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can you use gorilla glue in a fish tank

Is Gorilla Glue Safe For Aquarium Plants? [Know More]

Aquariums are filled with beautiful plants and marine species. It symbolizes life, but when there is any damage or cracks in the aquarium, we often think of fixing it ourselves, right? But when we hear of using any glue, double thoughts are involved, like what if the bond harms the fishes and plants, or can you use gorilla glue in a fish tank? Well, yes, you can use gorilla glue in your fish tank. The glue bonds well with the water and is pretty affordable. So, let’s have a detailed discussion on its usage.

Is gorilla glue safe for aquariums?

Gorilla glue, as we all know, is the most rigid glue that can work on almost every surface, such as foam, metals, plastics, rubber, and even on the most challenging surfaces such as leather. Is gorilla glue safe for aquariums? Well, yes! The gorilla glue can be used inside your fish tank. Gorilla Super glue has the compound Cyanoacrylate, which forms a stable bond with the water element. Moreover, it polarizes very quickly, within 30 to 40 seconds, making the gorilla Super Glue safe for aquariums. So, now you know that gorilla glue is safer in your aquariums.

What are the reasons for using gorilla glue?

Gorilla glue is known for its strong adhesion and water-resistant properties; when it comes to using it on the surface more exposed to water, such as aquariums, there are mainly two reasons. Let’s have a look!


Aquascaping is aesthetically arranging your stones, rocks, and plants inside your aquarium for an appealing environment. So, Gorilla Super Glue helps glue such things into the aquarium for their long life. Other than that, gorilla glue also works well with water exposure.

Underwater Repairs

If you have any problem related to any damage inside the aquarium, such as on the corners, your claim may release air or break any object. In these cases, gorilla glue works the best! So it would not be wrong to say that Gorilla Super Glue is the super glue safe for aquariums.

Is using Super glue harmless to your aquariums?

Yes! Yes! Super glue is harmless to your aquariums. Gorilla Super Glue is non-toxic, which means there is no possibility that it could affect the fishes or plants. As mentioned above, Gorilla glue becomes inert when it comes in contact with water. Gorilla glue can be used in any aquarium- freshwater or saltwater. Gorilla glue is safe for saltwater aquariums. Is gorilla glue safe for saltwater aquariums? Well, yes! Many people often think that gorilla glue can only be used in freshwater aquariums, but it can also be used in saltwater aquariums. Gorilla glue works very well with the water element, whether fresh or salty.

Where to use super glue in my aquarium?

Gorilla Super Glue is an excellent adhesive that becomes very hard when glued. In this case, the bond is not strong, and some gaps can be easily seen, which makes it a poor sealant. So you must be careful where you are gluing; often, small places are recommended. Use super glue to glue your plants to rocks, stones to ornaments, corals to aquarium-friendly ships, boats, Aquaman, etc. Do not pick any larger areas because there will be difficulty in gluing, and the gaps would look unpleasant and stressful.

When not to use gorilla glue in my tank?

It would be best if you never used gorilla glue in case of fixing leakage in your tank. Gorilla glue is meant to repair two bonds, not to treat leakage. You should probably go for the silicone solution. Yes, Silicone can help you in fixing your leakage problems. One of the most used Silicone types is Everbuild Everflex, and you probably go for this one, or many other alternatives are available in the market. You must check out! Once again, you don’t need to use gorilla glue for leakage issues!

Is the common super glue safe for use in aquariums?

Yes! Yes! The common super glue is safe to use in aquariums. Super glue has cyanoacrylate as its active element ,which works incredibly with water and fastens the curing process.The Curing process refers to stabilizing the binds linked together . When the curing process is faster, the bonds become more stable. In simpler words, cyanoacrylate makes the water element its catalyst to produce a strong bond. Cyanoacrylate is the one that makes it possible for gorilla glue to work underwater.

What are the tips on using Super glue for fish tank purposes?

There are some tips that you should consider before gluing. Follow these for better results.

Glue plants to ornaments!

If you want a natural lake-like aquarium, you should follow this trick. Use your gorilla Super Glue to glue the plants to rocks or ornaments. You don’t have to glue the aquatic embellishments to plants. Just glue the plants around them. Gorilla glue for the aquarium plants is the best option. All you need to remember is to dry both surfaces before gluing.

Super glue gel is the best!

Super glue gel is the advanced form of the standard super glue that comes in the gel form. You need to pick up this gel for better results. Super Glue gel tends to bind the two surfaces together without difficulty firmly. So, you save time and energy using a super glue gel in your aquarium. Super Glue gel is the super glue safe for your aquarium!

What other glue can be used in an aquarium?

You can select any glue with cyanoacrylate formula, as it works best for the aquarium and is safe for your aquarium. Otherwise, you can also use aquarium-specific adhesives for your peace of mind. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your tank. Some of the best picks include the aquatic coralline red, which has the color you need and hardens fast, and the other is reef glue cyanoacrylate gel, which is thicker than most glues. Choose wisely!

What glue can be used for sealing an aquarium?

No type of glue should be used for sealing an aquarium. As it is mentioned earlier, glues are not meant to pack anything. Always go for silicone-based sealants to fix this kind of problem. Silicone helps to seal correctly if there are any breakages or leaks. Once more, it would help if you never considered using glues as a leakage sealant. Never!


Is gorilla glue safe for aquarium plants?

Gorilla glue is known for having the best adhesive properties even known. Is gorilla glue safe for aquarium plants? Yes! Gorilla glue is safe for aquarium plants. You need to check the ingredient “cyanoacrylate” if it is there; your aquarium plants and fishes are safe. Cyanoacrylate is not harmful to aquarium species. Whereas if you found the ingredient “polyurethane”, this glue is not meant for you. This compound is poisonous to your plants and fishes and can even kill them!

Does gorilla glue leach into water?

Gorilla glue can leach into the water if the glued object is put into water without completing the curing process. The curing process gets completed within 24 hours, so you have to wait for the period. After that, you can put your object into the aquarium. Once cured, the gorilla glue wouldn’t leach into the water for a long time.

Can you super glue plants underwater?

Gorilla glue underwater

Well, yes, you can super glue plants underwater. You need to check the ingredient “cyanoacrylate” to ensure that the glue doesn’t harm your aquarium plants and fishes. Water helps the curing process to happen even faster when used with the cyanoacrylate ingredient.

Is the gorilla glue aquarium safe?

Gorilla glue, mainly made for aquariums, is recommended, such as the “cyanoacrylate” ones, as it doesn’t release any poisonous fumes inside the water that can harm the species. Moreover, gorilla glue is water resistant and stabilizes well with the water element.

Is gorilla glue gel safe for aquariums?

Is gorilla glue gel safe for aquariums? Yes, Gorilla Super Glue gel is the safest to use underwater. As the glue comes in contact after the curing process, it becomes hardened and makes a stable bond. The polarization becomes faster within 30 to 45 seconds, and the water-glue bond stabilizes. 

Is gorilla glue silicone safe for fish?

Yes, Gorilla Glue silicone is safe for fish. Gorilla glue silicone is a strong adhesive and is 100% waterproof. It is non-toxic and goes well with water. 100% Silicone is incredibly safe for the aquarium and doesn’t harm the underwater species. So, now you know the answer to the question: is gorilla glue toxic to fish or not! 

The Bottom line

Gorilla glue is a suitable adhesive for use in aquariums. The cyanoacrylate ingredient does it all! You need to check this main ingredient in the gorilla glue; otherwise, you may harm your fish with the glue. If you ask the question, is gorilla glue safe for fish tanks? Well yes! The answer is mentioned above. Remember that glue is just for making the bonds more vital, not fixing the leakage issues! All and all, the glue does it all!

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