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how to add a temporary wall in a house

How to Divide a Room with a Temporary Wall

Apartment living is considered ideal for small families or individuals who aim to save a couple of bucks. But remember, almost all modern-day apartments are notoriously tiny. You need to implement strategies that would create substantial privacy but not offend your landlord.

Temporary walls have impressed larger segments of the population. They can escalate personal space to the greatest extent. Install a temporary wall to divide a two-bedroom apartment into a three or even a four-bedroom.

You can seek professional assistance but dividing a room with a temporary wall is fairly easy. You have to gather all the necessary supplies and follow the below-mentioned steps as diligently as possible.

How to Divide a Room with a Temporary Wall

Gather the necessary tools

To create a DIY temporary wall, you must purchase a sill seal, hammer, drill, 2×4 lumber, drywall, nails, and circular saw. You will find these tools in any hardware store. You can also look for them online.

Place sill seal to protect your floor

Lots of people stay away from temporary walls because they believe it will knock down their floor. Well, there is a way to keep the floor protected. Have you heard of sill seals? Sill seal is a foam with thickness of approximately ¼ inches. Place the sill seal on the floor. It would act as a base for the temporary wall, ensuring the correct pressure and support. Some people use sill seals to protect their ceiling.

Cut two pieces of 2×4 wood

The experts providing the best DIY removable wall said you must now carefully cut 2×4 lumber wood into two pieces. Use a circular saw for precision. People using jigsaw admitted taking a lot more time than necessary. Make sure the blades are sharp or else you will end up with an irregular cut.

Are you wondering about the purpose of the two wood pieces? Well, they will form the borders of your temporary wall – bottom and bottom.

Measure the height of your room

Measure the height of the overall room. If the room has a uniform height, take measurement from any of the points of the room. But if the room has an uneven height, take measurement from both sides.

Note down the height and subtract three inches from it. Then use this measurement to cut two pieces of 2×4 wood.

Place vertical studs in the temporary wall

How to add a temporary wall in a house? We already have learnt the four steps. The fifth one is to place vertical studs. Place the bottom part of the wall on the foam you have placed on the wall. You must cut the studs because they will be too huge for temporary walls.

Secure the vertical studs on the temporary wall with nails

Secure vertical studs using nails. They will keep the temporary wall upright under all circumstances. Vertical studs are a primary element of frame construction. They are generally manufactured from timber but steel studs are perfect for firewalls and walls that are not load bearing.

Attach drywall panels to the temporary wall

It is time to attach drywall panels to your temporary wall. Drywalls are useful since they are sturdy and easy to put together. Drywall is an excellent construction material that can help your temporary wall last for a prolonged period without any hassle.

Paint the wall

Finally, yet importantly, it is time to paint the temporary wall. If you have created the wall for your children’s room, you can paint it in their favorite color or draw their favorite cartoon character. For an adult’s room, you should incorporate some texture.

The above steps will help you construct a temporary wall and divide a room with it in no time. But some people have found these steps a bit difficult. If you are one of them, you must find an alternative. Pressurized walls DIY has acquired widespread popularity.

Pressurized wall goes to the ceiling from the floor but is not affixed permanently. It does not obstruct the sprinkler system, ventilation, and any exit. For many years, New Yorkers have utilized pressurized walls as a kind for top-notch room divider.

How to build a temporary partition wall?

diy temporary wall partition
DIY temporary wall

We have already provided you with the answer. Now a few other creative ways to divide rooms include –

Bamboo Screen

If you are fortunate enough, you may use a bamboo screen to divide the room. It will provide privacy without obstructing sunlight. Bamboo screens can be used for about twenty years. They are of top-notch quality, durable, and affordable.

In-Built Fireplace

Are you looking for a room divider that would make your space more comfortable and private? If yes, nothing can beat an in-built fireplace. This is a simple upgrade that would enhance the entire appearance of your house.

Clothing Rack

Repurposing a clothing rack is a good idea. If you cannot invest in temporary walls, you should use a clothing rack in between two rooms. Decorate it as per your preference.


It does not matter if you are a bookworm, a bookshelf can be an effective and fashionable way to break up a space and separate different areas or rooms. Bookshelf acts as the best divider in lofts.


Does your bedroom have no door? If yes, use curtains. Get curtains of contrasting shades. They would look great against the printed wallpaper you have put up on your living area.


Plants are perhaps the best way to categorize spaces and make room for enough privacy. Talk about being resourceful! Using greenery will purify indoor air, and improve the outlook of a property quite quickly.

Final Thoughts

Temporary walls have always been the best way to divide rooms. They are extremely durable, or in other words, they would last long with little or no maintenance. If you and your roommates need privacy or if you just need more rooms in your apartment, go ahead and install a temporary wall.

There are many other ways to divide the space you are living in. Go ahead and choose whatever option you find the most convenient.

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