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ruffle burlap wreath tutorial

How to Make a Ruffled Burlap Wreath- 8 Simple Steps

Burlap wreaths have acquired widespread popularity throughout the world. They after all look exceptionally beautiful and incorporate the farmhouse style essence individuals nowadays desire. Do you wish to learn how to make burlap wreaths using the ruffle method? If yes, please check out the below tutorial right now.

How to Make a Ruffled Burlap Wreath

Use a Styrofoam wreath

The experts making high-quality ruffled burlap garland said Styrofoam is believed to be the best base for wreaths. It works great on dried flowers and fresh silk. Cloth wreaths are also made on Styrofoam base. Styrofoam wreaths look perfect inside your home or in between your exterior doors. The foam wreath heart or ring is an amazing piece to use when making floral sprays for a funeral site.

Cut the burlap and wrap it around the Styrofoam

Cut a twenty-inch piece of ribbon or wire. Fold the ribbon or wire and lay it on a flat surface. Place a foam ring on the ribbon or wire. Insert its two ends through a looped end. Draw the ends to strengthen the loop against the Styrofoam.

Cut the ribbon ends to at least six inches. Tie the ends in a small bow with a double knot. This is the hanger for the wreath.  In case you have utilized a wire, interweave the ends around each other for securing into a tiny loop hanger.

Hold a ribbon piece at a particular angle. Pin the end of its fabric. Encompass it around the Styrofoam ring until you have one complete turn round your wreath.

Slowly wrap until the Styrofoam is covered with the ribbon. This adds texture and color to the wreath. Secure the ends with pins.

Cut at least 20 inches long strips to make the ruffled burlap

Cut wired or silk flowers that are two to three inches long. If you are planning on using real flowers, cut them at lengths of four to twenty inches. Use them to make your ruffled burlap.

Pull out a string from the middle of the burlap

The pull through ruffle wreath is quite significant. Pull the wire stems through the ribbon and into the foam ring. Cover a portion or the full with flowers you have already gathered.

Use a stapler to attach it to the wreath

You need to hold the flowers in place with a stapler. You may use floral tape and green colored pins. Although stapler secures the flowers the best, the long U-shaped pins will make sure the stems are firm. Keep filling with as many flowers as you want.

Add accessories to the wreath

According to the latest ruffle burlap wreath tutorial, accessorizing wreaths is fun because you get to add your personal touch. Go through your cupboard for potential décor items. Visit the craft stores in your locality. There are infinite options for bows and ribbons. Some have twist ties so you can attach them to your wreath without hassle.

You may also accessorize using cookie cutters, miniature ornaments, and leftover Christmas decorations. Some people love adding natural materials such as dried hydrangeas and pine cones. For ideas and inspiration, you can rely on Pinterest and Instagram.

Make a bow with a ribbon and attach it to the ruffled burlap wreath

A bow is perhaps the best way to add finishing touches to your DIY wreath. To make a bow, you of course need a ribbon. There are various kinds of ribbon but you must use a nice wide one, at least two to three inches wide. With wired ribbon, you gain a bit more control over the shape of the bends and loops. Regular ribbon is a bit stiff or droopy.

Add artificial flowers to increase the beauty of the wreath

You can take an ordinary design and modify its overall look with negligible effort. There are several tricks you can apply to customize your ruffle burlap wreath. Attach artificial flowers to the wreath using hot glue. Do not invest in anything large as that can compromise the beauty of the wreath.

Another viable option is to use mesh tubing and create tiny bow ties. Tether them to a pipe cleaner and add them in different sections of the wreath. You can also create a second bow to place diagonally on the bottom part of the wreath. Do not forget about adding streamers.

Seasonal Burlap Wreaths

There are many burlap wreaths for each holiday and season

Seasonal Burlap Wreaths


For spring burlap wreaths, you must incorporate colorful flowers. You can also top basic wreaths with rainbow banners. Feel the shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. You can even experiment with different shades of burlap. Printed burlaps have also attained much recognition.


For summer burlap wreaths, you must think red, white, and blue. Patriotism is the way, after all. You may also create a sunflower wreath with yellow and brown burlaps. Many people have also found ocean inspired wreaths that depend on blue colored webbed ribbons.


The top-notch experts have been working on fall wreaths. Did you know that burlap adds a charming rustic touch for a fall wreath? Try adding feathers, faux gourds, faux berries, and pinecones as a decoration. You may even roll burlaps to make a countryside fall rosette.


I have found plenty of breathtaking wreaths for winter occasions such as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and Christmas. Purchase red colored burlaps. Cut them into heart shapes, and attach them in any way you desire.

Bottom Line

No matter if you are opting for a simpler appearance or a more complex design, burlap wreaths always look incredible. People who want to acquire the chic farmhouse style must create their own wreath implementing the steps stated above. Collect the necessary supplies and just go for it.

Hope you found this guide on making a burlap wreath helpful. Please leave behind a comment in case you have any query regarding wreath making. Also, if you believe you are not that good in crafts, seek third-party assistance without much hesitation. Many experts are there to help!

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