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what to do when your leather couch is peeling

How to Fix Leather Couch is Peeling- 7 Easy Steps

Leather stands for luxury and durability. The shine of new leather contributes to its visual appeal. Unfortunately, not all types of leather are the same. Your leather couch may not be aging the way you desired. The following write-up specifies a few reasons why leather peels over time along with tips to combat this issue in a seamless manner. Please check it out right now.

How to repair leather couch peeling? Before we provide you with the answer to this question, let’s try finding out why your leather couch is peeling in the first place. The cleaning products you have been using may be the culprit. Rubbing alcohol helps in eliminating germs from human skin but harms leather accessories.

Bonded leather or leather that is poor in quality will peel easily. You may think that your couch is made of authentic leather but in actuality the manufacturers grinded leftover scraps and attached them to a PU (polyurethane) overlay. Synthetic leather is also a cheap option that cracks and peels.

How to Fix Leather Couch is Peeling

Repair leather couch peeling

Can you restore or fix peeling leather? Yes you can. You need to regulate your expectations a bit. Go through the online reviews. Closely observe the before and after images to get a clear idea of what the best possible outcome looks otherwise your restoration project will fail big time.

  • Gather the necessary supplies

What to do when your leather couch is peeling? Start by gathering the necessary supplies. Purchasing a leather repair kit is mandatory. You can easily get this kit in hardware stores. You must also keep a pair of scissors nearby. Do not rely on large scissors as you will not be able to use them on your leather couch properly. Get the small grooming scissors.

You will need a cloth, preferably lint-free, for wiping, toothpick, and tweezer. Also, invest in high-quality paint because you have to cover the damaged areas with paint.

  • Cut the damaged portion from the leather couch

You have to get rid of the portions that are already damaged. Cutting them out with scissors may seem challenging but once you get the hang of the process, you will be able to do it without any hassle. Use small scissors to remove even the tiniest bit.

After you are done with the cutting, please clean the space as well as your leather couch. If you or any of your family members have an allergy, always use damp cloth. The leather particles quickly corrupt the air and cause coughing, runny nose, itching, etc.

  • Use a backing fabric from the leather repair kit

My leather sofa is peeling what can I do – a large number of individuals put forward this query. To fix peeling leather, you have to get a leather repair kit. The kit has plenty of items but the one that you need to use is backing fabric. Apply the fabric cautiously on the affected areas.

Measure the affected area and cut the backing fabric accordingly. It is wise to keep at least one-centimeter additional space.

  • Tuck the backing fabric in the damaged area

You cannot just place the backing fabric on the damaged area and leave. The fabric will then fall. You have to tuck in the fabric using a tweezer. Tuck the corners with a toothpick. You generally get tweezers and toothpicks in a leather repair kit. In case your kit does not have tweezers and toothpicks, please buy them separately.

  • Apply vinyl adhesive on the backing fabric

What to do when a leather couch is flaking? After carrying out the aforementioned four steps, you must go ahead with vinyl adhesive. The backing fabric would not stay in place no matter how well you tucked it in. You would need to apply adhesive. Wait a couple of hours after doing so. The actual duration is generally six hours but it may change depending on the amount of adhesive you used or how serious the damage is.

After the vinyl adhesive has dried, you will notice that your leather couch is looking a lot better. The couch’s surface will also be smoother.

  • Mix a few colors to cover the damaged area

When covering the damaged area, you should mix a few colors. Or else, you would not get the desired shade. You will most certainly get a guide with the repair kit that will tell what colors to mix. Never apply a color if you feel it would not match the color of your leather couch. You can color a vinyl piece to be sure.

  • Apply color on the dried area

Have you got the desired shade? If yes, it is time to apply the color on the damaged areas. Never forget to paint the edges. Although it is not possible to get the exact color, please try to match the color of your couch as much as you can.

Heres’s a video on how to fix a leather couch which is flaking

As evident from the above discussion, fixing peeling leather is possible. However, if you believe carrying out the above steps would be difficult for you, please seek third-party assistance. Lots of professionals nowadays promise to repair peeling leather for an affordable price.

The modern-day companies providing leather repair services usually use leather fillers. Leather fillers generally work on minor damages. It is a compound made of leather paint, leather finish, and PVA glue. Available in a variety of colors, leather fillers will work no matter what color your couch is. Leather fillers are also used to repair boots, shoes, and automobile upholstery.

Now is there any way to prevent leather from peeling? Well, you must always purchase top-notch leather. Authentic leather may seem too expensive at first, but down the road, it has proven to be much more cost-effective than faux leather. Spend a little more money now so you can save a lot more money later.


Direct sunlight can force leather to peel, crack, and crease. Also, clean leather after every few weeks with proper cleaning products. Regular cleaning is one of the best measures you can undertake to prevent leather peeling.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.

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