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How to Make Ribbon Bows for Gifts – 7 Easy Steps

After you have mastered the trick to wrap a gift, you will need a festive topper to finish the entire look. Thankfully, you do not have to break the bank and collect pricey bows from reputed stores since it is simpler and more affordable to create one on your own.

How to make ribbon for gifts? If you are looking for an answer to this question, you have come to the right place. By cautiously implementing a couple of steps, you can make a bow that will allow your gift to stand out under a tree and on a table.

Once you have checked out this write-up, you will be able to fashion a bow out of wired or plain ribbon, and even leftover wrapping paper. Whether you are preparing Christmas gifts for friends and family or decorating birthday packages, the how-to techniques below will help a lot. Grab the best pair of scissors you have at home, raid the ribbon drawer, and get started.

How to Make Ribbon Bows for Gifts in 7 Steps

Cut a long ribbon to tie a simple bow

If you have a long ribbon, you can tie a simple or basic bow, a floral bow, and a looped bow.

For a simple or basic bow, you must get a knotted ribbon. The ribbon’s right and left ends must stem from the knotted middle. First, make a loop with the left part of the ribbon.  Allow the loop to go through your forefinger and thumb. You need to ensure that the loop is smooth and not twisted. Make another loop by bringing the right part of your ribbon beneath the left loop. You have to use the same method you do when tying your shoes. Pull the loops together to strengthen the knot. If the loops are not of the same size, you can cut the ends.

Lay the ribbon on a flat surface to make the bow

When creating a DIY ribbon for gift, you should always lay the ribbon on a flat surface first. Not doing so would force the ribbon to slip, and your bow would not have the appearance you desired.

Make a wired ribbon bow if you find the first method too difficult

Wired ribbon can be quite challenging to work with because it functions differently than a regular ribbon. If you have learnt to handle it, you can use it create appealing bows that are perfect for garlands, floral arrangements, wreaths, and other types of decorations. You can spice up the variations by incorporating extra loops and tails.

Turn the ribbon over so that the wrong side is towards you. Roll the edge of the ribbon to create a tube. Secure the tube with your forefinger and thumb. This will create a center loop. Keep the thumb into the tube and the forefinger should be behind the overlap. This method will help you make a looped bow.

Provide the ribbon with a tiny twist so that the right part is noticeable. Pull the right part under the ribbon to create a smaller loop. Slip it under the forefinger to hold it in place. Continue twisting the ribbon for making loops.

Hold the center of the two loops and tie a wire

Wrap the wire around the center of the bow. Add some tails. Give them a nice touch by cutting them at cute angles.

Make a bow for a rectangular or square gift box

How to decorate a gift box with ribbon?

Drape your ribbon horizontally throughout the top of the gift box. Leave at least four to eight inches hanging off to make the tail. Don’t cut your ribbon.

Pull the remaining part of the ribbon beneath the box and back to its front. It is better to flip the box or else your gift will get misplaced.

Instead, you must lift the box and bring the remaining ribbon behind the box. Set the box down when the ribbon has come out.

Bring the entire ribbon towards the center of the gift box. Bring the shorter part to meet it. Twist your ribbon so that they have a vertical orientation.

In case your ribbon has a wrong and right side, you should turn it two times so that you do not see the wrong part of the ribbon.

Measure the ribbon before cutting it. Fold both the ribbon ends to form loops.  Cross the left part of the loop on top of the right one to create a tiny loop in the center. Pull the left part of the loop through that tiny loop. Now pull and tighten.

Wrap the gift box with the ribbon

Wrapping the gift box with ribbon is necessary. A significant part of any occasion is actually having a properly wrapped gift with a cute and neat looking bow. The ribbon actually adds a delightful charm and elevates the anticipation of opening a present, making it quite fun.

Trim the ribbon tails and add accessories

Always trim the ribbon tails or else they would look a bit unattractive. Use your scissors to cut the tails in specific angles. You must add accessories so that your gift looks prettier. Purchase the following as soon as possible –

  • 1. Golden tissue paper
  • 2. Satin curly shaped bow
  • 3. Golden leaves
  • 4. Installable gift tags
  • 5. Circular tags

If you wish to go that extra mile, you must get customized labels. This pairs great with your overall décor.

If you want to make bows using a thin ribbon, I have also written a separate post here.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to tie a bow with a ribbon to go on top of your gifts, you must avoid a few mistakes. Forgetting to gather supplies is a big one. Getting up from your seat every second for tape or scissors will hamper your concentration and increase the time taken to wrap a gift. Arrange everything you need before you start working. Also, never cut the ribbon using dull scissors. Otherwise, you have to laboriously snip off the pieces. Always sharpen the scissors or get a high-quality pair at first. Thank you for reading hope it helped:)

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