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How to take in waist of dress pants

How to Take in Women’s Dress Pants – 7 Easy Steps!!

Do the pants you bought a few days ago fit like a glove? Chances are, they do not. At times, I believe the wide range of pant trends encourages the clothing companies to disregard the bottom’s fit and persuade them to focus on top embellishments. If you have pants that you want to put on but cannot because they do not hug you right, stop worrying! Below I have specified a couple of effective hacks and techniques. Implement them with caution, and you can take a stroll in style and comfort.

How to take in waist of dress pants? The following write-up plans to answer this question in detail. It will also address two more related queries – how must pants fit & what measures to undertake before tailoring them.

How Must Pants Fit?

When you wear pants, they must feel comfortable, flattering, and stylish. Jeans and shorts must sit perfectly on your hips, and dress pants must go a bit above your hips. Unlike casual bottoms, the distance between the crotch and waist in dress pants is long. They thus must be worn higher. Otherwise, you will end up hampering the proportions.

What Measures to Undertake Before Tailoring the Paints?

Before you alter dress pants, you must undertake a few essential measures. For instance, wash the pants thoroughly. Wash them at least thrice in cold water, and then hang them so they can dry. Make sure your pants do not shrink, or else all your efforts to tailor them will go down the drain.

If you wish to shorten the pants, please try them on with the shoes you use frequently. This will allow you to mark your pants at the correct length. People have said they destroyed their pants’ fit by tailoring them barefoot and then pairing them with high heels.

How to tailor dress pants? The steps you need to carry out are mentioned in the next section. But there is something else you should do prior to tailoring your pants. Always check for additional fabric at the back. If there is extra fabric, you can easily let out or take in around two inches without ruining the overall fit. However, be cautious. You would not want to change the shape of the pants. By taking in too much, the back pockets will shift inward.

How to Take in Women’s Dress Pants – Easy 7 Step Guide

How to make dress pants waist smaller? Finally, time to find out!

My pants are extremely loose at the waist. This situation seems like a dilemma to most individuals. A large number of reputed garment manufacturing experts think that waist sizes jump at least two inches. So, if you have an in-between size, you have to wear too loose pants or take them in.

Adjusting dress pants takes around 40 minutes. You must collect iron, ironing cloth, chalk, straight pins, seam ripper or small scissors, sewing machine, and thread in matching color.

1. Try on the dress pants to measure how loose it is

You need to try the dress pants on first. Or else, you would not be able to find out how much alteration or adjustment the pants need. Pinch the excess fabric until the waist becomes tight. Mark the place where you have pinched with chalk or pin. Mark both sides of the fabric. Take the pants off and measure the distance between the marked points. You will find out how much fabric you have to get rid of.

2. Get rid of the belt loops if there are any

How to tighten dress pants? The next step is to remove the belt loops. With a seam ripper, pull the stitches that have secured the belt loop to your pant’s waist. Keep the loop aside. Do not throw it away as you have reattached it once you are done with tailoring.

3. Remove stitches from the waist of the dress pants

How to tailor dress pants? Well, the next step is to remove the stitches that are bringing down the inside of the waistband. There are about five to six inches of stitches on every side of the middle seam.

4. Attach a safety pin to the excess part of the dress pants that you measured earlier

Place a safety pin to join the waistband sewing line as cautiously as possible. This will help you carry on the sewing without worrying about the fabric slipping apart. Also, pin the remaining seam from the corner of the waistband.

5. Stitch the waist of the pant and sew back the belt loops

After you are done with the adjustment, you have to stitch the pant’s waist and then sew the belt loops on top of the center seam.

6. Use chalk to mark the pant in order to taper the legs of the pant

If the fabric you have to take in is primarily in the waist, you have to make a seam adjustment. If the excess material is in the butt area, you must sew the seam to the crotch area. Use chalk to taper the legs and mark the inside of the pants.

7. Remove the stitches from the bottom part of the dress pant

How to let out women’s pants waist? As mentioned above, you must first remove the stitches from the bottom part of your pants, stitch along the marks you drew, cut the additional fabric, and sew the hemline properly.

You are done, thankfully! Was that too challenging? No, right? Your pants fit, you look fashionable, and you have saved yourself a couple of bucks by not visiting a tailor. So, that’s a win-win situation. But if the steps did not work the way you wanted, you must seek professional assistance.


Hope you found the above guide helpful. No one likes wearing loose pants. If the pants you bought from your favorite store are not making your physique look appealing, you should tailor them as soon as possible. The steps stated to make the chore as simple as possible. Thank you for reading!!

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