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what makes your eyelashes grow overnight

How to Grow your Eyelashes Overnight [Quick Solutions]

Do you want luscious, long eyelashes? If yes, you are not alone. People who have short or thin lashes wish to grow them out as soon as possible. Well, a couple of self-care and cleaning steps can escalate eyelash growth. Now most of the tips stated below are not medically proven but they will surely work for you. In case they fail to generate a desirable outcome, please pay a visit to a dermatologist, and opt for a prescription serum. Most serums available in the market will help you get the thickest eyelashes.

Steps to grow your eyelashes overnight

  • What makes your eyelashes grow overnight? Shea butter may help. It contains vitamins A and E. They can strengthen your lashes by nourishing its follicles.
Shea butter on eyelashes

Take some shea butter on your fingers and gently massage it on your lashes. Carry this procedure out before going to sleep. Rinse the lashes off in the morning. Soon you will notice thick and long.

  • Green tea is full of antioxidants. It restores eyelash growth by making them strong, long, and dense.

Make green tea with a tea bag or tea leaves, and some warm water. After the tea has cooled down, please apply it on your lashes and leave it for the whole night. Refrigerate the remaining tea, and use this solution for the next three days.

  • How to make your lashes longer overnight? Lemon peels infused in olive oil will help. Did you know vitamins A and C present in the lemon is a hair growth stimulant. Olive oil also contributes to the growth of the lashes right from roots.

Soak one lemon peel in olive oil in the morning. Apply the solution on the lashes before going to bed.

  • Applying petroleum jelly is perhaps the simplest way to elevate eyelash growth. It is an amazing hydrating agent and emollient that allows your lashes to grow within a short period.

Apply petroleum jelly in its purest form on the lashes. Blend the product with utmost caution. Do this everyday at night to calm your eyes down, and you will get thicker lashes soon too.

  • How to make your eyelashes grow overnight naturally? This remedy has impressed larger segments of the population. Biotin deficiency can cause loss of hair on the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Consuming biotin supplements can help with this condition to a great extent. Please go to a healthcare professional to learn about the correct dosage.

The combination of the aforementioned five remedies will help you manage thinning lashes. But you need to make a couple of lifestyle changes too.

  • Always use conventional mascara instead of the waterproof versions. Even though waterproof mascara is known for its sturdiness, it is quite difficult to get product off. You have to do extensive scrubbing and that can break the lashes off. Waterproof mascara dries the eyelashes. So, it is better to stay away from this product under all circumstances. You can put on waterproof mascara on special occasions.
  • Please remove eye makeup daily. Eye makeup can dry the lashes and force them to break off.  Use a gentle remover to get rid of the makeup you have applied during the day. Rough scrubbing can damage and irritate the lashes.
  • Wash your eyelids with water and soap every day. Clean follicles help you have healthy lashes for a prolonged period. Fragrances can lead to skin disorders such as dermatitis. You must always purchase fragrance-free soaps.
  • Adhere to a balanced diet. Your lashes can grow properly only if they need nutrients. Always eat green vegetables and fresh fruits. Foods rich in iron make the lashes strong.
  • Finally, yet importantly, stop opting for eyelash extensions. If you want long eyelashes in 7 days, you have to skip the extensions right away. If you need to use extensions, make sure the glue does not have ingredients that you may be allergic to. Or else, your follicles will swell up.

Is it safe to use oils and serum for faster growth of eyelashes?

Is it safe to use serums and oils on eyelashes? Yes, it is. Latisse, also known as bimatoprost, is the only medicine that can increase lash growth. Book an appointment with the best dermatologist in your locality and discuss all the options available. Latisse is also one of OTC serums that are not regulated and give mixed results.

You can also use oils for eyelash growth fast. The oils that have proven beneficial for lashes and brows are as follows –

Types of oils for eyelashes growth
  • Castor oil can lengthen brows and lashes quite quickly. It has antioxidants and fatty acids that increase hair growth and reinforce every strand. Oil extracted from the castor plant improves blood circulation besides stimulating the follicles. Castor oil is a main ingredient in eyelash serum.
  • Lavender oil is powerful and versatile. It has been used since time immemorial for eliminating stress. The pleasant smell has a soothing effect on the body and mind. When you apply lavender oil to the eyelashes, your lashes will become thick in no time.
  • Argan oil is an expensive oil found in Morocco. Also called liquid gold, it can strengthen hair and skin. You must always apply argan oil to your lashes. The fatty acids and antioxidants will do miracles when it comes to strengthening the lashes.
  • Almond oil is exceptionally gentle. The oil derived from almond nuts hydrates every lash. If you use almond oil for six to eight weeks, you will surely see a noticeable difference in your brows and lashes.
  • Olive oil is the best remedy for growing eyelashes. Dip a mascara brush in olive oil. Coat the lash from the root to tip. Wash the eyes off in the morning. Repeat once everyday for two to three weeks.
  • Vitamin oil is one of the primary ingredients in modern-day eyelash serums. Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and K are absorbed by the hair strands, paving the way for healthier, stronger lashes. Vitamins can also treat fine lines and wrinkles by elevating collagen production.

Final thoughts

This write-up has helped many people get long, thick, and shiny eyelashes. When planning on growing the lashes, all the tips above would help. Please implement them with utmost diligence. Thank you for reading:)

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