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how to make a bow with tulle ribbon

How to Make a Tulle Bow? [Easy DIY Guide]

Among all the fabrics readily available in the market, Tulle is considered dreamiest or the most romantic. It is a lightweight, soft, flowy, fine, machine-made netting manufactured generally from nylon. Rayon and silk are also used at times. Tulle has multiple tiny hexagonal holes, which help it acquire a delicate appearance.

The following write-up specifies the steps you must implement if you are planning on making a tulle bow. It provides additional information on the fabric as well. Please check everything out right now.

How to make a tulle bow?

Gather the necessary supplies

According to the latest tulle bow tutorial, you must start by gathering the necessary supplies. To make a tulle bow, you will need a roll of tulle around six inches wide, measuring tape, sharp scissors, four straight pins, a huge cardboard piece, pipe cleaner, and a plastic wire or pew clip.

Decide the size of the tulle bow

Before you start creating tulle bows, you should determine how big the bow must be. If you want a bow to be at least twelve inches in diameter, mark twelve inches on the cardboard piece. Then find out the length of the bow’s tail – the piece that will hang down under the bow. Cut a part of the tulle fabric that is twice the length of the tail. Set aside this part.

Cut a hardboard based on the size of the tulle bow

After you have decided the size of the bow, you must cut your cardboard based on your findings. Place an end of the tulle role along the side of the cardboard, and pin down both the corners. Stretch the tulle gently till it reaches your markings. Then fold it back on the opposite side and pin down the corners again. Continue the process. You must have five loops on every side. Make sure to get rid of the pins. Fold a new tulle piece. Replace your pins each time you make a loop so that the tulle stays in place.

Cut the tulle bow according to your preference

How to make a bow with tulle ribbon? That’s what we are learning today. Cutting the bow as you like is the fourth step. Once you get loops on every side, even numbers, cut the fabric straight. Please match the edges of the loops. With a measuring tape, look out for the middle part of the loops and mark it. Take the cut tail and tie it in a knot around the middle so that two ends of your fabric are hanging.

Wrap the tulle around the cardboard

Wrap the tulle around the cardboard as carefully as possible. Tulle can be wrinkled and crumpled easily. Once its shape gets ruined, you cannot return the fabric to its initial form. So, please never place or transport the bows in boxes, containers, or bags. Tulle bows must be hung by tails only.

Bend the cardboard on the center

Bend the cardboard slightly on the center. You may customize the bows by adding extra decorations like ribbons, feathers, flowers, and other ornaments. Attach them to the middle of the bow with a wire or a little glue. If you wish to hang the bows from benches, pews, or chairs, you must either buy pew clips or use the pipe cleaner fixed on the center knot.

Use your fingers to squish the tulle at the middle

Now it comes to finishing the tulle bow. Remove the pins that have been holding the loops. With your fingers, squish or fluff out the pieces in the middle. Always remember that your tulle will retain its shape if it is stretched or can be ripped without any hassle. Work with utmost caution when finishing your product.

Since you know how to make a large tulle bow, here are a couple of other fascinating details about the tulle fabric.

Tulle is France’s city. It seems that’s where the fabric originated. In fact, at present, French tulle is perhaps the best one you can get. Even Kate Middleton, the English princess, used tulle to make wedding dress. Her veil and underskirt are made of silk tulle.

Types of Tulle

Silk tulle is the softest and most delicate fabric but as everyone knows silk is rare and expensive. French and English silk tulle are two subtly different choices. Italian silk tulle has impressed a larger segment of the population even though it is a bit rough. Nylon tulle is something you can get at stores for a reasonable price. Polyester tulle is used for crafting.

Tulle fabrics are thankfully not the same. They are found in different hole sizes and yarn weights. Tulle ranges from sheer to opaque, so when making a purchase, please get a feel of it. Illusion tulle has acquired widespread popularity all across the globe. Since it holds a better shape than all other tulle fabrics, designers prefer it more, Illusion tulle has immensely fine holes of diamond shape.

Tulle Maintenance

Since you know how to make an easy tulle bow, you must also know about tulle maintenance.

Never wash tulle fabric in the washing machine. Tulle is better when hand washed and dry cleaned. Doing so would help the fabric hold onto its soft texture for a prolonged period. Tumbling it in the washing machine will only damage the fine fibers.

Ironing tulle is wrong because the excessive heat can melt the fabric’s fibers easily. If you have to use the iron, please opt for the low heat setting. Also keep the iron moving no matter what. Stopping it in one place can overheat that place and your tulle will unfortunately melt. It is best if you go with a professional cleaning service.

Final Thoughts

Tulle is utilized as a decorating item in weddings. It adds a bit of romance and lots of whimsical elegance to the ceremonies and receptions. Now that you know how to make tulle bows, go ahead and embellish your venue the way you like. Although flowers and beads can accent the bows, the bows are perfect as standalone décor too.

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