step:

Keep tying all the pieces until you have your blanket. The last step is to add multiple personal touches. Decorate the blanket with embroidery, fabric paint, buttons, and crystals.

How can you make a tie blanket with one piece of fabric?

You can make a tie blanket with one piece of fabric. Purchase one type of fleece between 2 and 3 yards. You have to carry out the steps stated in the above section.

Place the fleece on a flat surface and smooth it out. Cut the squares on the four corners. Then cut the fringes and tie them in knots. Trim the edges, and your blanket will be ready.

How can you make tie blanket corners?

You have learnt how many yards of king size blanket. You are also thoroughly acquainted with the steps to making a tie blanket. But do you know how to make tie blanket corners or why is it necessary in the first place?

Well, cutting corners can enhance the visual appeal of your blanket and make the manufacturing process easy.


Cut the cardboard in an area of 4×4 or 5×5. You must take into account the size of the blanket.

Place the cardboard on corners:

Flatten the fleece and place the cardboard on one of the corners. Cut the corner in the shape of the board. Repeat this for the other three corners.

Flatten the material:

Remove the board and smooth out the edges. If you have confidence in your expertise, you can cut corners without cardboard too.

How big should a tie blanket be?

Your tie blanket can be as big as you want. If you want the blanket for one person, you can opt for a queen-size blanket, which needs around two yards of fleece. However, if you want a blanket for two adults, you have to make a king-size blanket that needs three yards of fleece.

Bottom Line

I hope the above discussion provided all the necessary information you needed to create a tie blanket. If you do not trust your expertise, you can seek assistance from experienced and efficient quilt makers.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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