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Outdoor Bar Set up

How to Build an Outdoor Bar – 8 Steps Only

Nothing can spice up a barbeque or a garden party more than a visually appealing outdoor bar.

A large number of individuals are currently investing in outdoor bars because they can help you save a lot of money. Hiring a contractor to construct an entertainment space is pretty expensive. Also, no need to worry about the ‘last call’. Your bar would be stocked with your favorite drinks, and you can have them any time of the day or night.

Now how to build an outdoor bar, or in other words, how to do so using a concrete block bar? Some people call a handyman. But if you love DIY projects, you can take things in your own hand. Implement the below steps as diligently as possible.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar

outdoor bar with cinder blocks
Concrete block bar

Purchase regular concrete blocks

Mortaring bricks is not at all a good idea. It requires a substantial amount of energy and work. You can build outdoor bars even if you do not mortar bricks. You can purchase concrete blocks from any home improvement store. Get concrete blocks that you can dry stack without much hassle.

The chunk of concrete would act as a base of the bar. If you do not create a base, grass and sand will settle on the ground eventually. Now lay the concrete blocks on the base.

Decide how much longer you want your outdoor bar to be

How to build an outdoor bar with cinder blocks? Well, as stated in the above pointer, you need to place the cinder blocks on the base created with a chunk of concrete. Now before you do that, please be sure about the dimensions of the bar.

According to studies, the height of a typical outdoor bar is generally 30 to 40 inches from the floor. Arrive at a decision after comprehensive research.

Do you wish to build an outdoor bar where your guests can have lunch or dinner as well? If yes, your bar’s height needs to be 30 inches at least. You can place three to four chairs, and you can use the bar counter as the table.

Fill the concrete slab with concrete filler

Does your concrete slab that you used as a base have irregularities? If yes, your bar may tumble down at the slightest trigger. Also, you would not be able to place the blocks in a seamless manner.

To make the base smooth, you should fill the irregularities with a concrete filler. Please use a high-quality filler.

Lay the concrete blocks on the slab

When building an outdoor bar with cinder blocks, you must lay the blocks as cautiously as possible. It is best to not place one block directly on top of another. You must create some sort of bond pattern. After all, you have not used mortar bricks.

You have to fill the entire base with blocks. Many people, however, prefer laying blocks only on the external wall. But doing so hampers the structural integrity of the bar. You must never leave the interior of the bar vacant.

If you have not purchased enough blocks, run to the market.

Even out the sidewalls of the outdoor bar

After you have laid the blocks, please make the walls even and smooth. When you are working with concrete, you cannot expect every corner to gain a lustrous finish. You must even out the walls with a rubber mallet. Rubber mallet works much better than a hammer.

Make a concrete countertop

Once the base is ready, you have to prepare the countertop. The experts building  a cinder block outdoor bar said the countertop must be as beautiful and strong as your bar.

When making the countertop, do not use an excessive amount of concrete as that would weigh down the bar. You can use bonding cement to make the countertop too. Use a single coating. Before you apply the coating, please spray a little water on the cinder blocks. Coating dry blocks will force them to absorb moisture, and you will have a fractured surface.

Mix the ingredients for at least 5 minutes

The strength of the countertop depends on the quality of the ingredients you use. When using a store-bought countertop mix, please make sure to leave no air bubbles. One of the best ways to get rid of air bubbles is by mixing the ingredients for a good five minutes. You need to have a smooth blend.

Pour the mix carefully and leave it for about twenty hours. After the stipulated period, you have to pour a particular amount of silicone caulk.

Seal the countertop

You are nearly done making an outdoor bar. Just one step to go! Sealing the countertop is necessary or else it would be damaged when the weather is harsh. Now if you have used top-notch products to make the countertop, it has most certainly become weatherproof.

Not sealing the countertop forces it to develop a patina layer. If you or any of your guests accidently spill drinks, the counter will absorb the moisture. When this goes for a long time, you will start noticing signs of damage. So, seal the countertop. Prevention is always better than cure.

Building outdoor bars is a time-consuming endeavor. If you do not want to dedicate precious hours of your day carrying out the steps above, please seek third-party assistance.

There are plenty of professionals who would build an outdoor bar as per your needs, and help you impress your family and friends.

Bottom Line

After your bar is ready, you need to decorate it and enhance the attraction quotient. Add lots of seating. Wicker chairs with comfy cushions seem like the best option. Make sure the lighting enables you to see everything properly. The other must-haves are as follows – wine/beverage cooler, speakers, refrigerator, kegerator, and ice maker.

Your outdoor bar should be the safest, coolest, and most relaxing area in your house. I hope the above discussion will provide you with the nudge you need to build a bar in your backyard as soon as possible.

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