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Building a Corner Shelf

How to Build a Corner Shelf – 8 Easy Steps

Corner shelves have become an integral part of several modern-day households. Unlike ordinary racks, they help you occupy spaces that you were not able to utilize earlier. Three more reasons to incorporate a corner shelf in your interior décor are –

1. With corner shelves, you can enhance the overall personality of your home by displaying unique items.

2. Corner shelves can take on a wide range of shapes and colors, bringing an additional charm to the configuration of the available environment.

3. You can rely on the functionality and versatility of corner shelves. Go ahead and use them in your living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or laundry area.

While you can easily purchase a corner shelf from any home improvement store in your locality, if you like getting involved in DIY projects, why not build one from scratch? Below are eight steps to implement as diligently as possible.

How to Build a Corner Shelf

Gather the necessary tools and supplies

Before you learn how to cut a corner shelf, you must first gather the necessary tools and supplies. People who have done a couple of home renovation projects probably already have these. Get a few wood pieces, nails, measuring tape, and brackets for attaching the frames. Make sure the nails are of top-notch quality because they have to hold floating shelves in place. Also, do not forget about a miter, circular saw, gloves, and safety goggles.

Measure the length of the walls

Measure the walls where you wish to install a corner shelf. If you want to make triangular shelves, the length must be the same on two sides. The size depends on your preference. You can construct a corner shelf that is approximately twelve inches sidewise.

Cut two pieces of wood

Now that you know how to measure for corner shelf, you must be prepared to build the corner shelf. Cut the wood pieces using a miter saw. Keep the length around three inches and the breadth one inch. The angle must be 45 degrees.

After cutting one wood piece, draw a mark at twenty-five inches beneath it. Make one more angled cut on that mark. This will act as the base of the shelf. Please put on safety goggles when using wood and miter saw.

Mark and cut two pieces of plywood for a triangle shelf

For this particular step, you have to get plywood. Place one plywood piece on a flat surface, and place the wood piece on top of it you have cut earlier. Make sure the wood piece touches all the edges of the plywood.

Draw a line with a pencil by touching the wood. You have to divide the plywood into two equal sections. If you want a larger surface for the corner shelf, you should get a larger plywood.

Repeat the steps stated above on a larger piece of plywood. If the base is big, you can hang the corner shelf on the wall without any hassle. The triangle shaped wood allows you to build a shelf that will be at a 90-degree angle.

Make the frames of the corner shelf

You are done with a 45 degree angle corner shelf. Now make the frames. Outline the shape of the wood and cut it. Line up the boards so they look like a frame. Place the plywood to lay on the frame. Cut the extra part with a saw. But remember to keep an additional ¾ part of the earlier frames.

Assemble the three pieces of frames

After you have cut the frames, you have to assemble them. You will require a few nails for this. As you have cut down the frames at a 45-degree angle, every corner must fit perfectly. Use two nails at every corner. Now you have to place the first wood piece on the front part of the shelf. Brackets would also work.

Paint the corner shelf

Before you install the shelf on your wall, you should apply paint on the frame. You may select a wood color for an extra coating or you may choose a shade that complements the wall most. If you want to place potted plants or a flower vase, do it right now. As if water spills, it will damage the wood. After you have painted the frame, you can put up the shelf.

Install the frame on the wall

The last step to building an angled corner shelf is installing a frame. Use nails for securing the frame. You have to use multiple nails because holding the weight of the frame would be a bit challenging. If there are studs, place nails on top of the studs. Now it is time to install pieces of plywood on the frame. Install the bigger part of plywood on the upper portion of the corner shelf.

Now that you know how to build corner shelves, you must also learn how to decorate them.

1. For a bibliophile, absence of storage for books is a real issue. To get an optimal outcome, you may choose a tiered corner shelf since they have substantial storage capacity. Arrange the books either by color or genre.

2. Vintage can never get old. Turn a monotonous corner to create a phenomenal vintage appearance in no time. Put a few antique items and that would ensure your vibe.

3. Most of the corners in the house are dark. You can add a shelf into the corner, add a table lamp, and that would be a source of light. This strategy will make your room exceptionally attractive. Layered lights can create a romantic and stylish ambiance.

4. Why not add greenery to corner shelves? Putting one tiny planter would not be enough so you have to add planters of different sizes to get the best possible results. You can amalgamate different flowers too.


You may modify the décor style of the shelf to create the effect you wish. Finally, if constructing corner shelves seems a little difficult, please purchase a readymade one or schedule an appointment with the most experienced handyman in your locality.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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