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how to install wig without glue

How to Put on a Lace Front Wig without Glue?

If you wish to create a natural look using wigs, you must opt for a lace front wig. These wigs are of top-notch quality and were initially used by Hollywood celebrities so they can fit in specific roles. A large number of modern-day individuals put on lace fronts daily.

Can you wear a lace front wig without glue? Yes, you can. How? That’s what the following write-up aims to answer. Anyway, almost all stores around the globe have a huge collection of lace wigs to suit the requirements of women of various ethnicities. The wigs for black women are immensely trendy and fabulous.

Lace fronts are considered beneficial for many reasons. Besides being manufactured from premium materials only, it is quite versatile. Owing to mimicking real hairline, you can create styles that look cent per cent seamless. People who suffer from hair loss because of cancer, alopecia, and other medications invest in lace front wigs.

How to Put on a Lace Front Wig without Glue

How to fix a lace front wig without glue? Below are six steps you must implement as cautiously as possible.

Use a wig grip to put on a lace front wig properly

You must utilize a wig grip so that the lace front does not slip off. It is basically a headband worn on top of the hair and beneath the wig. Wig grips are made from double-sided materials. These materials allow the grip to stay in place under all circumstances.

Tie your hair back tightly to put on the wig grip

How to lay a lace frontal without glue? This particular section is trying to answer this question. Please continue reading. Tie the hair back before putting the wig grip. You can also use a stocking cap. Also known as wig cap, stocking cap flattens the hair so that the wig stays in place without any hassle. Adjust the stocking cap in a way that it hardly covers the hairline. Make sure you have tucked all your hair, even the ones on the nape of the neck inside the cap.

If you have very little hair or no hair, you can skip the step. Or else, the cap will slide and get bunched beneath the wig.

Carefully put on the wig grip and adjust it with your head

Now put the wig grip on and make sure it is compatible with your head and the stocking cap.

Use wig clips to put on the lace wig

Wig Clips

Use wig clips to put the lace frontal on. Wig clips hold the wig in place. They are available in diverse colors and are capable of corresponding to the wig’s color. You can also sew in the clips. If the clips are hurting you, you can attach rubber pieces on the clips. Doing so enhances the comfort quotient to a great extent.

Put on the wig and place it around 1 inch above from your ears

Your lace frontal wig must be at least one inch above the ears. So, trimming the lace is mandatory. Use a couple of clips so you can pull the hair away from the face. With pinking shears, please trim the lace along your hairline. Some wigs do not have to be trimmed.

Apply hairspray on the hairlines to set the wig

Apply hairspray to set the wig properly. Now you can use whatever hair styling tools and hair products you have.

Now you know how to lay a lace frontal without glue. For people who are planning on purchasing lace front wigs, here is some additional information that might further help them arrive at a decision.

What is the difference between frontal and closure?

Although the primary objective of frontal and closure is to complete a particular wig so that it blends in with your natural hair, they have a few differences. The major one is – closures are small in size and come with a definite parting that lies on a definite portion of the hairline. Frontals, on the other hand, encompass the whole hairline, from one ear to another, and mimic the appearance of natural hair that grows from your scalp.

Are lace fronts more expensive?

Lace front wigs are a bit expensive because they are made of supreme materials and provide a natural appearance. You should be prepared to spend money if you want a look that is undetectable and has exceptional styling versatility.

Are lace fronts worth your money?

Yes. Lace fronts are undoubtedly worth your money. When you need a natural hairline but with wigs, you must go for lace fronts. They can enhance your confidence and help you style your hair in a variety of ways.

Can lace fronts damage hair?

Lace fronts do not damage hair, or in other words, are responsible for excessive hair breakage and hair loss. They are absolutely safe to put on top of natural hair. But you may experience thinning hair due to improper wig removal, application, and insufficient edge care.

How to Maintain Lace Front Wigs

If you want your lace frontals to last for a prolonged period, you must pay attention to maintenance.

Be careful when removing the wig. Make sure to not pull it. Rub gently and the lace will lift from your scalp.

You must wash your wig if you have worn it eight to twelve times. Get rid of the tangles. Wash the wig using shampoo, conditioner, and lukewarm water. Let the wig dry and then comb it. Wigs made of human hair can be washed with regular shampoo and conditioner.  Synthetic wigs need specialized products that you can purchase from your wig manufacturer or from cosmetic supply providers.

Keep the wig on the stand. Do not store it inside a box.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above discussion answered the most frequently asked question – how to install wig without glue? Lace fronts help you receive the best bang especially if you are purchasing wigs or hair toppers for the first time. Lace fronts come in varied colors, sizes, and textures, and are found in both human and synthetic hair. Thank you for reading 🙂

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