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how to make a paper cat in the hat hat

How to Make a Cat in the Hat Hat- 8 Super Easy Steps

Fancy-dress competitions have acquired extensive popularity all across the globe. Apart from amalgamating multiple educational opportunities with entertainment, they allow kids to develop self-confidence within a short period. People who have participated in fancy dress competitions early in life can later get up on stage and speak in front of a crowd seamlessly.

So, what can your kid do in a fancy-dress competition? The Cat in the Hat is a great option. It is a children’s book written and exemplified by Theodor Giesel, under the pen name – Dr. Seuss. The story is about a tall humanlike cat in a red colored bow tie and a top hat in red and white stripes.

Before you get acquainted with the steps to make a DIY Dr Seuss hat, here is the summarized version of The Cat in the Hat. The cat visits Sally and her brother’s house in the absence of their mother. Although the kids’ fish objected, the cat showed the kids a few magic tricks. In the process, he wrecked the house. When the kids become alarmed, the cat takes out a machine that cleans everything up. The cat disappears right before the mother comes back.

Now let’s learn how to make a cat in a hat.

How to Make a Cat in the Hat Hat?

DIY Dr Seuss hat

Gather the necessary supplies

For this project, you will need white and red felt. While ordinary felt works just fine, kids find thickened craft much easier to deal with. You will also need pencil, measuring tape, scissors, tracing paper, craft or fabric glue, yarn, and plastic needle.

Outline the measurement in a tracing paper

Measure around your kid’s head where you will place the hat.

Draw a huge circle on a tracing paper. The circle’s circumference must match the measurement you just took.

Mark three inches on the outer parts of the circle, all around. Join the marks so that they make a bigger circle.

Cut the Red felt based on the previous measurement

Trace the pattern you made on the red felt. Cut the outer circle. Make a small slit in the small circle. Cut away the center, leaving behind a three-and-a-half-inch ring.

Clip right from the middle part of the ring toward the outer circle. This must match your kid’s head at around half to one-inch intervals. Fold the remaining tabs. Keep the brim aside.

Outline a rectangle on a tracing paper

According to the homemade cat in the hat DIY tutorial, draw a rectangle on top of the tracing paper. The rectangle must be one inch wider than the measurement of your kid’s head and 15 inches tall.

Draw a second rectangle that is the same as the measurement of your kid’s head. Add on one inch by three inches. Trace everything.

Make a few holes in the white pieces

Punch the holes to make the stitching easy. Trace the small circle on the white felt and then cut two pieces.

Punch holes across the edges of the white pieces. These holes must be ½ to ¼ inch apart.

Use a needle and yarn to attach the red and white parts together

Add stripes to the hat and stitch them. Use a plastic needle and yarn. Make continuous stitches from one hole to another on top of the white blocks. The stitches must then come through red layers.

Use a glue stick to attach the two edges of the hat

Now it is time to put things together. Attach the two edges of the hat with a glue. You can also use binder clips and clothespins. Hold the edges in the proper place until the glue dries.

If you are taking help of your kids, they would face difficulty punching holes with a plastic needle. They should use ice picks instead. Focus the point of the needle in the hole inside the white felt and then push it slowly through the bottommost layer.

Use yarn and a needle as an alternative

You must use needle and yarn instead of glue. Why? Because yarn and needle hold the edges of your hat together better. If your kid has a problem keeping the hat on, please punch enough holes on the side of the brim. Thread shoestrings or ribbon through these holes and tie them beneath your kid’s chin so that the hat stays in its proper position.

Making a cat in the hat out of felt with toddlers will engage them for a prolonged period. They would avoid getting into mischiefs, and they may find a way to actually win a fancy-dress competition.

How to make a paper cat in the hat hat?  Is that your next question? Here are the supplies you must collect – affordable paper plates, red markers, and scissors. Carry out the steps below and you will have a cat in the hat in no time. These steps are too easy. So, your kid can implement them too.  Of course, make sure to help him/her.

1. Fold up the paper plate in half. Draw a straight line round the rim of the plate. Make out a rectangle shape now with the plate.

2. Cut the lines across the plate and then unfold it.

3. Allow your kids to work too. They can add all the stripes.

4. In less than 5 minutes, you will have the cat in the hat.

Making a cat in the hat hat with paper is easier than making the hat with felt.

Is your kid ready to take part in a fancy dress competition? Well, you can dress him/her up as a famous cartoon character like the cat in the hat or you can opt for a police inspector, Santa Claus, doctor, and builder costumes.


If you are going for a cat in the hat, please keep in mind the overall discussion above. If you are not a great craftsperson, you should seek assistance from someone who knows how to work with papers, threads, needles, yarns, etc. Making the cat in the hat hat would also be a fun activity to do with kids.

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