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how to hang a hand towel on a towel ring

How to Hang Towels in Bathroom [Easy Guide]

If you can easily access your towel post-shower, you can save a lot of time in the morning. Hanging towels in the bathroom allows you to utilize the space available in a systematic fashion. You may hang a towel to enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom or to make your bathroom more functional.

Now there are several ways to hang bath towels. You may keep it basic and practical or try experimenting with a couple of decorative folds. We have conducted comprehensive research and came up with six steps. Implement them as diligently as possible.

How to Hang Towels in Bathroom – Follow 6 Steps

Start with the most basic method of hanging towel

How to arrange towels in bathroom? Spreading the towel on a flat surface is perhaps the most basic method. Any flat surface you find nearby will work. You may use your bed, a table, a countertop, or whatever you find convenient. Spread the towel evenly. Make sure the end lines are neat. The surface you plan to rely on should never have contaminants. The last thing you would want is to get clean and then dry yourself with something dirty.

Fold the towel and hang it in the towel ring

Towel ring

How to hang a hand towel on a towel ring – lots of people have this query. Fine-tune the hanging edges so that they are even. If you want to hang more than a towel from the ring, please ensure they are separated. You do not want mold and mildew, right?

Hang another hand towel along with the bath towel

How to hang hand towels? You can hang a towel together with your bath towel. First, lay the hand towel on a flat surface, and then fold it vertically in thirds. Once you have folded, drape the hand towel over a bath towel on top of the rack. Select towels that are color coordinated.

Make a lip fold on your bath towel

If you are wondering how to fold hand towels to hang, you can always turn the towel into a pocket. Start by making a lip fold.

Spread a hand towel on a smooth surface. Fold the shorter sides a quarter towards the center. Fold the edge in half backwards to make a lip fold.

Create a small pocket out of the lip fold

Now it is actually time to create a pocket out of the lip fold you made. When the lip is facing downwards, fold one side of the towel so that it meets at the center. Fold the other side and tuck it into the fold you have created via the lip. Flip your towel back and now you have the pocket where you can keep lotion, soap, and all of your toiletries.

Hang a hand towel on top of the bath towel so that pocket is protruding. It will look like an apron.

Decorate the pocket with a washcloth

Now it is time to decorate the pocket using a washcloth. Place the washcloth on the table and fold the sides to make pleats overlapping each other. Hold the washcloth tightly so it does not open. Fold the washcloth in half and place it in the pocket as carefully as possible. Fan the washcloth so that it looks like a ruffle inside the pocket.

Decorative ways to display towels in bathroom

Now that you know how to set up hand towels in bathroom, it is time to learn about a few other towel décor ideas for appealing as well as viable storage. Some people prefer something else than racks, bars, and rings.

  • Using DIY baskets is perhaps the most creative towel display. Arrange multiple wicker baskets on your wall. They must act as floating shelves above the vanity area. The narrow and long shape lets you store washcloths and hand towels in a seamless manner. Use other baskets for keeping toiletry items that you use frequently.
  • If your bathroom has a graphic wallpaper, you need to balance its overall look with a balanced towel display. You can install white shelves for a visual break. Placing neat white colored towels will seem contrasting to your colorful wallpaper. Plus, if you have open shelves, you can grab the toiletries and towels and save time during your everyday morning regime.
  • Industrial style towel storage has impressed larger segments of the population. You can put everything together on your own. Gather the necessary supplies – iron pipes and wooden boards. You can keep the extra linens on the topmost shelf. The daily items will sit at an easy-to-reach height. Mount a bar for the hand towels.
  • Recessed shelf is the smartest way to store towels. The shelves available in the market nowadays can easily hold two stacks of towels. If you keep the towels in a different compartment, you get more room for the toiletries. To create this display, try making as much use of the space between your wall studs as possible. Now this is a huge renovation project. You can carry it out only when you are building a bathroom from scratch or remodeling it.
  • Why purchase towel rings and bars when you can repurpose a coat rack, right? With plenty of accessible hooks, coat racks are perfect for hanging wet towels or for storing the extras that you can reach when in shower. Borrow that coat rack you have in your entryway and use it in your bathroom as a convenient and sophisticated towel hook.
  • People who do not wish to display their towels can always invest in a customized pullout. Install the bars inside the cabinet and pull them out whenever you need a towel. You can also attach the bars on top of cabinet doors.

Final Thoughts

I hope all the readers out there found the above write-up helpful. Keep the steps stated above in mind the next time you hang towels in your bathrooms. Hanging towels save space, and are considered a convenient storage option. While some may complain about the aesthetics, I have already provided ideas that are not only useful but also visually pleasing.

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