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roper washer won't do final spin

Roper Washer Won’t Spin? -What Should You Do?

Roper washing machines have acquired widespread popularity all across the globe. Make a purchase online or visit any home décor & improvement store. Just like the big brands, Roper washers can also unfortunately malfunction. The washer would not spin – this is perhaps one of the most common issues reported. So, what one must do if their Roper washing machine stops spinning suddenly? We have done comprehensive research and found out the answer. Please check it out now.

Why is my roper washer not spinning?

Roper washer may not spin because of the following reasons –

  • Faulty drive belt
  • Broken drive motor
  • Worn out rotor assembly
  • Defective switch assembly and door lock
  • Bad transmission
  • Poor stator assembly
  • Damaged motor coupling
  • Dysfunctional motor control board

All of the above problems are thankfully fixable. If you wish to save money, you must try troubleshooting the problem on your own before getting in touch with the best appliance professional in your locality.

Roper washer agitates but won’t spin

Roper washer agitates but won’t spin – in such a situation, you must blame either the lid switch or the shift actuator.

Roper washer agitates but won’t spin
Roper washer agitates but won’t spin

Bad Lid Switch:

An expert detects the problem by removing the lid switch and closely monitoring the functional wires. If the washer works properly without the lid switch, he goes ahead and replaces it.

Bad Shift Actuator:

What is the role of a shift actuator? It alters the transmission mode of the washing machine. Thanks to the shift actuator, the machine goes from agitation to spinning seamlessly. So, if the shift actuator has gone bad, the machine would agitate but won’t spin.

Roper washer won’t do the final spin

Roper washer won’t do final spin – that is a problem several modern-day individuals have been reporting. The reasons are stated below.

Bad Timer:

Faulty timer is one of the reasons why a roper washer is not doing its final spin. If the timer is advancing while the Roper washer is running, there is no need to worry. However, if the timer is stagnant while the washer is running, you have to opt for replacement.

Bad Clutch:

The clutch is an essential component of Roper washer. It increases the speed of the spin cycle. The clutch generally drives and grips the washer. If the clutch has gone bad, your Roper washer would not do any spin.

Roper washer won’t rinse or spin

When a Roper washer would not spin or rinse, either the drive motor or the door lock motor has gone faulty.

Faulty Drive Motor:

If your washer has been making an abnormal noise, and is not spinning or rinsing, you must replace the drive motor.

Faulty Door Lock Motor:

The door lock motor might become faulty due to a wide range of factors. If the lock motor is damaged, the door of the washer would not lock properly. So, the washer would not spin or rinse in any way.

Roper washer drains but won’t spin

What causes a washer to drain but would not spin?

Faulty Coupler:

A coupler in a Roper washer has three components that need to function simultaneously or else the motor would not spin. If the coupler has gone bad somehow, the motor will make noise and the washer will not spin. You must replace the coupler as soon as possible.

Broken Drive Belt:

What does a drive belt do? It makes sure the inner tub of Roper washer spins. It connects the drive pulley to the motor pulley. If the drive belt has broken, your washer will drain but would not spin.

Damaged Drive Pulley:

The washer can drain but never spin if its drive pulley has been damaged. The drive pulley connects the drive belt to the motor pulley. You must replace the drive pulley right away.

Is there a reset button on a Roper washer?

Where is the Roper washing machine reset button? That’s a query lots of people have.

Almost all washing machines have a reset feature that helps you restart the machine after it experiences a fault or an error code.

Many machines have buttons that you should push to restart their motor. If a machine does not have a reset button, you have to unplug it and then plug it back.

Please dry your hands properly before touching the reset buttons, circuit breaker, and power cord.

How can you reset a roper washing machine?

If the Roper washer is stuck in the cycle, and would not turn off or on, there are a couple of steps you must implement to reset it.

  • Turn off the machine. Make sure to unplug the machine from the electric outlet too.
  • Find out the screws or retaining tabs that are used to hold the topmost panel down.
  • Look for the lid switch. It is located below the washer’s topmost panel.
  • Lift up the lid around two inches and then lower it again. Carry out this step six times in twelve seconds.
  • After a minute, close the lid. Now plug the machine back into its electric outlet.

How can you fix a roper washer that won’t spin?

To fix a washer that would not spin, you must keep in mind the five steps below –

  • Step 1:

Try understanding if the Roper washer is making any kind of sound.

  • Step 2:

Find out why your washer stops spinning.

  • Step 3:

If your washer is not spinning due to the lid switch, please replace it. If the timer is faulty, get it changed. In other words, consider all the solutions stated in this write-up before.

  • Step 4:

Contact an appliance professional who can fix all the probable problems in no time.

  • Step 5:

Turn on the Roper washer and it would spin normally.

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Bottom Line

Roper washers have a warranty. For a year, Roper will pay for the repair labor and replacement parts. The authorities will correct all the defects in the washer.

For the second to fifth year, Roper will replace the parts that are located inside the gear case.

I hope the above post has offered you multiple troubleshooting options. If you cannot fix the washer on your own, please get in touch with a certified technician immediately. Thank you for reading!!

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