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what are black walnut trees worth

How Much Is a Black Walnut Tree Worth? [Read More]

Black walnut trees are exceptionally beautiful. They are also worth a lot of money. Even though the price depends on multiple factors, size is considered the most significant.

Modern-day individuals have been investing in black walnut trees because they can enhance the appearance of any yard. Why plant different shrubs and bushes when a single tree can rejuvenate the landscape, right?

Now if you are planning on purchasing a black walnut tree, you must first know what are black walnut trees worth. The following write-up aims to provide all the necessary information. Please check it out right now.

How Much Is A Black Walnut Tree Worth?

A black walnut tree that is in proper condition and has a huge diameter (around twenty inches) costs somewhere between $700 and $800.

Black walnut trees live for 150 years and at times 250 years. They grow throughout their lifespan having diameters over thirty inches and up to forty inches. The larger the diameter of a walnut tree, the more its worth. In fact, a black walnut tree with a diameter of forty inches worth approximately $2000.

To find out the exact black walnut tree value, you must take into account its size and age.

 Black walnuts


  • Full grown black walnut tree:

According to the latest research, a full-grown black walnut tree costs at least $800. As mentioned right above, if the diameter increases, the worth of the tree will also increase. Since black walnut trees grow larger with time, their value also goes up.

  • 50 ft black walnut tree:

A black walnut tree that is 50 feet high can cost almost $30,000. However, many factors played a part including diameter. The value also depends on the quality of lumber.

  • 100 ft black walnut tree:

Black walnut trees can grow as high as a hundred feet. Such trees are worth $50,000 to $60,000.

Black walnut trees are also incredibly beneficial since they offer shelter and food to native wildlife.


  •  40-year-old black walnut tree:

As per studies, a 40-year-old black walnut tree has a diameter of 40 to 45 inches. Such a tree will be worth $1800 at least.

  • 30-year-old black walnut tree:

According to the black walnut tree value calculator, a 30-year-old tree has a diameter of 30 inches and is worth $2000.

  • 20-year-old black walnut tree:

A 20-year-old black walnut tree has a diameter of a minimum 15 inches. It costs almost $800.

Is a black walnut tree worth anything? How much money can you get for a black walnut tree?

Many people ask how much money they can get by selling black walnut tree logs. Right now, the log is worth $0.8 to $2. Sawlogs that are used for making lumber cost $3 to $10. Veneer logs are a bit more expensive. They have huge applications in the architectural industry.

Can you sell walnut trees? Yes, you can organize an auction. Timber graders and buyers can bid. Be as cautious as possible. You will get one chance to cut the tree and receive the cash reward.

What affects a black walnut tree’s value?

A wide range of things affect the value of black walnut trees but two major ones among the lot are quality of veneer and grade of lumber.

Quality of veneer:

You can determine the quality of veneer by thinly slicing it. However, the ultimate measure is done based on the diameter.

To find out the diameter, you must use an instrument called a Biltmore stick. Walnut trees that have a large diameter produce the most veneer.

Grade of lumber:

Lumber grading is another way to find out the quality of a black walnut tree. It also determines the quantity of sellable lumber a tree can offer.

How is a black walnut tree graded? 

Depending on the clear wood:

The experts evaluating tree knots worth money said walnut trees are usually graded on the basis of clear wood rating.

Clear wood is free of damage and blemish and it is on high demand at present. With clear wood, you can create the best wooden products.

The grading scale used for rating trees is the same as the one used in the schools of the United States. Always remember, no two tree species hold the similar value.

  • Grade A tree has no blemishes, knots or clear damage.
  • Grade B tree has slight blemishes and minor damage.
  • Grade C tree has tiny knots on one or both the sides of a tree.
  • Grade D trees have frequent knots and scratches.
  • A Grade 1 tree has many knots that cover almost the whole tree.
  • Grade 2 trees have big knots, extensive damage, and many scratches.

How much is a black walnut tree worth for lumber?

For the lumber produced by black walnut trees, you can easily get something between $50 and $500. The price depends largely on the lumber quality and overall diameter of the tree.

Walnut tree with a diameter of 14 inches can make a log as long as 16 feet. This log is used to make 50 boards, and for each board, you can get about $1. On the contrary, a walnut tree with logs of 8 feet can make 170 boards. They can easily help you earn $500.

Are black walnut trees a good investment? Is black walnut expensive?

In the final section of this write-up, we are going to discuss if black walnut trees are expensive and if they can be perceived as a good investment.

Black walnut is a valuable and rare hardwood. Because of high demand and low supply, black walnut wood generally calls for a high price.

Black walnut trees are a good investment because there is hardly any risk. The trees are resistant to pests, diseases, and harsh weather. They also manage to maintain a high and stable price on global markets guaranteeing a long-term return.


Most importantly, if you want to do something good for your planet, you must invest in black walnut trees. Plant a tree and leave behind a greener environment for your future generation.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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