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How to hang guitar on wall DIY

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall – 8 Straightforward Steps

Should I hang my guitar on the wall? A large number of modern-day individuals have this query. Well, if you want to put a stylish instrument like guitar on display, or in other words, show it off to your friends and family, you must never lock it in a case. Hanging guitars on the wall enhance the overall appearance of a room, and pave the way for interesting conversations.

Now comes the next frequently asked question – how to hang guitar on wall DIY? Below are eight steps you must implement with utmost caution. But if you have not worked with wood before, go ahead and call a handyman.

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall – Follow these 8 Steps

Creative ways to hang guitars on wall

Gather the necessary tools and supplies

You must collect a couple of supplies for this particular project. Get a saw, a piece of wood, wall bracket, brad nails, marker, chisel, sandpaper, glue, and sawdust.

Take the required measurements

You have to make a guitar hanger that has the same shape as your guitar. The hanger will look amazing in any corner. Start by taking the requirement measurements. Use a marker to draw an outline on the piece of wood. You are free to use whatever wood you want. Some people cut wood from a cupboard or a drawer.

The outline must have a height of approximately 18cm and breadth of 12cm. Since you have to create the guitar holder’s arms, you should measure the space lying in between. Even though it depends on the dimensions of the guitar, generally the space in between is 4 to 5 cm long. Use a measuring tape and note down all the measurements on the paper.

Cut the wood based on the measurement

The experts providing top-notch homemade guitar hangers for wall said you must cut the piece of wood using a saw. Make sure you have checked all the measurements at least twice. If your saw has become dull, replace it with a sharper one. You need to make an appropriate cut if you want your guitar to hang from the wall without any hassle.

Trim the corner of the wood pieces in round shape

For trimming the corners of the wood in round shape, you must use a chisel. There is no need to be perfect when cutting edges. Move on to cut the hanger’s arms. Make sure the arms have round corners otherwise the tuning parts of the guitar may get damaged. Also, if the corners are sharp, you may end up hurting your hand.

Make the arms of the guitar hanger

It is time to make your guitar hanger’s arms. You have to attach the arms you made at a specific angle or else your guitar will fall down. For the arms, you have to make an accurate measurement. Measure the headstock with a caliper.

Make two holes so that the arms become set. The holes should be large as well as small. The arms will sit perfectly then.

Cut one side of the arms at a 45 degrees angle

The experts specifying creative ways to hang guitars on wall said you should cut one side of the arms at a forty-five-degree angle. Now you may not be successful right at first, and you do not have to worry about this. After a couple of attempts, you will surely be successful.

If you do not cut the arms at a 45-degree angle, your guitar will slip off after you hang it on the wall. Use sandpaper so that the pieces are smooth.

Assemble the pieces with a wood glue

After you have cut down the pieces, you must assemble everything with utmost diligence. To assemble, please get glue. Create a back support. Glue the support behind the wood. You may also incorporate a few brad nails so that the guitar hangs securely. Attach the two arms you have made too. If you feel one of the holes is too big, fill up the space using sawdust. Wait until the glue has dried.

Sand the parts for a smoother finish

After you have assembled the parts, you must provide the DIY guitar hanger finishing touches. Use a sandpaper of 80-grit first and get done with the process by using a sandpaper of 240-grit. You should sand all the pieces or else the sharper edges can create scratches on your precious guitar.

Did you know it is possible to hang guitars securely on brick, drywall, and pretty much any kind of wall material? You just need to keep in mind the eight essential steps discussed above.

Brick is considered the safest choice because it creates an exceptionally strong mount. If you are planning on installing guitars on brick walls, you must drill into the bricks and invest in proper hardware. The least safe choice is drywall. You can hang guitars directly in the drywall but there are several horror stories of guitars ripping the holes apart and falling.

Bottom Line

Taking care of guitars is necessary. That is how they last for a prolonged period. Carrying out the steps above is perhaps the best way to hang guitars on the wall. The DIY hanger will secure the guitar in place. You may use this method for hanging other instruments

Some other maintenance tips include –

Clean your guitar every now and then. Wash your hands before you start because your hands may be covered in oils, dirt, and sweat. Also, after you have played the guitar and hung it on the wall for the night, you need to give it a quick wipe. Use a polishing cloth. Pay immense attention to the strings and the hardware because that’s what you use the most. Wiping the strings using a specialized cleaner will keep the tone alive.

Finally, yet importantly, you must remove the accumulated dirt and debris or else the guitar’s glossy finish will unfortunately be hampered. Once you have got rid of the debris, you have to spray the guitar with polish. Then wipe the polish in circles.

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